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The Conversion Pros – What’s inside?

The Conversion Pros Review

Name: The Conversion Pros

Website: www.theconversionpros.com

Founder: David Dubbs


The Conversion Pros is a training membership site aimed at lead generation services. It is owned by David Dubbs and packed with a wide variety of tools that members can use to drive traffic to their businesses. The Conversion Pros has a wide variety of affiliate marketing tools and multi-level marketing tools packed together in the same package. The current idea is that that they offer real leads that will lead to an offer for you or a purchase, in this case, multiple purchases, of your products.

The name itself means that these leads will be turned into conversions for you. Put simply, The Conversion Pros offer lead generation tools guaranteed to turn such leads into conversions and also training tools for members who are expected to be either affiliate or multi-level marketers or anyone looking to drive traffic to their business.

If you are new to the business opportunity of Conversion Pros but are wondering how to get started online. This program here is a great place to start and learn the fundamentals of online affiliate marketing.

The good

  1. The business opportunity does not require you to recruit downlines
  2. The site is packed with an enormous amount of training and tools
  3. All the tools you need to get traffic and create profitable sales funnels are in one place

The bad

  1. The marketing tools presented are advanced in nature and not recommended for people just stepping into the internet marketing world
  2. The package comes with a lot of learning to do to actually use it
  3. It is expensive for anyone just starting out

Who is it for?

The Conversion Pros is targeted at internet marketers and multi-level marketers or anyone whose business can only be sustained by leads generation. This way, the conversion pros can be useful for almost any kind of business looking to increase its customer base or at least its traffic.


Business Tools and Training

The Conversion Pros comes with a guarantee that you will be receiving fresh leads in your market because of its unique tools. But you are not going to be exposed to the tools alone. You are also going to receive solid training on how to make use of the tools as you go. There are also marketing videos teaching you the basics and step by step training for newbies. Also, the founder, David Dubbs, broadcasts a weekly live webinar training where he teaches members everything they need to know about using the conversion pros tools.

These tools are twelve in number although new ones are added each month as announced on the website. They include the email auto-responder, the capture page creator, lead autodialer, voice message broadcaster, mobile website creator, text message (sms), blog creator, url rotator, invoice creator, qr code creator and the marketing videos.


These tools are obviously very useful marketing tools, and what’s more? There is a 30 days’ refund policy so you can get refunded if these are not what you are looking for or if they are not working for you. However, they are great and you can build something really nice within a few hours of using them. Perhaps the biggest advantage or usefulness of the conversion pros tools is that everything you need is in one place and so even if you are clueless about affiliate marketing or leads generation, a first look at the tools will educate you on all that you need to generate leads successfully. They also contain options that make them easy to use even though they are advanced marketing tools such as the simplicity of the editing options and the wide array of templates available to choose from.


Compensation Plan

To have access to the wide array of marketing tools provided by the Conversion Pros, you must first be a member. This membership will, however, cost you $50 every month although you can choose the other payment options, all of which happen to be outside the budget of a new online entrepreneur and not affordable at all.


However, you can get free memberships on months when you refer three people. As these people pay their membership fees of $50, you get yours for free. You also earn a referral commission of $10. This means that you can make money with the conversion pros if you use their referral system to invite lots of people.


Final Opinion

The Conversion Pros is an authentic site with very valuable tools and a well-structured target audience. So, it is not the type of system that is fishing around for how to make money with nothing to sell. Affiliate marketers will find that using the conversion pros package means that they do not have to keep on searching for more tools to generate leads to their business. However, the company charges $50 per month which is much and on the high side considering that many of the tools are readily available on the internet for free.

Also, even though David guaranteed that the packages will lead to the much needed traffic and leads, this may not always the case. Some of the tools might just do the opposite such as the auto voice message dialer that may become a nuisance to your potential lead if he happens to be in a situation that he cannot pick it up.

However, the training they offer will get you creating very good sales funnels within minutes. For newbies, this may not be a good place to start because the ideas are advanced and may just end up confusing. Also, if money is a concern for you, then you are better off trying some of the free alternatives to the conversion pros packages. The tools provided by the Conversion Pros are advanced marketing tools that affiliate and MLM marketers who have had some experience will find useful.

If you are looking for an alternative, I highly suggest checking out this program here.

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