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SFI Affiliate Network Review – What you need to know!

Name: Six Figure Income (SFI)




The SFI program claims that members will be earning six-figure incomes after their first year of dedicated enrolment. To achieve this, they must sign up, attain the rank of Executive Affiliate, remain executive affiliates each month and then carry out a series of activities aimed at building their business and resulting in their advancement up the ranks and closer to their six-figure income. The business opportunity is half affiliate marketing and half multilevel marketing and although you do not need to pay a dime to join, you might need to pay a lot more to make money out of the system. Find out which online program is our #1 Rated program online.

The good

  1. It is entirely free to join
  2. Earning with SFI is possible because there are several income outlets on the program
  3. There is a strong support system

The bad

  1. Members will find after they join that they have a lot of purchasing to do from the company’s subsidiary ‘Triple Clicks’ which is more or less a store. They also have to help Triple Clicks sell its products.
  2. Every new recruit starts at the bottom of a pyramid and has to recruit others, maintain his EA status by any means (it would appear) in order to advance to the higher ranks
  3. With a lot of purchasing and maintaining of your EA status to do (which includes losing all that you have earned in a prior month if you could not get enough to qualify for EA by the next month) members end up paying more than earning and begin to wonder why they joined for free in the first place.
  4. The company has no tools to help you earn income
  5. The training is basically about how to earn versapoints, the point system that the company operates on, and has nothing to do with how to build a business such as how to successfully advertise or build blogs that people will follow.

Who is it for?

The Six Figure Income (SFI) is for anybody who is looking to make money online and has the time to spend reading coaching materials and promoting the Triple Clicks store.

Compensation Plan

The SFI system works both through an affiliate system and a multilevel marketing system. Newly recruited members are on the first level of the scheme and will need to scale six other levels to get to the final rank of Diamond Team Leader. To do this they must earn a stipulated amount of versapoints each month.

Business Tools and Products

Well, SFI is confusing. After trying to maintain my EA status for some months, reading the tutorials and trying to understand how exactly to run this business, I decided to give up on it. But here is what confuses people, they do not know exactly how they are earning and why their earnings disappear by the end of the month because they could not maintain the required 1500 versapoints to get them to the Executive Affiliate Status.

The confusion about SFI is the business itself and what we intend to talk about next. It is the products, business tool and compensation plan put together that are confusing because you advance in the SFI scheme by completing a set of actions that are broad ranged and have nothing to do with each other. These actions include:

Accumulate versapoints as this is your weapon to climb the ladder. To do this, you must:

  1. Generate sales at Tripleclicks either by buying yourself or by introducing a store to Tripleclicks that intends to sell their own products via TripleClicks
  2. You must duplicate yourself by recruiting others any way you can even if it is by paying SFI to automatically add new people signing up beneath you
  3. You can also participate in games and bids and earn while doing so which is a bit confusing to me even until now.
  4. Perhaps the easiest way to earn verse points is to complete the daily task but what you will earn from this by the end of the month is a very tiny bit compared to what can actually make.


Final Opinion

Because the SFI site has plenty avenues to make income, it is entirely possible to make it big in the system but this is a long and laborious process especially because each new month automatically nullifies the effort you had built in the prior month. Also, points are accumulated at a very small percentage when compared to actual money and so you will have to work very hard before you can make a decent income from the scheme.

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This includes a lot of purchasing from the TripleClicks store, referring new members and getting them to buy products too in order to move to the next level in the compensation plan. The amount of buying (some of them automated by you of course, if you wish to do so) that has to be done to ‘keep status’ is not something that helps someone trying to make money out of the internet in any way. Instead, it supports the company. But this is how MLM companies are built and if you can put in the work, then you can make money out of SFI.

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