sms phone leads reviewed

SMS Phone Leads – Does your marketing business need it?

SMS Phone Leads review

Name: SMS Phone Leads


Genre: digital marketing automation


SMS Phone Leads overview

With the sudden surge and development of online businesses, there comes a need for businesses, organizations and individuals to create smart ways to respond to prospects, queries, and leads. This need is even more pressing when it comes to businesses with so much traffic. SMS Phone Leads is exactly what it sounds like.

This website offers you the option to automate your phone conversations, responses and replies to clients and prospects while allowing you to keep a tab on other aspects.

On the home page, it has the claims of being the “secret mobile marketing weapon revealed” and “how to get the leads coming to you”. If you are experienced in digital marketing, you definitely would agree that a lot of businesses that sell products seem very convincing and even while they may not often deliver the exact product as expected, they sure do a good job at selling themselves.

In this review, we will take a look at the product being offered, explain the pros and cons and give you a chance to decide for yourself if it is actually legit or if SMS Phone Leads is a scam.


The product

Just like the name implies, SMS Phone Leads offers you the chance to bring automation and efficiency into your business by setting up recorded messages, pre-arranged text that gets sent after the set prompts and a few other benefits. Needless to say, this definitely fills a need in the marketing business as it could be difficult to keep track of all conversations and inquiries when your business begins to experience a surge in growth. The idea is to help you increase personal growth without increasing the amount of effort being put into it.

According to the website, there are 7 good reasons why you will love this program. They include;

  • Instant auto text message reply- This feature allows you to create automated voice messages and text pieces that are sent instantly when prospective clients or leads dial/text your phone lines.
  • 24-hour voicemail prospecting system- With automation, your prospects can receive information at any time of the day as information is delivered automatically.
  • Click call back for voicemail messages
  • Promote whatever you want
  • Easy setup…average set up time is less than 15 minutes.
  • Offline and online use
  • Screen and prequalify your prospects to save time.

There is no doubt these are really innovative and much-needed tools for a lot of businesses. With the cost it may take to hire customer care representatives to respond to client calls, an automated system sure sounds like a good idea.

When you register, you get your own personal number which you can use as business numbers and conduct all automation and settings on the website. It’s quite easy and straight-forward.


The good

Aside from all of the 7 reasons listed above, we can definitely agree that it would save cost to take up a new automated system that gets the job done and allows you to get high quality and serious leads that are ready to patronize you.


The bad

  • The first thing that one cannot help but notice is the degree of reliability. This means that, even when prospective clients are only asked to call for a particular query, people would definitely want to have access to other information which the recorded mails would not be able to provide seeing as that was not the purpose.
  • Another important point is the importance of a human element in business. This might only be suitable for large business seeing as a small business need to build up personal relationships and close contact by actual interaction in order to grow.


SMS Phone Leads support

The company offers a 24-hour support system where all your questions can be resolved quickly. Members are encouraged to send all emails of inquiries to or place a direct call to 330.787.7285. The company is based out of SALEM OHIO.


SMS Phone Leads price and affiliate programs

The program starts off with a one-time membership fee of $20. However, you may need to purchase additional text credits from $15-$50 assuming the bonus 100 text credits you are given is insufficient for the actions you want to perform.

You can also get additional phone numbers if you wish to run different campaigns and each of these come with a fee of $3 per month. It is important to state clearly that SMS Phone Leads does not charge a monthly fee for a single number and this is one of the features that differentiate it from its counterparts.

The affiliate program allows you to refer people to benefit from the system and gives you 100% commission on their sign-up fee.

This means that you get $20 for each member that signs up through you. The affiliate program is priced at $9.97 and allows you to earn extra while coordinating your leads.


My final opinion of SMS Phone Leads

There is no doubt a real opportunity here. Aside from being a good way to earn extra through the affiliate program, you can definitely utilize this tool to handle your numerous prospects. However, ensure that you consider the pros and cons as provided above before signing up. It is not a scam and definitely doesn’t require that you break the bank.



Online Marketing

If you are new to marketing and do not have a system where you might use SMS Phone Leads, then setting up your own online business would be very beneficial.

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