is plannet marketing a scam

PlanNet Marketing Scam? Read before you join

plannet marketing scamPlanNet Marketing Review

Name: planNet marketing


Price: An upfront payment of $179 and a monthly membership fee of $ 39.95

Owners: founder- Don Bradley and CEO- Andy Cauthen


PlanNet Marketing Overview

PlanNet marketing is a travel network multilevel marketing company that seems to be gaining good ground. It allows you to transform a passion for traveling into a lucrative income generating avenue. While the main focus in MLM schemes is generating different strategies to recruit more people into the matrix, planNet marketing aims to make provisions for affiliates who are signed up to the system to become travel agents and earn commissions with each referral. These affiliates are referred to as agents and are equipped with personalized links and customized websites where they can register fresh links into the matrix.

The idea behind planNet marketing is that agents can decide how much they earn depending on their level of involvement, this implies that there is no set quota required, essentially making you your own boss. Agents with the company may act as both travel agents and top level referrers who can bring in new affiliates known as “inteletravel agents” to sign up beneath them in the matrix. Becoming an inteletravel agent with this company allows you to book vacations, hotels, cruises, airlines tickets, car rentals, tours and all sorts of travel plans. All agents earn a set commissions per travel sold regardless of destination. While this company seems to offer good prospects for financial freedom and opportunity, there remains a fundamental issue that must be addressed and the big question which remains-

is planNet marketing a scam? And how legitimate is the endeavor?


The good and the bad

Just as it is with a majority of MLM setups, there are upsides and downsides associated with planNet marketing and one must carefully explore every option to fully decide if it is an adventure to engage in.

The good

  • With planNet marketing, there is no minimum quota that agents must earn in order to receive their commissions. This implies that, regardless of how often you introduce more people into the system, you are entitled to a commission from your travel bookings made and the people referred. This gives room for some sort of financial independence and allows you to participate either full time or part time.
  • Becoming an agent with the company gives room for you to be your own boss. All agents are equipped with innovative tools and complementary support like; a free/personalized website to serve as your base of operations, direct mail and customizable newsletters.
  • It allows you to see the world while having the time of your life and making good money.
  • Affiliates are entitled to specialized VIP travel discounts.

The bad

  • It is a system that requires a monthly membership fee to remain an agent. This puts up a sort of pressure and an ultimatum translating into the fact that if you don’t sell travel plans, you lose a monthly fee.
  • The agents higher up the chain are disposed to earn a higher commission than lower/newer level agents in the matrix. This comes from the monthly fee paid by the downlines supplying a $4 monthly commission to the uplines.
  • It requires explicit marketing, lead generation, energy and exposure to get involved as a travel agent ultimately making it a numbers game.


Who is planNet marketing for?

Regardless of the extravagant promises and attractive compensations often offered in most MLM setups. It is important to know that the field of marketing requires skill if one is to succeed. While the travel industry is quite lucrative as everyone is on the move these days, it is imperative to understand that success in planNet marketing requires highly energetic individuals.

The venture is most suitable for people with a passion for travel, individuals seeking an alternative source of income, people who are money-motivated and sociable.

PlanNet marketing tools and training

The system is a particularly straightforward setup, signing up as an agent provides you with insider knowledge of the travel industry. Agents are equipped with complimentary tools that enable them to proceed immediately as affiliates with the system. These tools include;

  • A free and personalized website.
  • Travel booking tools.
  • Email marketing systems.
  • Direct mail.
  • Customizable newsletter.
  • Business cards and stationery.


PlanNet Marketing support

The company has an elaborate system that makes provisions for new referrals to get quick answers to their questions. The first point of call would be to ask your recruiting agent if you have any inquiries, but you can also reach the planNet marketing support team at or visit the company website at for more information.


PlanNet marketing price and compensation system

In a bid to answer the big question of whether or not planNet marketing is a scam, one must, therefore, explore their price packages and compensations systems as this is where most MLM companies fail to deliver.

New entries may join as either planNet marketing sales rep or inteletravel agents. Joining the system as a planet marketing rep requires you to pay a prelaunch fee of $9.97 and a monthly fee of $19.95; you can then earn commissions for every inteletravel plan sold and every rep recruited beneath you in the matrix.

However, joining the company as an agent requires an upfront payment of $179 with a monthly membership subscription fee of $39.95. This agent must then get other affiliates to sign up under him/her and earn a commission of $50 per recruit, the newly recruited agent is then expected to get other recruits and do the same. As the matrix proceeds further, the initial recruiting agent earns a 50% matching bonus of $25 for each person his immediate downline recruits. All agents are entitled to a commission for every travel plan sold regardless of timing or destination.

The essence of multi-level marketing lies in the presence of a residual income, planNet marketing operates a 3×9 matrix system where inteletravel agents must sign other agents up for the matrix to be completed. This ultimately means that, the matrix requires 29,523 positions to be filled in order for every agent to earn a monthly residual commission. Every member of this matrix earns $4 per month which is sourced through the $39.95 per month membership fee paid by each agent.

PlanNet marketing also offers specialized bonuses to its agents, an agent is entitled to a gold builder’s bonus of $10 each time a downline recruits a new agent to the unilevel team. To become eligible for this bonus, one must have recruited at least 9 other people as inteletravel agents.

Another bonus is the director bonus which is tied in directly to a number of affiliates you can recruit to the system. This depends directly on the number of active inteletravel agents in your downlines.

Another bonus is the rank achievement bonus which agents can earn depending on the amount of income they pull in a month. For example, an agent that earns $8,333 monthly is entitled to a sapphire ring, a monthly income of $20,833 entitles you to a ruby ring, and an income of $41,667 makes you eligible for a diamond ring while a monthly income of $83,333 entitles you to a double diamond ring.


My final opinion of planNet marketing

PlanNet marketing seems to be a truly rewarding venture that depends on your ability to form networks, teams and get downlines. However, before signing up, you should realize that there is no material product line being offered and the company features a recruitment scheme that sells inteletravel agents membership and travel plans only. You

You must, therefore, weigh your options and decide if you can outsell the competition before concluding if planNet marketing is right for you.

If MLM is not for you, a great alternative as a business opportunity is to learn affiliate marketing.

There is a platform online that teaches affiliate marketing. My #1 Recommendation.

This process is different from MLM because you do not own any of the products. This is the process you will learn if you decide to affiliate market over joining PlanNet Marketing.

  1. Choose your own interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Generate traffic to your website
  4. Earn commissions from affiliate marketing sales.

My #1 recommended platform teaches this process step-by-step with the most effective methods. Even if you are someone who loves to travel and see the world, this is a great way to have the freedom to earn money while you do just that.

If working from your computer and having an open work schedule sounds like something you would be interested in doing, then you can click the link below to join and start learning how to do this.

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    1. Hi Tanya can you elaborate on why you’re unhappy? I’m thinking of joining but I’d like the inside scoop on how it actually works first. Can you find good travel deals, will you really receive your commission, etc.

        1. Not all false. You MUST pay the monthly fee or you are dead in the water, so if you don’t sell something or recruit someone, you pay the fee out of whatever income you have. The fees add up, so consider it before joining. If you are not a people person & can sell ice to Eskimos, don’t do it.

          1. ha ha
            A business cost money. An average business cost £50K to start, so how anyone thinks they can use software etc, websites and so on for free. The company has to pay, so it is only fair you guys pay too!
            Unfortunately too many people want to make money from paying no money
            Wake up guys
            It takes time and money to make time and money.
            Going to work cost money! You drive, take a bus, train etc. You need to look smart. You live in a dream world if you think people hand out stuff for free. You will never be successful in anything if you don’t change your thinking

      1. Hi Nashunda
        I signed on 3 weeks ago and have had a very positive experience so far!

        You can find me on face book Nanette Smith Stanley

        I would Enjoy setting up a 3 way call with you and my Awesome Director to get All your questions answered.

    2. I am in the same boat Nashaunda Gates is in. Can you please tell us the truth. Thinking about joining and saw you post!

  1. I am considering signing up for the PlanetMarketing rep as oppose to the agent. What is the difference in the initial fee and monthly pricing structure. I understand the success of the business is predicated on the personality of the individual and how well the individual will take “no” for an answer. Be reminded in sales at times we must prospect one (1) hundred people before we get a YES.

  2. I have been in this business for several years. If you want to look at it as a business. Aside from the recruiting you are an independent travel agent with a host company that provides you with a bountiful bag of resources and vendor contacts to assist you in your business venture. If yo understand franchising Burger king, McDonalds, Starbucks and many others like them while independently owned pay a franchise fee to the corporate office which is a percentage of their income. I this business there is a fee as well and it is only 39.99. I have seen some companies where the monthly fee is as much as $150.00 a month and you have to buy an auto ship as well. My first year I made $1500 in commissions. last year I made $ 26,000 in commissions and really did not recruit anyone. I did not join for the recruiting. I joined for the business and the travel agent perks. The problem I have with some of these articles is they tend to be somewhat one sided and written by someone who never actually worked the business. I would just say beware when taking advice from third parties.

  3. So….here is the problem with an outside source “trying ” to report information….not everything is true. The system and product works if you do. No one said it would be easy…but it is worth it. I actually quit my part time job over 2 years ago because of the income I made…and I am not going any where

  4. I signed up 2 months ago and I earned the gold plus rank and this business have changed me and my wife lives for the better. Everything is pretty much true. If you are new, find time to go to as much seminars as you can and learn from the best, this will motivate you. If you signed up and quit, you never put in the time to learn and develop your business, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. lol. Reach out to me if you want to know my personal experience.

  5. Wake up guys to the real world

    Going to work cost money. You are not paid one month up front either. your boss will be laughing if you asked!
    Why should any business be free? You use a software, well someone has to pay.
    When you start an opportunity you are self employed, a business owner, you can, if you want earn money like a business owner, but if you are not willing to treat this as a business, average business start up cost is £50K, then don’t bother, but please please stop complaining about something that could be good, if you changed your thinking and started working. By the way I am not a part of this opportunity, just don’t like people complaining. There is a reason why you are still poor! Struggling for money, you will always be this way, unless you change your attitude!

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