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Stella & Dot Review- Trendy business opportunity review



Price: An upfront payment of $199 and a yearly membership fee of $59

Owners: Jessica Herrin


Stella & Dot Overview

Ever since its inception in 2003, Stella & Dot has seen enormous growth. Stella & Dot is an Inc. 500’s company founded by Jessica Herrin with the main purpose of selling jewelry and accessories at an affordable price through direct marketing.

The company is based in San Francisco, California. Stella & Dot also offers women the opportunity to work from home selling its products. In 2010, it established the Stella & Dot Foundation to inspire people to bring positive changes into the lives of women as well as the family.

Stella & Dot also make donations to various non-profit organizations such as Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, and provides aids in supporting military families through its Buy One, Gift One program. It has donated more than $2 million to nonprofit organizations to help support worldwide causes. The company also supports a year-round global charity partner called Every Mother Counts.


What does Stella & Dot sell?

Stella & Dot sells lots of fashion products ranging from unique jewelry, accessories, handbags to clothing for women. There are so many varied products that it may be almost impossible to go into details for each of them.

All of the items being sold are unique in one way or the other. It is not just many in numerical terms but in terms of designs and styles also. Most of these items are either under $50 or $100 with flat rate shipping costs as well as free returns.

Another option available on the store is the Shop For A Cause. This allows you to purchase items at a particular price; the company then donates the profits to a non-profit organization for a charity cause.


Is Stella & Dot a pyramid scheme?

Stella & Dot is not a pyramid scheme, it is in all respects a nice business outfit that you can profit from. Pyramid schemes do not sell any real products. They depend on money input from newcomers to pay their old members while Stella & Dot sells real products that people purchase and use.


How to make money from Stella & Dot.

To make money from Stella & Dot you have to become a stylist. The stylists are its representatives. To become a Stella & Dot stylist you have to purchase one of the 3 starter kits or the Trunk Show Essentials Kit. The first starter which is Kit 1 is priced at $199, while the second, Kit 2 is priced at $499, and the third kit, Kit 3 is sold for $699 and the last kit is the Trunk Show Kit which is also sold for $499.

Stella & Dot can even help you start an online business if that’s what you want. After purchasing any of the starter kits you will receive 50% off of any of your purchases for the first 30 days, your own personal customized website that will serve as your online shop, online business hub, an easy to use app and smart invitation templates.

You will also be provided with all the necessary digital marketing materials you will need to sell online along with training and coaching from other stylists in the community. You’ll receive 25% to 35% commissions from all sales. You can easily work from home and become your own boss.


Is there a minimum sales amount to remain active with Stella and Dot?

No, there are no minimums to remain active. This is one unique aspect of Stella & Dot that separates it from other multi-level marketing companies. You do not have to meet up with any sales benchmark per month to remain active.

However, you will have to meet up with some sales requirements in order to earn from your referrals.


What are Trunk Shows?

Like all other multi-level marketing companies, Stella & Dot organizes shows for marketing its products. These are called “trunk shows”. It’s good to participate in these shows, however, it is not compulsory or even all that necessary if you are very active on social media.

Social selling is very popular now and easy too. You can easily create a Facebook fan page and market your items. You can easily setup an “event” and invite people to it and as well as ask them to invite their friends – it’s very easy and convenient. It is also a huge plus as it allows you to sell out of your social circles and outside your local environs.

As a means of encouragement, persons who hold these shows for you will be paid up to 25% in your total sales in free Stella and Dot products. This is actually a good incentive for them.


The good and the bad of Stella & Dot

The good

  1. Work anywhere and at any time you like:

Stella & Dot provides you with a flexible work routine that you do at your own convenience. You do not have to meet the expectations of any boss because there won’t be any save yourself.

  1. You earn while doing what you like:

If you are passionate about fashion and considering how to start up your own fashion business, then Stella & Dot might probably be for you. It literally provides you with all the necessary means to earn while you are doing what you love at a very cheap startup cost.

  1. Its products are always trending

Considering the items being sold one can easily make sales with very little marketing skills. We all buy jewelry mostly because of beauty and not because of the marketing skills of the salesperson.

The Bad

  1. Sign up cost

You will have to pay an initial fee of $199 to start up. This is not bad when compared to other companies and considering that you are starting a new personal business.

  1. Yearly Renewal Fee

In order for you to remain a Stella & Dot stylist, you will have to pay a yearly renewal fee of $59.


My final opinion of Stella & Dot

There seems to be a real opportunity here with this company. Aside from being situated in a lucrative niche, there is a good market out there for the products being offered. If you feel you have the flair for this sort of business and can generate as much leads as possible then jump right in.

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