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Start an Online Business For Free

Starting your own business online is not as complex as it might seem. There are proven steps and strategies to use in order to have a business online. You can start your own business online for free. All of these steps are proven and I can show you were all of these are offered to train you.

  1. Find a niche and fill it.
  2. Build a website.
  3. Write Quality Content.
  4. Use search engines to build traffic to your website.
  5. Establish an expert reputation within your niche.
  6. Follow up with your customers with subscription emails.
  7. Increase your profits with back end sales and upselling.

You can start an online business for free by following these 7 steps. There is also a platform that will teach you each step in full detail. Starting a business requires education. Educate yourself on these 7 steps below and I will show you where to begin your online business for free.


1.) Find Your Niche

People make the mistake of creating a product before finding their niche. When you start online you want to find your niche first. All a niche truly is, is a group of people with a common interest. You can start with an interest you already have and build your online business around that niche.

  • You will want to start by going to different online forums and platforms that are related to that niche and see what people are saying. More importantly what questions are being asked about that specific niche. You can build your reputation by being the one who answers these questions.
  • You will also want to use a keyword search tool. You have an idea for your niche but you will need to see how much traffic you will be able to gain from that niche. A keyword search tool will allow you to type in the words or questions from that niche and see how much traffic there is, and how much or little competition there is online.
  • Visit competitors websites. You will want to watch the competition closely. As you see they make a mistake with their website, you can do it correctly on yours.


2.) Build a Website

Building a website for your business has never been easier. You do not need to have knowledge of coding or HTML to have a website for your business. You can have a free website up and running in under 5 minutes. You will want your website to be clean and simple.

  • Your website should have a content management system, something such as WordPress. WordPress is free.
  • Your website should be easy to use and navigate.
  • Your website should be fast.

There are other factors to consider when building your website, but those are the major factors. Yes, you will be able to build a website for free also.


3.) Quality Content

Your content is king. This is what will turn visitors into customers. There are a few things you will want to do with your content to make sure it is beneficial for your visitors and search engines.

  • Use interesting headlines.
  • Describe the problem you are solving in detail.
  • Show how it solved your own problems.
  • Show testimonials from other people.
  • Compare the product or service to others.
  • Make an offer.
  • Create a sense of urgency, maybe it is only on sale for a short while.
  • Ask for the sale.


4.) Use Search Engines

Your online business is only going to be successful if you learn how to use search engines for people to find you. You will want to make sure you are on the first page when someone searches for your keywords.

There are a few ways to do this. The free way is to use SEO which is search engine optimization which takes more time and effort from you. This is considered organic and more searchers will trust your website when you rank high with SEO.

The other way to become relevant in search engines is to use pay per click advertising. When someone searches in Google for “shoes” there is going to be ads at the top of the search engine results. This is a great way to make your website become visible in search engine results.


5.) Become an Expert

People are going to be searching for your niche. Provide your visitors with useful information for free. This is a great way to show people how you are an expert on the subject.

  • Create articles on your website. Create videos on Youtube or directly on your website for people to watch. Also, share your content on your social media pages.
  • You will also want to make sure your content is easily shareable. Add social media icons and buttons to your page for your visitors to either share your content or follow you on social media.
  • Hang out in forums that are about your niche. Provide answers to questions that people have or link them to your website where you have already answered their questions.


6.) Email Subscription

When you build your website you will want to add an opt-in subscription list for your users. This is a great way to stay connected with your visitors. You can share your posts or products with email marketing directly to your target audience who want to hear from you.

  • You will be building a great relationship with your customers.
  • You are providing your customers with something that they want.
  • You can measure the success rates of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing is more effective than advertising with TV, newspapers, or any other type of advertising because you are sending information to your specific market.


7.) Increase your Profits

If you are selling products directly on your website this is a great chance to sell a second or third product. When your customer goes to check out have a section below that shows what other people also purchased with this product or products that relate to the one they are already buying.

This is back-end selling and upselling and a great way to make more money from a single customer.


Where you can start your online business for free

All 7 of these steps for starting a business online are taught in one place. It is free to join and sign up to make sure the platform is right for you. There is an entrepreneur course program that is great for beginners. The courses are laid out with daily tasks you should complete. The tasks will have video walkthroughs and lessons to teach you how to do each task that day.

It is free to join and become a starter member. There is also a paid membership which offers a lot more and is great for people who are serious about building an online business.

wealthy affiliate membership what is offered

I started my online entrepreneurship with Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend everyone starts there too. All the information you need to learn and follow has been gathered into one place for you to follow.

Join Wealthy Affiliate



  1. Always wanted to start an online business, but always thought It took someone that was really good with computers. Wealthy affiliate looks like a good place to get started and learn about the whole online business. Usually I would be afraid to do this with all the scams out there, but wealthy affiliate seems to really teach you about how to start an online business. I am def looking forward to learning more.

    1. I can tell you Ralph it is not a scam. I started with Wealthy Affiliate and I am very happy I did. It is definitly not an overnight success story. It takes time to build a business but if you work hard and stay focused, soon enough you will have a great online business.

  2. Your article is very informative and helpful to someone looking to start an on-line business. It can be daunting and frightening at first, not knowing where to start, etc. Your article is very complete and should direct anyone with the appropriate steps when looking for an extra income stream online. Thank you!

    1. Dana,

      That is why I am here. To help others like yourself who are wondering how to start a business online. If you have questions or need help do not hesitate to ask!

  3. It took me a year to sign up with WA since I heard about it, but I always knew it was legitimate. The vast majority of online business programs found on Facebook are geared toward getting you to sell something and often times you don’t even know what you are selling, people are just buying into something and then trying to get others to buy into the same thing. For all the time spent trying to get people to buy into stuff like that I would say it is much easier to do some keyword research surrounding a particular niche and write a good article. This also gives you the chance to market stuff you are truly knowledgeable about and believe in.

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