Summer Jobs for College Students

summer jobs for college studentsAre you in college and want to make some extra cash this summer? How about a gig that will not only make you money throughout the summer but will also be able to make you money while you go back to school?

You can turn this gig into a full-time summer job that will not only make you money while you are on break from school but even once you go back to school, your website will be out there and still earning money.

I think that beats any job you can get throughout the summer. Are other jobs going to pay you even when you stop working?

Let me show you the best summer job for college students.


Start with what you love

Most jobs are just jobs to make money and not something you enjoy. That is sad, working a job you hate just to earn some extra money.

Well, I can show you how and where to start building your own business based on something you already love.

Isn’t that what we want out of life? To do what we love and be happy working on something we love?

how to make money online

When you decide to give up the rat race of working a job for someone else and building your own business on something you love, then you are free.

You can choose anything that you already love. Fitness, clothes, painting, books, movies, television, music.

The thing that you love most and are most interested in has a lot of other people who are too. Those people are on the internet searching for that love right now.

Wouldn’t you like to make money from something you love?


How it workswork for a college student

As you can see from the picture above it is a 4 step process.

The beginning is the easiest part, picking your interest and setting up your website. Websites are very easy to launch and add your own content.

The way you will attract visitors to your website is through search engines. You will learn how to get your website to rank #1 in Google and all the other search engines. You will learn how to do this with keywords based on your interest. That is what people are using to search.

The way you will make money is by recommending products that are related to your niche. You will have a special link and when a visitors clicks that link and purchases that product, you will be paid.

The more visitors to your website, the more people clicking your link, the more money you will make.

The best part is even when you head back to college, your website will still be online and you will still be making money. So work hard during the summer and cash will be rolling in while you’re in school!


How will your learn to do this

As college students, I think you understand lesson courses are a pretty good method of learning. You have to build on an existing lesson to learn the whole material.

That is exactly why this is the best summer job for a college student, lesson courses designed to teach you to make money online.

There are 2 different courses you can follow, both teach close to the same material but it is up to you which one you would like to follow.

Entrepreneur Certification Course

work for retirees

course outcomes at wealthy affiliate

This is the first lesson course. There are 5 more after the first. You will be earning as you learn. The more you learn the more you can earn.

Boot Camp

training for a new job

wealthy affiliate scam

This is the Bootcamp course that will teach you how to affiliate market for Wealthy Affiliate. Your website will be designed to promote WA. This is the route I have decided to follow. You can too.

Additional ways you will be trained

  • Video walkthroughs
  • Live classes
  • Training posted from other members
  • Blogs from other members
  • Webinars

There is a lot of material to help you be successful online. You will be working towards building something you love and enjoy. How do I know that? Because you are working on something that interests you.


Support to help you

Every college student knows there is support at school to help them. Whether it is a counselor or extra help with study groups.

This opportunity has more support than most colleges. That is what is amazing about this. There is unlimited help to make sure you succeed. All you have to do is ask.

  • There is website backup. If something goes wrong and your website goes down. There is a backup version of your website to help you.
  • There is website security. There is SSL. Which gives you the HTTPS which makes your website very difficult to be hacked or taken over from spam.

The owners of the platform Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson are there to help you. Those two gentlemen are constantly online and you can go directly to their profiles for help. Even when you post questions or blogs, they will interact with you to help you.

owners of wealthy affiliate

These two men are experts and will help you. I will also help you with anything you need too.

There is also a Site Support tab. This is where you go when you have technical questions that you need to have answered by a team of experts at Wealthy Affiliate

site support at wealthy affiliate

This is huge for someone who is new to working online. The people behind the site support are very prompt and will get back to you within minutes.

As you can see there is also a lot of other support options to help you.

The Site Manager will tell you the health related to your website.

your website health

As you can see all the details you need about your website will be posted here.

You can even request for comments on posts from other members or request feedback on your entire website from members.


What will it cost you

As all college students know, nothing is free. Tuition costs money, room and board, books, and just everyday expenses.

At least with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get able to test it out to see if you enjoy doing something you love.

There is a lot offered for free, but it is not as great as the paid membership.

Start members $0 – Premium members $19 the first month, $49 every month after. Cheaper than going to college still.

wealthy affiliate membership what is offered


Are you ready to start?college students summer jobs

If you start on your break from college during the summer, you can be making money even when you stop and go back to school.

That sounds like something you should at least try and see if you like it.

It is free to check it out and no you do not need to enter a credit card to try it out.

Create your free account

This is a great place to start. Try it out, test out the courses and if you like it then decide if you want to pay for the full membership.

Or you can read my review on wealthy affiliate and see everything else that is offered.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in a comment below!


  1. Hello again Kurtis,
    It was pretty hard for students to earn a living while studying because we don’t really need it last time but today, everyone could use the extra cash. If only I were to come across this article of yours back then when I was studying!

    I think starting an online business starting from the uni age is the thing for students because by the time they graduate, their websites would have grown in traffic and maturity. Did you manage start your site while you were studying too?

    1. Riaz,

      I started mine after college. When I was working full-time. I wish I had started sooner. Isn’t that always the case when you find something great, you wish you had started sooner.

  2. So like most people I want to know how much and fast I can make money. I am currently a college student who bounces around to different jobs every summer. I am always working for somebody knew each time I come home in May.

    All of the jobs I have done have simply just been to make enough money to last the year. They were not serious jobs that I would hope to move foreword with growing up.

    So how much money could I really make with Wealthy Affiliate? Because during those summer months the only thing I have on my mind is getting enough money that I can make it through the upcoming school year. How would Wealthy Affiliate work for me?

    1. Brad,

      Depending on how hard you work on your website you can earn quite a bit of money. Like I said earlier in the post, your website will always be up so you can be earning off of your website even when you go back to school. Which is great for you or any college student.

      If you are dedicated and put in the work in the summer you can make some great money. How much? that entirly depends on you.

  3. This does seem like a great strategy to earn money in the summer but I need a bit more convincing before giving up my vacation.
    Is there a specific product or service I could base my website on that would let me see results in the shortest time? I’d like to make those months effective AF since I know it won’t happen overnight. I just don’t want to plant the seed in the wrong kind of soil you know what I mean?

    1. Ryan,

      I understand competly, you want to start earning as quickly as possible. Well, I can help you with which seeds you want to plant and how effective they will be. Contact me on my profile. Kquick at WA. I can show you some of the most profitable niches with little competition.

  4. I think this would be perfect for my daughter as she enjoys browsing the internet looking for ways to make money. Might as well use the time effectively to put her mind into something and earn something back. I am going to get her to look at this when she gets home.

  5. Hi thanks for your post as it was really helpful for me! I currently am a college student and as it is holidays in my place, I have always been very free and thinking of how I can better utilise my time. I am thinking about starting WA and I want to know what challenges are along the way?

    Best Regards,

    Kai Ferng

    1. Kai,

      I think you will benefit from starting with WA. It is not a get rich quick system so there are real challenges. The learning and putting what you learn into practice will not be difficult. The hardest part is generating traffic to your website. It takes time for Google and other search engines to trust your website. When search engines trust your website, you will rank on the first page of the search engine results. That is how you will make your money!

      If you need help or have more questions just let me know!

  6. Talking about summer jobs for college students is a really important subject for many people. A lot of students are looking for tangible jobs as they say 🙂
    What they mean by tangible job is working in the cafe or restaurant and get paid by the hour + some tips. Nothing wrong about it.
    But what they really missing that their job could be really tangible by working from home (or from anywhere for that matter) on their computer.
    The thing is that young people want everything here and now. But developing an online business requires some time investment.
    When time comes – they will get it.

  7. Would really love to know more about this opportunity: is it something you can do part-time and still earn some money? I do have an idea of what I would like to promote. I would definitely want to pay for a Premium membership if it can help me grow my business but only when I’ll make enough money to afford it. Can I really learn how to make my website profitable without paying for the Premium? Thank!

    1. Carolyn,

      If you have the knowledge and understand keywords, content creation, and SEO then as a free member you will be able to make money online. It can be part time but in order for it to grow you need to work hard at it. There in an unlimited income potential to having your own business online.

      If you don’t know or don’t have the skills needed to accomplish that, then paying for the premium membership which is not very expensive is a great way to acquire those skills needed.

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