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Six Figure Mentors – Could it be a six figure ripoff?

An extravagant amount of income always seems to be a common concept with scams online. Opportunities that can promise you $1,000 a week. Six Figure Mentors are not saying that per say but they are using the lure of having a well off mentor teach you how to make a substantial income online. I have seen this before with scams such as My Millionaire Mentor and Millionaire Biz Pro.

Why do people fall for these scams? Is it all because of the name? Of course copying the system of a millionaire or a 6 figure earner would be ideal. Learnings the exact method of a pioneer in any profession would be fantastic. So, the question we are set out to answer is, is Six Figure Mentors a scam?

The problem when searching for Six Figure Mentors reviews is that you encounter 2 different types of reviews. The first is a review that is clearly done by an affiliate of the system that says it is basically the best system to join. The second type of review is one done by a competitor that flat out calls it a scam. So, which one is true? Let’s find out.


What is Six Figure Mentors about?

Six Figure Mentors is a system that is going to teach you how to live an extravagant laptop lifestyle. From there system, you will learn how to have more freedom and wealth while working fewer hours. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Six Figure Mentors will provide you with all the tools, training, and support for you to run your own very successful online business. You will be learning from two very experienced high earning mentors, Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek. Both of the owners are very seasoned online marketers and can teach you quite a few things about having a marketing business online.

You can become an affiliate for SFM and earn thousands of dollars commission per sale.

Jay and Stuart claim that their system is for everyone. You can be an absolute beginner with no knowledge of having a business online or someone with a business online who wants to learn how to make it more successful.

Before you sign up for Six Figure Mentors you are offered a nice fair deal.

Providing basic personal information to Six Figure Mentors such as your name and email address will give you access to seven module video series. You will be added to their subscriber list and 1 video a day over 7 days will be sent to you, for you to watch.

The videos are put together rather well but the content and information in these videos provide you with nothing too special. All the information in these videos can be found for free on Youtube. This video series will intrigue you enough to join Six Figure Mentors. Which makes sense because Jay and Stuart are veteran marketers.


Six Figure Mentors training and how much it costs

The Intro Membership: This is considered an evaluation process which Stuart has two reasons for. After this membership, you will need to upgrade if this system is right for you.

  1. SFM will have an opportunity to evaluate you and see if you will succeed with SFM.
  2. You will be able to find out if SFM is the right system for you to join.

The Intro or “Student” costs $29.95 to sign up for and has a $25 a month fee.

The fee is refundable within the first 30 days if SFM is not right for you. Also, the monthly membership fee is not due until after the first 30 days.

You will become a basic level member and have access to the business lounge which you can access seminars and the introductory module.

You will always be assigned a “personal business coach” who can answer any questions you have about SFM.

None of the real business training is offered at the introductory membership. You are paying to see if the system is going to be worth upgrading for. The real business training starts are the next level, which you will find out very quickly as your business coach will tell you this.


Essential Membership – $297 enrollment fee and costs $97 every month after the first month.

You will now be at the DBL membership which is going to give you full access to the business lounge and all of the SFM training modules.

You will also now have weekly marketing training, as well as a new business coach. At this point, you will have your own website, landing pages, and an Aweber account to collect emails as a way to grow your business online.

The training modules are okay but they are missing an important essence of creating a successful business online. It is almost like they are holding something back on purpose. As if spending $297 isn’t enough money to spend to gain all the access to training and learning.

You will ask your business coach about this and he is going to tell you that the real money opportunity is right around the corner. All you have to do is upgrade to the Elite membership.

Do you want to earn a lot of money right? Well then, you better listen to your business coach and open your wallet up and pay for the Elite membership.


Elite Membership – $2,500 per year and it will cost you $97 per month.

You will have finally arrived at the point where you will actually have mentoring for Six Figure Mentors, Jay and Stuart. This was the real funnel system of SFM was to make you upgrade to the Elite Membership since this is the high ticket item and makes SFM the most amount of money.

At this level, you will finally have live training from Jay and Stuart themselves. You will also be upgraded to a higher level of commissions at 40% for every lead that converts into a sale for the SFM system.

Finally, you just bought the right to affiliate and sell the SFM system and earn 1,000’s of dollars in commissions that you wanted in the first place.

For $2,5000 you just bought the Digital Experts Academy. Which is basically an online university that grants you access to other internet experts. Also, the second leg of this MLM company.

Most MLM companies usually have 2 legs on which you can earn from. You will earn commissions from selling the Intro, Essential, and Elite. But, now you can earn on the second leg too.

You will have to buy each of these packages in order for you to have the right to sell them.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Black

Black costs $30,000 (Woah)

Selling one of these packages per month would, of course, give you that six figure income you were hoping to make. But who wants to spend $30,000 for a package to have the right to sell it?


Six Figure Mentors Red Flags

There is no such thing as a perfect product or system. Every product/system has problems but with SFM there seem to be some HUGE red flags. If you read the above content and did not see any problems with this system, let me explain each red flag.

1.) The Free Video Series

This seems like a great “free” trial and view into the SFM system but in reality is just a way for SFM to build a big email list. Marketers understand that money is made from building an email list.

The value of these videos is next to nothing. Most of the content in these videos is bragging about how much money, wealth, and freedom the people have in the system. This is very commonly used marketing tactic to trick people into believing they can have that too.

The free videos offer no value to you and are just a bait and switch tactic to get you to buy into the Introductory membership.

2.) The application/student membership is a gimmick.

This is just a smoke and mirrors trick to make you think that this system is going to be beneficial to you. Do you really think that if you wanted to spend $2,500 right from the beginning that SFM would say no?

Of course not. They are trying to make you believe that they really care about your success by doing this.

3.) Once you buy in, you are constantly upsold to the elite membership.

The student and essential memberships are not worth paying for. The real training and learning come from buying the elite membership. Of course, you will have landing pages that will help you promote SFM but that only. You will not be learning how to promote other products or services from these memberships.

4.) Costs a lot of money to earn big commissions as an affiliate

When it comes to earning commissions as an affiliate, you do not have to pay for affiliate memberships. As an affiliate, you are providing a very valuable service to the company and their products by advertising and doing promotions for the company.

Why do you need to pay a company money in order to promote a company for that company to make more money? It does not make sense.

I get it, some home business opportunities charge you for marketing, tools, and resources to start your own business but they are not affiliate programs.

It is very shady marketing by a company that makes an affiliate pay, but also by the affiliate that has one goal to convert you into the elite membership to earn a huge commission.

5.) The only purpose of the SFM training.

Truth be told, the training is precise and is not bad but it is geared to training you to promote only 1 product, SFM its self.

From the training at SFM for $2,500 (because that is where the real training is) you will have to use applied knowledge to impliment marketing different products or niches that interest you. This may become much harder as this platform does not touch on how to do that per say.

6.) The overall cost of Six Figure Mentors

Price is not an indicator of value. Let’s be honest the price of SFM is out of this world. How can this company expert beginners or business owners to cough of thousands of dollars to learn marketing online?

The digital age is wonderful because there is an endless supply of knowledge at our fingertips. If you are serious about starting a business online, you can do this at a very low rate by researching and watching videos on Youtube. I get it, you do not know where to start and that is what is nice about SFM, it breaks it down step-by-step, but yet again there are a lot of marketing platforms online that do not cost this amount!

Price is never an indicator of quality but rather how much someone really is willing to pay. Some people are willing to pay $2,500 and then $30,000 for a black package and be okay with that because they think it is worth it, while others see this as a ripoff. It really is the same concept when you think of say handbags, Louis Vuitton vs Michael Kors.


User complaints from around the web

When I start to look into a product/service, I always want to know what people are saying first. What is the general vibe people are saying about it?

Are people being over the top boasting about it because that means they are just trying too hard to sell it. What type of complaints do people have about the product/service? Nothing in this world is perfect but seeing what others think is wrong about it can usually indicate whether you think it is right or wrong for yourself.

sic figure mentors bbb

For a high ticket marketing platform, not being accredited with the BBB is not a good thing. Being an accredited business when your customers are going to be spending thousands of dollars with your is a good thing and adds a nice layer of trust.

Comments posted by a member of SFM in a forum:six figure mentor legit

SFM scam

You always have to take these comments and wonder if they are true. You cannot be 100% certain but when an entire forum thread is calling it a pyramid and marketing scam, it does start to make you think there is no real value to SFM

six figure mentors complaints


Is Six Figure Mentors a scam?

The training at SFM is not terrible and you can learn some great marketing techniques. That is if you can actually afford the high price tag on this program.

You will learn some very technical aspects of internet marketing and it can help you grow an existing internet marketing business.

Since the training at SFM is all based on learning how to promote SFM its self, many people label it as a scam and pyramid scheme.

To be an affiliate with SFM means you had to invest A LOT of money and that is a huge turn off when it comes to internet marketing. Affiliates online should never have to pay to partner as an affiliate.

Amazon doesn’t charge their affiliates a start up fee or a monthly membership fee because they understand affiliates are providing a valuable service that is going to make them more money!

I do not believe it is worth paying for SFM to learn internet marketing. There are a lot of other services online that will cost you much less. I definitely do not believe it is worth signing up and paying to become an affiliate for SFM.

I would save your money and find another platform that can teach you internet marketing.


Where I started

I started internet marketing from following a training course online. The training was not over priced and was very reasonable. Did not cost me thousands of dollars to actually learn how to affiliate market the right way.

My #1 Recommend Platform for beginners who want to learn affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. See my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

You can join for free as a starter member. You will have access to the first 10 lessons in the entrepreneur course. Also, WA will give you 2 free websites to start you off before you decide to buy a domain of your own.

Of course, their business is teaching people how to affiliate market online, so there is a premium membership. The premium membership costs only $19 the first month and is $49 every month after that. As you can see it is much more reasonable than SFM.

I would suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate over Six Figure Mentors based sheerly on the price.



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