platinum world team build review

Platinum World Team Build Review – The Ugly Truth!

Is Platinum World Team Build a scam?

Could this just be another opportunity looking to rip you off? Is this just another one of those get rich quick scams?

It is always a wise idea to do your research into a company/product before you buy it online. There is just too many scams online and the only way to be sure is to actually look into the company.

Lucky for you, I have done the research into Platinum World Team Build to help you make an informed decision before you spend any of your hard-earned money.

So let’s dive right into my review of this business opportunity known as Platinum World Team Build Review.


Quick Overview of Platinum World Team Build

Company: Platinum World Team Buildplatinum world team build review


Owner: Roman Escalera

Rating: 1 out of 10

Recommend: NO


What is Platinum World Team Build?

Platinum World Team Build is in pre-launch, PWTB is expected to be launched on April 8th.

PWTB is a Multi-level marketing company. That seems to be the extent of the information that is offered by PWTB.

The website has very little information to offer as to what this company is/ what this company does/ what products are actually offered.

What I was able to find out about PWTB is that when you buy into this business opportunity, it is going to cost you $100.

For your buy in investment, you will have access to “Platinum World Team Builds high converting landing pages and websites.”

The landing pages and website that you will have access too are 100% just for recruitment purposes.


Who owns this company?

When you have a business online, the first thing you usually add to your companies website is a privacy policy and an About us page. This is basically business 101 and that fact that PWTB does not seems very suspicious.

PWTB has a FAQ section and tells us that Roman Escalera is the founder of this project. That he has been a network marketer for over 15 years and is a 6 figure earner. Wouldn’t you think someone with that kind of resume would know that an About Us page is business 101?

What I was able to find out about Mr. Escalera is that this is not his first MLM adventure, so that is not a lie.

He was heavily involved in a company called 25 Dollar Legacy. This is well known as a pyramid scheme. It is currently still active but as people discovered this was just another pyramid scheme, this company took a huge nosedive right into the ground.

It seems as though Roman Escalera is more familiar with Pyramid schemes not so much network marketing, isn’t that right Escalera?


What products are you selling with PWTB?

One would that think a company is in prelaunch mode would be ecstatic about the products they are about to unleashed for the public. The problem with PWTB is that they don’t have any products!

When you buy into this MLM company, you are buying in to have premade landing pages and websites that are designed to recruit people. Those people will then use landing pages and websites to recruit more people.

As you can see this company is already in the making of a new pyramid scheme or Ponzi Scheme.


The compensation plan for Platinum World Team Build

Well, this seems to be the only thing there actually is to talk about with PWTB.

PWTB makes a downright outrageous claim that a $100 investment has the potential to have a return on investment (ROI) of $166,800. That is just a dirty lie.

That is a 1,667% ROI. That is the most despicable lie I have ever heard. NO ONE MAKES THAT TYPE OF ROI.

PWTB scam

Since this company actually does not have a product to sell, all funds paid to members are going to be financed by new members buying in.

That is a Ponzi Scheme.

I am not even going to get into the matrix of this scam because I am not about wasting my time, you know this is a scam opportunity and a pyramid scheme. Do you really want to waste your money?

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Start up fees?

Since this opportunity is in prelaunch mode, you can sign into their site as a free member and see your potential earnings if everyone was a paid member. Remember potential.

Soon the cost for joining this biz opp is going to be $100.

But that is not all, there are plenty of times throughout the ridiculous matrix where you can “buy” up. Do you really want to be sending your cash to people above you with only hopes someone under you is going to do the same?

People are smart and make informed decisions before buying junk like PWTB. As you should too.


Platinum World Team Build is a scam

All PWTB can actually offer you is false claims of income potential. Do not fall victim to these lies.

This company or platform is in a prelaunch mode of creating a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes are illegal and this will crash sooner or later. Do you really want to get stuck in a Ponzi scheme?

They are illegal for a reason because the ones who started them make all the money while every at the bottom gets left with nothing.

Platinum World Team Build is a scam. Stay away and save your money.

There is nothing good to stay about PWTB because there is nothing good about this company.


Maybe you should try this

Instead of getting involved with a pyramid scheme online. A much better option for you is to build your own business online.

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This platform will actually teach you how to build your own websites and landing pages.

How to use Search engines to attract visitors. You will be learning skills and be acquiring online marketing knowledge that is going to last you a lifetime.

Their training program is creating thousands of internet entrepreneurs every single day.

So you can get sucked into a Ponzi scheme or you can learn how to build your own business online.

You do not need any experience with online marketing. They have a 4 step process which will get you started.

  1. Choose your interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract visitors
  4. Earn revenue from products related to your interest. (affiliate marketing)

Zero experience is necessary since you are going to be walked through a training program that has 10 free lessons. A total number of 60 lessons. Each lesson is going to leave you with a new skill and more knowledge about online marketing than you ever had before.

There is a full community there to actually help you. No one is going to be trying to upsell you to spend thousands of dollars.

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  1. Wow, Thanks for reviewing this “So New” programs and keep people safe as well as their hard-earned money.

    I think is Bullshit when PWTB say that invested $100 would able to get such ROI. That’s is Ponzi Schemes.

    With this kind of scheme, I believe when the money grows to certain big amount PWTB are ready to go burst and “Disappear” away from the world. Lol

    Thanks for writing this and keep everyone aware.

  2. Multi-Level Marketing…. A great way to make money, at the top. Real sorry for the ones who get trapped at the bottom and don’t get to actually experience making money online. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I really like your review, it is clear that Platinum World Team Build is a MLM scam and I hope no one gets too hurt by this.

    Have you heard anything else about how this is going since launch?

  3. Sounds like a great program until you run out to people to recruit. As there is no real product, this is a really suspicious site. All the revenue comes from new members initial fees. I you can actually “invest” $100 and earn over $150k from it, wouldn’t the owners be doing this all day long. Of course, you’re not sure who the owner is.
    Thanks for the great info and the warning. I’m steering clear.

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