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What is Search engine marketingsearch engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the process of creating traffic and visibility to your website through search engines by both paid and unpaid efforts.

SEO: Creating traffic to your website unpaid or with free listings. (All about SEO simply explained)

SEM: Buying traffic to your website via paid listings.(PPC advertising explain)

This process might seem complicated and hard to achieve, but that is not the truth. If you are looking to build a business online there are ways to build traffic to your site easily.


The importance of Search engine marketing

As you start a business online you will need to have a way for potential customers to find you or your products. A web presence is the goal of search engine marketing and with a web presence, you will have success with an online business.

  • 2 billion people are searching for something online
  • Become relevant online
  • Customers can locate your business
  • Unlimited potential to reach customers around the world

When you start your business online search engine marketing is required to be successful. If you can learn how to search engine market the amount of income you can earn is up to you. When starting a business online you want to keep costs down and the best way to reach people is with organic growth online with SEO. SEO is free for search engine marketing and I recommend learning how to use this with the All in One SEO which you can get for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.


Ways to make money with search engine marketing

When I first started making money online I did not know anything about SEO or SEM. I had no idea how to use SEM to make money, But I am going to give you a few ideas you can use for SEM to make money.

A Blog– Do you have an interest or a hobby you are passionate about? yes, well there are many other people who are too and are searching for topics about it right now. What do you like arts and crafts? reading books? fitness? Whatever you like others like to and enjoy spending time research it.

A Learning course– This is not too hard, if you have a good course you can solve someone’s problems in a particular market. Maybe you know a better way to lose fat, or how to drift cars. You have a way to solve people’s problems or learn something new, people will want to learn.

Sell products at Amazon– You can sell physical products from amazon. Leverage the traffic that amazon receives and use drop shipment. The amount of money people are making from doing this will amaze you, and it’s not that hard to start!

Some others that are out there are

  • A service or tool already out there
  • E-commerce
  • Run your own Service
  • Local SEO

There is many out there! the ways to make money using SEO is endless.


Where to learn how to search engine market for freeSelf employed

There are many places online you can start to learn how to use SEO, but you will have to pay before you get to try the services out. I recommend you get to learn about SEO, creating a website, and business all in one. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go to start your online business with SEO marketing.

1.) 2 Free websites

2.) You will learn in depth how to use every aspect of starting a business online

3.) a community that will help you if you ever got stuck


Create an account for free at wealthy affiliate and you are well on your way to making money using SEO. Read my Review about Wealthy Affiliate here.


Need help getting started?

Please feel free to ask! leave a comment below and I will happily help you start your journey to making money with SEO!

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