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Prosharers Review – Social Sharing Scam?

Name: Prosharers


Owner:  Unknown

Location: United States.



Hi! Are you ready to make money? These are the first words your eyes catch on the website of Prosharers. Very catchy, isn’t it? You are also reading this review because you want to make money too and you are ready to give the company a shot. You have questions too, questions about how legit Prosharers is and how much money you can make. I am here to help you decide for or against as this review will in details tell you if Prosharers is worth the trouble.

To be frank, the web has sparse information about the company and so on your own, you will likely not get anything substantial, not to worry I have my ways of getting information and so I have got you covered. To start with, nothing is known about the creator of the scheme and the domain registration was done anonymously.

The server country location is unknown and the domain name was configured to use United States name servers. On Alexa, it ranks 171,292 this shows that it has a high traffic but its online trustworthiness reputation has not been rated by Web of Trust (WOT).

What is Prosharers selling point? What is its product? On its website, it states that you will get paid $1 per click. What click do you ask? When you sign up you are given a referral link, you are expected to share this link on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. How then will you earn?

The company claims that when people click on the links you have shared which will direct them to its website, members in the USA will be paid $1.50 and those in other countries will be paid $1. How will Prosharers pay members? Will it pay those who sign up and have several visits through their links? Is it Legit? Are there hidden charges? All these you will find out soon. Click here to find out how you can become an entrepreneur online.



  • It requires less effort to make money, other than that Prosharers has no other visible benefit(s).


  • Almost everything about the company is unknown; creator, location, detailed compensation plans and so on.
  • When you sign up, there is no information on the specifications of the product or why it wants you to promote its link.
  • Your personal information is taken to make you sign up, most likely it will be sold to affiliate marketers, expect an influx of spam in your email from companies you do not know when you sign up.
  • The web is filled with angry members who have been scammed of their money, others who were blindly rooting for it by sharing their links are daily in droves bitterly complaining of how Prosharers has cheated them.
  • Although there is no membership cost, trust me there are hidden charges that will be used to rob you of your income.
  • It is risky to promote a company whose product is unknown, Prosharers only wants traffic on its website so that more people will sign up. This looks suspicious because you may just be helping to promote hidden and inordinate goals.



Honestly, Prosharers’ product is vague. Personally, I submit that there is no product, both physically and digitally. Pause a bit, if there is no product that the company aims to promote why then does it need high traffic on its website and subsequently large numbers of sign up?

Take it from me, they simply need it for scam purposes. Why? You ask. I think this anonymous creator(s) has an impure agenda that needs droves of people, their personal information, and their financial details to make it afloat. What better way to get traffic and sign-ups than to promise to pay for the number of people that come on the website.

At this point, it is becoming clear that Prosharers is a scam. Sadly, several people are blind to this fact if the website’s Alexa ranking is anything to go by.


Compensation Scheme

For each unique visitor that comes on the website through the referral link given to you, you make $1 and $1.5 if you are resident in the USA. Allegedly, you can make $60-$120 daily if you spend 2-3 hours working. Prosharers also alleges that they are tasks to accomplish daily and bonuses to win with the pay starting from $5 per task.

I personally signed up with make-believe personal details (to protect myself) and did not find any task. Only the information about clicks and my referral link was given to me. It specifically states that you should promote the link to blog posts, Facebook pages, groups and walls, comment sections, ads, PTC sites.

It goes on to state that there are no limits to how much you can earn and that your earnings can be paid through PayPal, Payza, Bank wire, Payonner, Western Union and any method that the member chooses. The minimum amount of payout is $100 and your payment request will be processed in about 5 days.


Is it a Scam?

At this point, you will agree with me that there are no proofs of payment but outcries of cheating. What Prosharers need is your details. First, it is set like most scams; you do little tasks and get paid the huge amount of money, no legit site does this.

You garner people on their behalf and their traffic increases. There are no clear-cut processes and you definitely will not be paid. Most scam sites are like this, they make money by selling your details and using your financial information to hack you.

When you want to cash out your earnings, they will come up with ridiculous surveys, apps and offers that you will have to pay for. I hope you see that they are the ones making money while you make nothing.


Final Submission

Prosharers is a scam. Do not go near it, do not promote its links because you and others will be affected. Erase the possibility of making money from it on your mind and in addition you will be hurting others. There are other legitimate sites that you can try out to make earnings. If you have a working conscience and solid ethics you should have nothing to do with Prosharers.


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