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Reverse Commissions Review – Scam or Legit?

Odds are you have either caught wind of this organization as of now or somebody has approached you about joining.

Regardless of what your circumstance is, whether you are new to the MLM world or you are an old expert, the best thing you can do before joining another organization is to thoroughly research it.

I do want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with Reverse Commissions as a member or distributor.

This review will be about a website called Reverse Commissions. What is Reverse Commissions? Is it a scam? Or, a legitimate opportunity to invest your time, money and effort and earn an income online? Is there any hidden catch? These are the questions that we will concentrate on in this review.


What is Reverse Commissions about?

Reverse Commissions is an online business opportunity created by both Dale Payne Sizer and Calvin Harvey. Their domain, was registered on the 11th of October 2015 and it will expire in 4 years.

Reverse Commissions doesn’t make a great first impression when you check its official website, as there isn’t much information on Dale Payne Sizer and Calvin Harvey.

In all reality, the website for Reverse Commissions is as of now not more than a page for getting email addresses after going to it. That is not a good sign by any means, as it gives the feeling of an opportunity that is very unprofessional and illegitimate.

One thing that truly got my attention was their winning claims.

They guaranteed that partaking in Reverse Commissions can help you make over $500,000 in 10 weeks. I trust that a lot of people who saw those colossal figures quickly became energized and can hardly wait to begin.

Honestly speaking, don’t get excessively energized and begin building sandcastles in the air. All through my online venture in the course of recent years, I have seen many projects like this that guaranteed to make you rich in a short space of time. The majority of these projects always fail to deliver and disappear quickly after their launch.



The registration procedure is genuinely fast. All you simply do is fill in the form with your necessary details and you will be able to enter the member area. In spite of the fact that creating your account is FREE, you will not be able to move forward without spending money.

You will be forced to upgrade your account to either the starter package, basic package, advanced package or elite package first before you can see your back office which in my opinion is quite unacceptable.

Reverse Commissions doesn’t have any type of product line set up, bringing about the way that affiliates have nothing more to offer that affiliate membership to attempt and pitch to possible buyers.

What is significant here is the way that, once somebody becomes an affiliate for Reverse Commissions, they’re then granted access to a heap of online marketing tools.

Starter Package ($25) + $5 Admin Fee = $30 (Total)

  • Personal Branding
  • A-Z How to brand yourself
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Blogging Platform

Basic Package ($100) + $10 Admin Fee = $110 (Total)

  • Basic Automation
  • How to run your business on complete Autopilot
  • Includes everything from the Starter Package as well ( I.e. personal branding Attraction Marketing and etc.)

Advanced Package ($250) + $25 Admin Fee = $275 (Total)

  • Social Media Domination
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Google+ Marketing
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing

Elite Package ($500) + $50 Admin Fee = $550 (Total)

  • Run your own digital business
  • Professional Done-For-You high converting sales pages
  • You can sell your own products “coaching”
  • Includes everything from the Starter Package, Basic Package & the Advanced Package.



Reverse Commissions has a 4 level pay plans – $25, $100, $250, $500

You will pass up on the 2nd and 4th sale depending on the level you are as of now at. For example, if you join at the $500 level, you will get all the lower levels for FREE and you don’t need to pass up on any sales on the lower levels. You will just need to pass up on the $500 level ones.

Once more, in the event that you join at the $250 level, you will get the $25 and $100 levels for free and you are not required to pass up any. You will only pass up on your 2nd and 4th $250 sale.

A simple breakdown of the compensation plan

  • First person that directly joins under you – You keep the full commission (100%)
  • The second person that directly joins under you – Pass your entire commission to your sponsor (0%)
  • Third person that directly joins under you – You Keep the full commissions (100%)
  • The fourth person that directly joins under you – Pask your entire commission to your sponsor (0%)
  • Fifth person and onwards that directly joins under you – You keep the full commissions (100%)



For you to earn $500,000 in 10 weeks you will have to join in at the $500 level first and bring in people at the $500 level. You will then pass up your 2nd and 4th sale thus leaving you with 2 $500 sales, which adds up to a total commission of $1000.

  • At week 1, you make $1000
  • At week 2, Say your 2nd and 4th get 4 X $500 level, members. You will receive their 2nd and 4th sale. so that’s 4 X $500 Sales = $2000
  • Week 3, Those 4 will pass you 2 sales each so that’s 8 more $500 Sales = $4000
  • Week 4, Those 8 will pass you 2 sales each so that’s 16 more $500 Sales = $8000
  • Week 5, Those 16 will pass you 2 sales each so that’s 32 more $500 Sales = $16000
  • Week 6, Those 32 will pass you 2 sales each so that’s 64 more = $32000
  • Week 7, Those 64 will pass you 2 sales each so that’s 128 more = $64000
  • Week 8, Those 128 will pass you up 2 sales each so that’s 256 more = $128000
  • Week 9, Those 256 will pass you up 2 sales so that’s 512 more = $256,000
  • Week 10, Those 512 will pass you up 2 sales so that’s 1,024 more = $512,000

If you follow their plan, at the end of the 10 weeks you will earn yourself over $500,000. This isn’t my plan this something that the owners have planned. This is what the owners have cut out for you to earn a half a million in 10 weeks.

Truly, it’s easier said than done. On paper it’s so simple, simply get this number of individuals week in week out and you will be on course to earn half a million.

How many people will be able to reach that goal? Very little will be able to reach that goal.

Unless you are a seasoned marketer with a lot of experience you will not be able to meet up with that goal. If you are a beginner in the online space attempting to make your first income online, this is doubtlessly a tough assignment.

Moreover, there are a lot of factors that need to come into thought. So as I would see it, this $500,000 in 10 weeks plan is not doable. I question that some could even make $1000 in 10 weeks.

What you have to know here is regardless of whether you earn anything or not, the administrators are now profiting off you. Keep in mind the admin fees? Before you even begin to earn you are as of now paying these folks a little some of cash. Despite the fact that it’s not a much, it turns into something big when it accumulates.

On the off chance that you have not seen it, these folks are indirectly asking you join the $500 level so you can gain enormous commissions.

In the meantime, they can make more admin fees from you. Consider it, $50 for every individual. If 1000 individuals join the administrators effectively make over $50,000 for actually doing nothing part from setting up this platform for you.

All I can see here is only hype and empty promises of making 500 thousand in 10 weeks.



The last word with Reverse Commissions is very simple. This is an organization that is working as both a pyramid recruitment and cash gifting scheme, with the recruitment scam side of things, becoming an integral factor in the way that affiliates and paid both, directly and indirectly, to recruit an ever increasing number of individuals to join the organization.

In regards to the cash gifting side of Reverse Commissions, 100% of the fees that newly recruited affiliates pay are used to fund commissions that are paid out to different affiliates.

Basically, the upfront fee that new affiliates pay is then used to cover the commissions that are owed to existing affiliates. With that being the situation, you are looking at one compensation plan but two forms of illegitimacy.

As both pyramid and cash gifting plans go, Reverse Commissions will only be fruitful inasmuch as individuals keep on signing up and joining the opportunity.

When recruitment levels, in the end, fade away, existing affiliates won’t get the cash that they’re expecting, and the organization will then rapidly be compelled to crumple.

That being said that is always going to be challenging when you join as a distributor for an MLM company. Building a strong network and downline is not easy and a lot of people quit before they ever become successful with their opportunity.

This is the reality of the MLM business model. It becomes too challenging for people to sell product and build a downline where they are earning a solid commission on a monthly basis. That is with any MLM company you join.


Alternative Option

MLM is not for everyone. Some people think it is all just a big scam. While some people enjoy MLM and make a great living. Regardless of your views of MLM, there is another option for you.

The option is, building your own business online.

You might be wondering how can you do this?

There is a platform online that will teach you all the steps to building a successful online business. This is their process on which their foundation course consists of…

  1. Choose your interest.
  2. Build a website.
  3. Generate traffic to your website.
  4. Earn commissions from affiliate marketing.

As you will be building your own business online with the training that is provided, it is not a get rich quick scheme. Building a building a successful business takes time and patience, but with their training, tools, support, and help you can do it.

To see my full review of this platform click here.

You can join for free and you will have access to 10 free lessons and 2 free websites to get you started. There is an upgraded membership which costs $19 the first month and $49 every month after that.

The upgraded membership offers a lot more than the free but I recommend joining as a free member to see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Free Member Signup.


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