Profits25 Review – Legit Ad Agency or Scam

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Company: Profits25


Owner: Unidentified

Price to Join: €50 + €25 per coupon

Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

There are some major red flags with Profits25. Before, I get into my review of Profits25 I want to disclose all the red flags that have come up in my research into this company.

There are a lot of complaints online. 

Some people have been waiting on receiving their payments from Profits25 for months.

A lot of people have not received their debit card from Profits25.

There is no clear information on Profits25.

When traveling through Profits25’s website you will not find an “about us” page.

There is no real insight into what you will be doing when you join Profits 25.

You cannot find information on the companies owner.where is profits25

This is the only information made public about Profits25.

This company is not a multi-level marketing organization.

Profits25 is a Ponzi scheme. I will cover this in my review.

Profits25 Review

What is Profits25?  With Profits25 you can do two things. You can use this platform as a way to build to your advertisement network. Or you can use Profits25 as a way to make money. Most people are joining Profits25 as a way to make money.

Profits25 offers members to purchase advertising coupons for €25 each. Profits25 will pay members every Friday from clicking on ad banners that have been posted. These ad banners are “partners” of Profits25 who have paid to use the platform as a way to advertise their website.

Profits25 claims that by having their members click on these ads will improve their “partners” rank in search engines. This is a false claim since there are many factors that actually determine a website’s search rank. Clicking on an ad is not enough to become ranked in search engines.

Clicking on some of these ad banners will produce a message that states “this website has no connection with Profits25”.  Some of the ad banner links are broken and you will not be able to click them. Other times you will not even realize what you are really clicking.


Costs to join Profts25

Profits25 makes this part very clear on their website. To get started with Profits25 it will require your initial investment of €50. In order for you to access the advertising module, where you will make money, you need to purchase two advertising coupons and those cost €25 each.

To get started making money you need to initially invest a total of €100.profits25 payment


How much can you earn with Profits25

Making money with Profits25 is going to be pretty difficult. Investing in only the coupons is not enough to supplement your income alone. You will not be making much money purchasing coupons and clicking on promotion banners.

The way you actually make money with Profits25 is by recruitment. Profits25 has an affiliate program. The actual way to make money with this program is to recruit others. When you recruit others to join this platform, everytime that person purchase a coupon, you will earn a commission.

That is how this company is a Ponzi scheme. No one is actually making money by clicking on the banner ads. The true way to make money is with recruitment. You only make money from recruiting others in and receiving a commission when they purchase something. This is a total Ponzi.

You can in theory with this scheme earn on different levels.

profits25 matrix


Profits25 is a risk

Anytime you invest in an opportunity to earn money online there is always going to be some risk. The risk with Profits25 is much higher considering there is not much information about this company. The fact that the website does not provide general knowledge or the ability to access any real in site into what you will be doing.

This company is an even bigger risk because of the question whether this is legal. There could come a time when this operation will get shut down. You could potentially lose all the revenue you have made with this company. You will not have the ability to contact the owners of Profits25 to claim any of the revenue you have made.

The testimonials on Profits25 seem fake. The testimonials are all general and do not seem to be genuine. You should not trust any of these testimonials.

As this website seems to be intended for mostly English speaking visitors, a lot of the testimonials are not in English.

profits25 fake

Your best option is to stay away from this company. There are too many red flags surrounding this company. You would be better off joining a platform that is set up for you to excel online.


Wealthy Affiliate vs Profits25

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform to build your own business online.

You choose an interest that you already have.

Build a website for that interest.

Generate traffic to your website.

Collect revenue from affiliating products and ads.



Joining Profits25 is a bad idea. I do not recommend anyone fall into this Ponzi scheme. You will lose more money then you will ever make.

My number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here.

This is where I started my online entrepreneurship and I highly recommend everyone start here. This is a great platform to learn everything needed to build your own business online.

If you have any questions or concerns about my review on Profits25 please leave them below.


  1. I’m so glad to find your post about Profits25 because I wondering if that was a good program to try. I had not heard about Ponzi scam and now I’m more aware.

    I really want to find something that I can build a real online business with and I think your suggested place of Wealthy Affiliate may be the solution. I’ll have to check it out. thanks!

    1. Grace,

      Yeah, this is not the right program for you to get started with. You will just lose your money while the people who own it will make all the money. That is how a ponzi scam works.
      WA is a great alternative to Profits25 as there will be lots of training and support. Along with a ton of really great tools to help you. And it is free to try it out!

  2. Wow, there are so many people out there just trying to steal your money. I appreciate your post showing what this site is about. I would much rather try Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Yep, basically, a Ponzi scheme doesn’t generate any revenue and is funded by the lowest rank who lose their money unless they recruit people under them.
    Simple maths is enough to see that this is not a sustainable model.
    Thanks for bringing these scumbags to our attention.
    Also good advice about sussing out potential scams – nice description of red flags.

    1. Derek,

      The more aware I can make everyone the better off everyone will be. If I can point out some serious red flags with one company then on the next company you possibly look at, if they have similar red flags you know to stay away.

  4. It’s quite scary the amount of online scam that we find these days. In part, they take advantage of people’s vulnerability and lack of information. Everyone should make a good research before jumping into any program that promises the world. Knowing that clicking on ad banners is not the way to be ranked should be a basic knowledge for anyone who is considering to run an online business.
    Even though you can make money with Profits25 through recruitment I would never promote a company that is a Scam.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great review Kurtis!

    I’ve been looking for a method to earn online revenue. Glad that I stumbled across your article before signing up to Profit25. Does Wealthy Affiliate contain any hidden costs?

    1. There are no other hidden costs besides the paid premium membership. You might consider this a hidden cost but it really is not. You can buy your own domain names. Those are extra just like buying a domain name anywhere else on the web. These cost about $10.

  6. Hi Kurtis,

    Well done for uncovering this scam, Profits25. I know (I don’t think) I would fall for a scam like this that looks so shady and sounds like such a weird way to make money, but a lot of people really need to make a bit of extra cash and may not be aware for people on the Internet trying to con them.



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