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stiforP Scam or Real Profits

stiforP Reviewstiforp scam

Company: Stiforp


Cost: $9.95 a month with $40 sign up fee

Rating: 20 out of 100


stiforP is Profits spelled backward.

Before you decide to join, I want to give you a review so you know what you are getting yourself into. This is an honest review for you to decide if stiforP is for you.

Businesses that you need to be cautious of from the beginning are Multi-Level Marketing companies. That is what stiforP is. You will be entering into a pyramid scheme.

What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

“A direct sales position involved in pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Profits will come from two types of selling. Direct sales generated by the salesman and sales from people who have been recruited into the downline of that salesman. Theoretically, a sales person will generate a larger income by recruiting a large sales force underneath them. Typically, this is referred to as downline.”

Not all MLM companies are a scam trying to rip you off and take your money. Some are credited and trusted with the Better Business Bureau.

That being said, can you make a living working for an MLM? Honestly, no. It is incredibly difficult to actually recruit enough people into the same scheme that you are working in.


How will you make money with stiforPstiforp review

This is stiforP’s earning structure from their website. This is how they are trying to recruit you into their scheme. It seems pretty easy to make that mark of $2,047.50 but think again.

You will be paid when someone enrolls under you. Your goal is to be a member with a rating of 5 stars. When you have 5 stars, you will be receiving higher enrollment fees for people who join your downline.

I have been studying and trying to figure out how they came up with the total earnings. How many people will you have to have enrolled under you at 1 star to reach $2,047.50? I cannot figure that out.

stiforP has over complicated their payment structure. When someone enrolls under you and is selling, you will receive a percentage of the profits that they made. The same goes for you. When you sell, someone above you receives profits from your work.


stiforP Productsstiforp MLM

When a scheme like this takes off, there is usually a product. It usually is a commodity that is hot in the marketplace. As for stiforP, they do not offer a stiforP product to be sold to consumers.

You will be buying online marketing tools to help launch your business. In reality, the tools you are paying for on a monthly basis are there to help you recruit more people.

As for MLM, the only way to actually make money is to recruit more people.

You will be selling people the idea to work for themselves.


stiforP Tools to Marketstiforp review

Flash Presentations

Video Spokesman

Lead Capture Pages

Auto Responder

Phone Burner

As you can see, the tools you are paying for on a monthly basis are only to recruit others into the program. These are not tools to start your own business or build a legitimate income. These are solely for the purpose of recruiting others.

Having these tools or your website created by stiforP is not going to help. There is no branding behind having a video spokesperson come out and speak. It is just going to be general talk to try to convince someone to join. There will be no discussion of key concepts to supplement your income.

Your website is going to be pre-made. Google and other search engines HATE pre-made websites. You will never be able to build traffic to your website when the cookies on your website conflict with Google’s terms and conditions.

All these tools are weak and poor. No legitimate company would offer these to their employees to generate more business online. It is bound to fail.


Price of stiforP

Your initial investment of $40 is not a ton to get started. There is also a monthly subscription fee to use all their marketing tools at $9.95, which is also not that bad.

This company does not charge a lot to begin, but there is no free trial to see if you’d be interested in the services they provide. You can take a free tour of their website. But obviously, they are only going to show you the best and try to sell you on their company.

The problem with MLM is that when you begin, you will start by targeting friends and family. Those are the easiest people to target and spam with signing up.

Working at a MLM is very problematic. Most people when they fall into these schemes quit very quickly. The only people who make money off the initial sign up are the people at the top. If you are not at the top, you will not make any money.


Verdict on StifoPscam

This company is legit. You will not be ripped off working at stiforP.

You will not make much money working for this company.

It may be a legit company but I do not recommend joining.

Being promised to make a fortune with a company is usually a tell-tale sign that there is no money to actually be made. The company is trying to trick you into their scheme.

You would be better off learning how to turn an interest of yours into a money making business online. It is not a get rich quick scheme and will take time and effort.

This is how I started online and if you want to follow in my footsteps and work along side me, then you can learn where I started. Click here to learn about where I started online.

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  1. Thank you for your review on stiforP. Truthfully, I think the name itself just doesn’t make sense and it is so difficult to even type it in as it is not really a common word. When I read from your review that it doesn’t really provide any product (other than some ‘products’ that is supposedly help you start your own business), red alarm bells just rang everywhere. I think you are being nice rating them 50 out of 100. I would definitely rate them as NO-NO.

    1. I gave them a lower rating than that. If the only product you offer is some tools to start a business than you are rated low by me.

  2. I am always looking to weed out the opportunities worth my time and the ones that would be a complete waste of time.

    Even though stiforP seems to be a legit company, the profit made doesn’t justified the time I foresee someone investing in the business model and time is money!

    Thanks Kurtis this review will definitely save me valuable time and I will look past this as a opportunity worth investing in!

    1. Yes unfortunatlly for this MLM company, I do not see anyone making a sustainable income. Most will join this MLM company and fail. It is just not a great company to be in business with. There are better options. You should try Wealthy Affiliate

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