is simple income strategies a scam?

Simple Income Strategies Reviews

Is Simple Income Strategies a scam?

Can you make money with Simple Income Strategies?

Is this a legit company?

I have done the research into this company to see if this is a legit opportunity or if it is another scam online. There is a lot of scams online and the best thing to do is find out as much as you can before you decide to buy into this program.

Can you really make money from posting links on the internet?

Let’s dive into this Simple Income Strategies Review and see if it is worthwhile.

simple income strategies review


Simple Income Strategies Overview

is simple income stategies a scam?Company: Simple Income Strategies


Owners: Kelly Simmons and John Shavers

Price: $97

Overall Ranking: 1 out of 10


What is Simple Income Strategies?

Simple Income Strategies is a platform that will teach you how to place links all across the internet. For $97, this company will show you how to place links on the web and make money from those links.

Apparently, their strategy is more effective than the free methods you can follow on Youtube.

From this companies website, there is close to no information to go off of. They claim to have a 3 step process that is so simple even a beginner can follow.

3 Steps:

Step 1: Watch all the training videos. Which will teach you step-by-step?

  • Introductory video
  • Where to place ads
  • Intermediate ad placement
  • Traffic techniques
  • Big Dogs webinars. (who the hell is big dog)

Step 2: Place links for your ads.

  • Amazon
  • Eagles eye glasses
  • Lancome
  • 2 other companies whose pictures are so blurred I can’t even make out what they say.

Step 3: Log in to see if you have been successful.

  • Then all you have to do is check your account and see if you were successful.

I have seen scams like this online before. All they do is change the name of the website when people start to catch onto the scam. Of course “Work From Home Opportunities” have been featured on those networks but Simple Income Strategies was never featured on those networks.

Problems with Simple Income Strategies

This company is lying right from their home page. They are trying to make you trust them by post this image on their website.

simple income strategies review

Too bad this scam company has never been featured on any of these websites.

Using television networks to try to build trust is a dead give away this is a scam.

“Work From Home Opportunities” have been talked about on these networks but Simple Income Strategies was never one of those opportunities!

Link posting scams are there to only rip you off. It is a one-time payment of $97 and then they have your money and there is nothing you can do.

Once, a lot of people have been scammed and the word gets out about this company they will go and change their name.

This has happened numerous times and that is why I am reviewing it to protect you. So I can help you find a real income strategy online.


Fake News

These scam companies will also use fake new websites to try to bring in more traffic. Of course, this website is not real, because every link on this website brings you to Simple Income Strategies.

Is simple Income Strategies a scam

That is a photoshopped image of a check for $12,000. (sorry was cut off when screenshotting website)

Every link on this website will bring you to Simple Income Strategies. News websites do not do that!


The Owner Kelly Simmons

The owner is definitely a scammer. Is Kelly Simmons the owner’s real name? I highly doubt it. I have run into “kelly Simmons” before. I knew she looked really familiar.

Here is a website with a photo that is supposed to make us believe it is an image of Kelly Simmons.

fake kelly simmons

Do you see how that image in placed in the text? To make us believe that is Kelly Simmons, who makes a decent amount of money from home.

Well, I have seen that picture before. It is a stock photo you can find online!

is simple income strategies a scam?

Anyone can use that picture of “kelly Simmons”. Clearly, the owner of this system only wants to scam us out of our money!


Is it even Simple Income Strategies?

That seems to be the name of the website. But, when you go to the disclaimer, you will see that this program is actually “37 clicks”.

This program use to operate under the name “37 clicks”, ripped off a lot of people and then changed the name. But, forgot to update the earnings disclaimer to say Simple Income Strategies.

simple income strategies, 37 clicks


Is Simple Income Strategies a Scam?

Yes, this program is clearly a scam trying to rip you out of $100.

Fake websites to drive traffic to this program. The owner is not who they say they are. Posting links across the internet is not a money making system. That is a system of spam.

A better opportunity.

I started working online months ago at a great platform. That is where I learned how to build this website and make money from it.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I started.

make money online

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Scams do not let you try their services out for free.

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  1. Hello Kurtis, it seems this cover has been blown! You have done a good job exposing the areas of deception. The disclaimer was ‘amusing’. Now that is a good give away. You are a good detective. This review of yours should save many people their $97. Well done! Not only that, you have provided them with a real alternative – Wealthy Affiliate. They can do Level one for free.

    1. EJ

      I think I missed one other point in this review.

      When you enter your name, email and phone number to begin with this company. They will sell your information. I have had people calling me nonstop from all types of companies, life insurance, health insurance, even someone calling trying to get me to switch my cell phone provider to some company I never heard of. Not only will they steal your money, they will sell your information to who ever wants to buy it!

  2. Actually I also heard of Kelly Simmons name before and that new site thing looks really shady.

    I think I will look for something else. By the way thanks for the honest review.

    1. Furkan,

      It is a very shady website. Every link and tab will only direct you to one place, yes you guessed it. Simple Income Strategies. You are much better of going with the service Wealthy Affiliate. There you will not be scammed out of your money and have your information sold.

  3. The clowns give all internet marketers a bad name. If we could get rich by spending $97, we’d all be doing it. Governments would mandate it! FAKE news indeed.

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