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Personality Traits of an Entrepreneur

When we think of entrepreneurs the masters of business come to mind, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and the list goes on. Masters of business who have carved their name into the fabric of history. These great entrepreneurs are remembered for changing the world.entrepreneur personality

These master entrepreneurs have a creative genius that can inspire millions but also intimidate just as many people. What if you don’t have the creative mind of Steve Jobs or the industrial genius of Elon Musk? It is perfectly okay to be exactly who you are. Entrepreneurs can come from many different walks of life and begin at any stage of life. It does not matter what your GPA was in high school or college, all you need to do is adopt the personality traits of successful entrepreneurs.

We know from studies done at universities around the United States, that it’s not typically the type-A person who starts a business. Type-A’s tend not to take the risk involved in such a venture. We also know the people who were straight “A” students academically fall into the same category as the type-A personality people. So, who are these people that start businesses and become entrepreneurs? More often than not, it is usually the people who were “C” students.

All the master entrepreneurs do share similar characteristics. These are not traits a person is born with. You need to work at these and grow as a person. Acquire these treats and you will become a successful entrepreneur.



At the beginning of building a business, you have nothing. Successful entrepreneurs have small goals to accomplish along the way. You need to grow your business from the ground up. The initial phase includes finding your market, hiring, qualified employees, and increasing sales.

From the beginning, you need to be determined. All of the steps to starting your own business are challenging and you have to have the determination to solve these problems. There will be days you will feel overwhelmed but your determination will carry you forward.


Being an entrepreneur is not fueled by the pursuit of money. An entrepreneur is passionate about their products or services. Some entrepreneurs love the sport of building a business and that is their passion. Whichever is the passion you follow, both will help you persevere through hard times.

You need to have this trait when you are an entrepreneur. There is going to be days, weeks, even months when your business completely consumes you. The stress and challenges that you will face will be tough, if you have the passion for your business you will concur all of those obstacles.


Entrepreneurs can see an opportunity and seize it. Marketplaces are constantly changing and successful entrepreneurs can envision the change. Where other people can see nothing but problems in a marketplace, an entrepreneur can see an opportunity for a new product or service to solve those problems.

In a sense, entrepreneurs are innovators whether they are creating a new product or service or finding a way to improve on a product or service. Can you see opportunity in a marketplace?

Strong Self-Worth

Entrepreneurs are confident and motivated. They believe from the beginning their ideas are great and are willing to prove it to others. Entrepreneurs need to have the ability to face problems and competition head on. Passion and determination will only take an entrepreneur so far, a strong sense of self-worth will turn dreams into businesses.

When friends and family doubt your own products or services, an entrepreneur has the self-worth to put the naysayers aside and continue on. An entrepreneur understands from the beginning that they are the only one who is going to bring their ideas to reality.


Learning is the most important personality trait of an entrepreneur. You need to crave new information to stay relevant in your marketplace. All of the other personality traits can be learned, that is why learning is an essential quality of an entrepreneur.

In your business, it is incredibly important to learn as much as possible about the market, competition, and how to implement your own strategies to reach your goals. Entrepreneurs understand no one else is going to do all the hard work for them. The only way to be a successful entrepreneur is to learn as much as possible. I do not mean going back to school and paying for an education. Entrepreneurs learn from studying their own self, products, competition, books, news, and the world around them.



No one is born with these personality traits. If you want to become successful you need to work on yourself as much as your business.

Your business will grow as you grow. Entrepreneurs understand themselves. If you want to be an entrepreneur begin to work on your personality traits just as much as your business.

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  1. Thanks for this knowledgeable article. I learn that an entrepreneur is a person of “a man of purpose” and determinant. Which really are the right traits one as an entrepreneur should adopt from masters of business.
    You have a nice website which can be a starting point for the starting entrepreneurs like me. We’ll read more of such important articles in the time ahead hopefully.

    1. Mesenbet..

      There will be many more important articles to come…I hope I can provide you with quality content that will inspire you and keep you motivated on your entrepreneurial track!

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