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Tai Lopez Scam – Is Tai Lopez a Scam Artist?

tai lopez scam artistWe have all seen Tai Lopez, he has ads running all over the place. If you have tried to watch a video on Youtube, there is a very good chance you have seen Tai Lopez preaching he knows the keys to success.

Tai Lopez does not claim to know the secrets to success in business but in all the major areas of life wealth, health, love, and happiness. That is a pretty bold claim and a major red flag. How does one man know all the secrets to all the important aspects of life?

Tai Lopez does have deep pockets, to be able to spend millions of dollars to run your advertisements across multiple platforms, you have to have some serious cash. So, he knows all the secrets to success for our lives and only wants to charge a small amount to learn to live like he does. Sure seems like a scam to me.

A common theme with a scam and scam artists is the way they portray themselves, as for Tai Lopez he is always speaking just outside his mansion or walking us through his garage filled with expensive cars.

It can be hard not to be duped into thinking this man knows what he is talking about, but he is just trying to scam us out of our money.

Hmmm, health, wealth, love and happiness. It is very easy to believe this scam artist has the answers when he is living the good life with a Lamborghini in his garage.

tai lopez scamming people with cars









Can we actually get a taste of the good life following Tai Lopez’s system? Or is he just trying to scam millions of people to buy himself more exotic cars?

He likes to preach continuing education through reading. I do not disagree, I believe in the same exact thing, reading books is a great way to expand your mind and the way you see the world.

I have looked over some of the books in the video posted above. They are more “fun” reads rather than anything. Titles like…

  • Rock and Roll
  • Hell Riders
  • When God Talks Back
  • A Colder War
  • The End of Food
  • Blood and Thunder
  • In the Garden of Beasts

Not exactly how these books are supposed to help you achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness.


Tai Lopez’s Background

Tai Lopez is no doubt a scam artist.

Tai Lopez used to be an insurance salesman who purchased a group of dating sites. From his Linkedin profile, he fails to ever mention he owns these dating websites. Don’t you think a successful entrepreneur would be happy to boast about bringing people together?

He preaches he has the answers for love but why are there so many complaints about his dating websites?

tai lopez scam complaints






tai lopez scam complainttai lopez scam artist








For someone who claims to know how to change your love life, this seems like a real fraud claim. He was ripping people off using fake profiles and continuing to charge them. No wonder he has made millions, people could not cancel their membership!

Tai Lopez never mentions he is the CEO of Elite Global Dating LLC. All of the complaints above are about websites he owns.

Websites Tai Lopez owns:

  • ModelPromoter.com
  • TaiLopez.com
  • ModelMeet.com
  • EliteMeeting.com
  • MillionaireLifeCoach.com
  • MillionaireManagementSystem.com
  • MeetingMillionaires.com
  • FindaDate.com
  • OneInAMillionMan.com
  • DateTallMen.com
  • EliteMeet.com

These were all clearly scams. Scamming people into paying for a fake dating website. How did these websites have fake profiles? Well, According to ModelPromoter.com’s Terms and Conditions:

By creating a profile on ModelPromoter.com you grant ModelPromoter.com the right to use your profile and all of its content on other ModelPromoter.com owned and operated websites.


ModelPromoter.com is a legit website but was using the profiles of real models to scam people into becoming paid members on dating websites. Do you think Tai Lopez is a scam or does he still know ways to bring love into your life?

Here is Tai Lopez’s Linkedin Profile summary. You can see for yourself that he does not want the general public to know about his fraudulent dating websites.

Tai Lopez is a con














Tai Lopez scam












Additional Info on Tai Lopez:

According to ZoomInfo.com, Tai Lopez’s expertise is in the fixed life insurance department.

I felt very comfortable talking to Tai about our life insurance needs. Other life insurance brokers/agents I had spoken with gave me “pressure advice” – ie “you really should get this type of insurance”. Tai just explained all the life insurance options he had available, and offered advice when I asked him specifics about the different types of insurance. No pressure, just explanations. Tai empowered my husband and I to make the right decision for us regarding our life insurance. I will definitely tell my family and friends about Tai and the Legacy Life Group.

Tai is an expert salesman. There is no denying that. But, that is all this man is, a salesman.


Tai Lopez Products

Tai Lopez offers his followers the 67 Steps to getting anything you want out of life. This includes the areas of wealth, health, love, and happiness.

It is a subscription product that costs you $67 a month.

The 67 steps program includes:

  • Videos of Tai Lopez speaking
  • Life coaching calls
  • book of the day recommendation
  • other types of bonus content

Tai Lopez is just an internet marketer. He is not a self-help guru like Tony Robbins. He does sound like a very knowledge person with a bright mind. But, all he truly is, is a salesman. He is a marketing expert who has mastered sales. He is getting people to buy into his scam of having the best out of life. You can watch his videos on Youtube and find very useful and knowledge information for free. There is no need to pay a month fee to hear Tai Lopez speak.

There are no such thing as 67 steps to wealth, health, love, and happiness.

Tai Lopez is a scam artist playing on people’s desires to better themselves. You will not find any system or formula to greatness. It is all about your own dedication and desire to better yourself.

Some of his tips will help you grow as a person but they will not bring you the four things he promises. This is a scam.


Tai Lopez Scam Conclusionis tai lopez a scammer

I believe Tai Lopez is a scam artist running a 67 steps scam. He is using symbols of wealth with fancy cars and homes to show you what you can achieve. This is a complete scam tactic. All Tai Lopez is, is an insurance salesman who purchased a group of dating websites and is now selling a program with ridiculous claims. He states that he has found mentors that have helped show him the way to living a successful life. I do not think any multimillionaire or billionaire would say working at GE Capital as an insurance salesman is a way to financial freedom.

Tai Lopez is a scam and I would avoid this at all costs.

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  1. Honestly this isn’t that hard to believe. Most people who flaunt their wealth usually have the most to hide about how they got it. They huff and puff and make you believe whatever they want you to believe. If someone lies to you enough you eventually start to believe the lie, especially if it’s a grand one. It’s called “gaslighting” I think? But anyway a lot of this info is new to me. I couldn’t believe what I was reading about all of those dating websites he own. Makes me wonder though… who else made it big doing this. You’d be surprised about the number of people who are.

  2. Hey,
    Ahhh yes, Mr.Tai Lopez with 3 free tips which will make me rich overnight! (That’s what he claimed in the first video I saw him in anyways)
    Thank you for sharing and spreading this information – he is definitely a con artist and as far from his exotic cars can we get the better! Some of my good friends unfortunately got caught up in his scams and they lost a good bit of money.
    Keep up the good work,

    1. JT,

      I am sorry to hear about your friends. Glad to know you did not get caught up in his bullshit. Yeah, I have seen that and now he has switched his tune to… “it’s not overnight but success will come from my steps”. I cannot stand con artists.


  3. OH man! I knew it, but I wasn’t so sure. Now I am definitely sure. He just seems so dishonest in his tactics. I am glad to know that I am right to avoid Tai Lopez scams at all cost!

    Thank you.

    1. Kameron,

      When he speaks in his Youtube videos he is selling an idea. He is a master at deception. Great salesman. But do not sign up for his program. There is no benefit from doing so.

  4. I have the 67 steps and it’s a great program! It doesn’t claim that you will become successful if you simply listen to the program. What it does is that it changes your mindset towards success if you apply it. I’ve learned a lot from him.

    However his background with the dating sites is disturbing. People do stupid things sometimes and maybe that’s what happened and he changed? I checked out the links of the website he owns which you listed and only 2 still exist. The rest don’t.

    I still watch some of his videos on his Youtube channel and while he has great content, it does put me off how he “buys” his subscribers with lots of giveaways (free cars, Mac laptops, etc) in exchange for people to follow all his social media accounts.

    1. The 67 steps are claiming to help you get health, wealth, love, and happiness, I think that is false claims, Vanessa.
      Those sites were taken down. But that does not change the fact he was using those websites to scam people who were looking for LOVE!
      I think when you finally see through his salesmanship and all his BS, you will realize he is scamming a lot of people.

  5. Wow, I love watching people just talk a whole load of BS. Thanks for sharing the video. I was quite entertained by Mr Lopez. I mean, that speech was amazing but seriously once he started to talking to me about the magic ‘three steps’ I was like yeah sounds a lot like the magic beans I need to plant for my giant beanstalk.
    Thanks for the review.

  6. Hi Kurtis,

    Never having heard of this sleazy individual named Tai Lopez it should be a red flag for anyone that he is seen driving a fancy Lambroghini, as depicted in the photo image in your article and who promises everyone that if he/she works just as hard and “believes” in Lopez’ fraud system then he/she too can own such a car.

    All it takes is thorough research done on the Internet before giving that con artist even one penny. The Internet makes it highly probably that someone, somewhere who has been a victim of one of Tai Lopez’ b.s. ventures has let the online world know to stay away from this creep.

    Really I truly believe that it lies with the fault of naive people in the world who, failing to do their homework and also blinded by the possibilities in earning a lot of $$$$ online that a slime bag like Tai Lopez still peddles his junk on the Internet.

    For a fact no person is an expert on so many varied subjects as Lopez’ claims to be; something that you so adroitly pointed out in your article, Kurtis.

    This guy will disappear just like others that have come before him when everyone stops falling for his bogus schemes.

    Thank you for warning others, sir!


    1. Jeff,

      Tai Lopez is huge with Youtube and Instagram. Most of the subcribers that he has are not doing their research into him. They see the life he lives and think that they can follow him. But, he made it there by doing things that are not always the most ethical.

      I agree with you. Someone like Tai Lopez will not be around forever once everyone realizes that type of person he really is. I hope more people start to come to their senses and save their money instead of buying into this guys programs.

  7. ALL this social media figures before trying to pich any of their latest course/event/seminar/program/coaching or whatever .

    They SHOULD put all of their companies SEC Filings and their Taxes publicly.

    Does him ever posted publicly official government reports? NOPE.

    and even with that… there is a lot of manipulation with the creative accountants and auditors of wall street that is fucking disgusting how the game works.

    Basically Tai Lopez is a liar makes money from ignorant idiots. And as long as he disclaims everything, he can say whatever the hell he wants without any legal repercussion.

    If a business guru is not wiling to show his Taxes and SEC Filings, all of them are full of crap and you should run away from this trash.

    Hope that helps getting ripped off by this crappy lyars.

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