Saivian Review – Great Bizopp or Scam?

In this review of Saivian International, we will cover the ins and outs of this program. Who the owner is, what the compensation plan is. how it works, and whether you should join this MLM savings company or not.

You might be someone that was offered to sign up for 20% cash back savings from a friend on Facebook or maybe you are someone that has recently paid the monthly subscription fee to be a member.

Whichever case it may be, you want to know exactly what you would/are getting yourself into. In that case read on as we will cover everything you need to know about this company.

saivian scam

What is Saivian International?

Saivian International is a 20% cash back savings program.

Saivian pays their members 20% money back for shopping and traveling. There are a certain set of regulations that need to be met in order to receive the cash back. The money that you get back is going to be coming from the top 10 retail outlets that you have selected.

Savings programs can be very rewarding since you are going to be shopping anyway. There are certain things you have to buy every month, so having a cash back program can be a good way to save money every month.

What makes Saivian International different than other programs is the fact that it is a multi-level marketing company. Yes, that means people who are paying for a monthly membership are actively trying to recruit others into this savings program.

Is it possible people are only interested in signing up for Saivian International as a business opportunity to collect commissions for signing people up for this savings program?


I do recruit also.

I affiliate market for a platform that teaches people how to start their own business online. This is a biz opp that will train and provide people with internet marketing skills that will last a lifetime.

What I do vs what Saivian representatives do is different. I help people build their own internet marketing business online. Join me and become an internet marketer.

Saivian representatives just want to sell cash back memberships to as many people as possible.


How does it all work with Saivian?

To become an active member you have to pay for a subscription. The subscription costs $125 every 28 days.

Next, you will select your top ten retail outlets that you shop at along with the primary payment method you will use. This is for receipt verification.

After your purchases, you will scan or copy your receipts and submit them to Saivian International. Your purchases have to be over $5 and less than $300 every week. Once this is completed, you will receive your cash in 30 days.

Doing a little bit of math. To break even and make sure paying for the $125 subscription is worth it. You need to spend $625 every month.

125 / 0.20 = 625

Spending over $625 will make having your membership worth it.

You can also earn commissions from recruiting and building your downline. This is how Saivian is an MLM company. You will need to have at least 3 active members in your downline in order to receive a commission for recruiting.


Saivian Internation services

As of right now, Saivian offers 2 different products and services.

Retail Shopping – This is only for United States members. 10-20% cash back for shopping at your selected retail stores. Has to be over $5 and less than $300 weekly. Potential to save over a $1,000 annually. As long as your purchases qualify for cash back.

Global Travel – This is available globally. 20% cash back on travel ranging from $50-$3000. Your cash back balance will expire in 30 days.

Cash back payments are processed every 30 days. You can cash out in $125 or $250 dollar increments.

To be noted: The maximum amount of cash back rewards is $3,000 for the year.


Earning potential recruiting for Saivian International

Founder position – $5 a day – 3 active recruits.

VIP Founder -$20 a day – 12 recruits.

Elite Founder – $30 a day – 39 recruits.

1 Star Founder – $50 a day – 80 recruits.

2 Star Founder – $100 a day – 150 recruits.

3 Star Founder – $150 a day – 300 recruits.

4 Star Founder – $200 a day – 500 recruits.

5 Star Founder – $300 a day – 750 recruits.

Ambassador – $500 a day – 1000 recruits.

Gold Ambassador – $750 a day – 2,000 recruits.

Platinum Ambassador – $1,000 a day – 4,000 recruits.

Diamond Ambassador – $2,000 a day – 6,000 recruits.

Presidential Ambassador – $3,000 a day – 8,000 recruits.

Can you see what this compensation structure represents about Saivian International?

The real reward for joining this program is to recruit people. It is a pyramid scheme.

This pyramid scheme is trying to disguise its self as a cash back rewards program. But, when you look at the numbers and see how much money they are offering members to recruit, you see that is it a pyramid scheme.

When you can join a company, not even bother with their product or “service” and make money simply by recruiting others, that makes it a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid schemes are always going to fail. There is never going to be enough people to recruit into the scam. The people at the top make all the money while everyone else fights over pennies.

Pyramid schemes are illegal and as more people become aware of what Saivian Internation really is, no one is going to bother joining their program.


Bad Signs for Saivian Internationalsaivian bbb

The first thing we need to look at with Saivian is whether their company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Saivian is not an accredited business with the BBB.

The BBB has tried to contact Saivian and no contact has been made back.

There is 1 complaint on BBB and also 5 negative reviews.

So what complaints are online that are circulating Saivian right now.

Well, we have this complaint for

saivian review

This one from the

I think it is safe to say Kory ment to say 2016 but being distressed from getting scammed he mistyped and spelt 2017.

saivian scam


Is Saivian a scam?

Saivian Internation is a scam. It is also a pyrmaid scheme or also known as a Ponzi Scheme.

There are no real products that are being sold by Saivian or its members. What people are selling is a business opportunity that is based on recruiting others to join.

This company meets all the qualifications of a pyramid scheme when you look closly. They might be able to hide their pyramid scheme scam with 20% cash back but when you look at the compensation structure, you understand the bizopp is all about recruiting.

Saivian Internation will not be in business forever. This is a company that pops up gets hot for a little while and then it all comes crashing down once everyone realized exacltly what it is.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this scam.

As I said earlier in this article, I do recuitng for a platform that teaches and gives people a real business opportunity.

What they will teach you is…

1.) Start by choosing your interest or niche.

There are going to be lots of other people with this same interest who are searching for it online right now.

2.) Build your own website.

It is very easy to do and you can have one up and running in 30 seconds.

3.) Gain traffic to your website.

This is the hardest part. But you will learn SEO, content creation, keyword research, PPC, and tons of other information on how to do this.

4.) Earn revenue from products you do not own.

The first way to earn is by joining affiliate programs. You will get a special link and when someone clicks that link and buys the product, you make money. This is one of the best ways to make money online as a beginner.

You can scale your business and grow from here.

Forget joining Saivian Internation, it is a scam and Ponzi Scheme.

Build your own business online here.

Or you can read my full review on the platform below.

My #1 Recommendation Review.


  1. Hi, Kurtis.

    It looks like Saivian is not a great opportunity. I don’t know if I’d agree with you that it is a pyramid scheme because technically the cash back club is the product, but I do agree with you that the product is not that great. If you think about it, if you’re only allowed to earn $3,000 cash back per year, but you have to pay $125 per month, which works out to $1,500 per year, that means that the maximum you can net is $1,500 per year. That’s not that great.

    Thanks for posting this. I’ll be ready if anyone approaches me with this “opportunity.”

    1. Andy,

      I think I disagree with you, I really do think this is a pyramid scheme. The product is trash and people are joinining just to sell the membership as a bizopp.

  2. Thanks for sharing your reviews on Saivian, it`S great to know you can cash back after doing what most of us love doing best traveling.
    I just do not like that instead of giving back cash, you still have to spend it at some store, I for one never shop online, I dont live in the US so there is also no chance of me walking into the store and cashing back in goods.
    Having said that, I for one do not like MLMs, having to pester family and friends to shop for items they do not need so I can make money is a no-no.
    Given their expensive price tag to be a member,I dont think I`d make money with the program, im not so good in recruiting and to pay $125 a month, one needs to be good at referring new members.
    Very informative and well explained, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Kurtis,

    From your interpretation of Savian, I kind of agree that this might be a pyramid. It is definitely not a good opportunity even for the 20% back. If you can only spend $5 to $300, products must be pretty uninteresting. The reward appears to be very limited. I will make sure I don’t get involved in this program. I prefer safer opportunities where I can learn about the owners and their story. Thanks for the great review.


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