the digital elites review

The Digital Elites – Don’t Believe the Hype!

The Digital Elites Review

When a new make money product starts to circulate online, the main question everyone has is it a scam?

The question we are out to answer is, is The Digital Elites system another make money scam?

In this review of The Digital Elites we will cover how it is promoted, who owns it, the price, and the training offered.

The Digital Elites scam? We will find out.


Quick Overview of The Digital Elites

Product: The Digital Elites


Owner: Chuck Nguyen

Price: $47

Industry: Internet marketing


What is the Digital Elites about?

The Digital Elites is an online program that is going to teach you internet marketing. This program is designed as a “done-for-you” program that all you have to do to is implement the strategies to begin gaining traffic and earning commissions.

The Digital Elites is a very hyped program that claims to be able to teach affiliate marketing to someone who has ZERO experience and be able to help them earn close to $300 a day.

Sometimes when it sounds too good to be true it usually is… Which brings us to how is it being promoted?


Claims being made by the Digital Elites program

The sales video from The Digital Elites program is very over hyped with the claims of making big bucks every single day.

If you watched it, you probably heard Chuck saying you can earn $25, 50, 100, and even $1,000 in commissions by following this program. (having an understanding of internet marketing, I can tell you that this is a false claim and over hyping a product.)

Chuck says he is qualified to help you build a $10,000 business online. When a program is using huge claims of income, it is usually a tell-tale sign of a scam.

The Digital Elites claims that it is a “done-for-you” money system. That means the system is all setup for you and is gong to do 99% of the selling for you.

Internet marketing is never that simple. You cannot copy someone’s money system and expect it to work for you. You will never make $10,000 a month that way. You have to learn and implement strategies but do it in your own way.


Who owns The Digital Elites system?

The owner of The digital Elites system is Chuck Nguyen and his partner Andy Luong.

In the sales video of The Digital Elites, Chuck says that he started internet marketing in 2012. Within the first year, he acquired over $100,000 in debt. BUT, that is when he finally figured out the real secret to internet marketing and now wants to teach it to you.

Chuck also opens his PayPal account and shows us his 2016 income and it is over $400,000. That is the thing with whiteboard sales videos, it is very easy to fake something like that.

After spending some time on Chuck and Andy’s website, “”, you get the feeling that they are far from experts on internet marketing.


What’s inside the Digital Elites?

If you decide to join The Digital Elites, you will have access to 9 modules.

the digital elites review

Within the 9-step system, all the training are downloadable in PDF format for you to also have references to follow along too.

The main components of this system are:

  1. Autopilot marketing system
  2. High-quality traffic
  3. Email marketing
  4. Community and mentoring
  5. High ticket commissions

The claim is that all of this is done for you, except the high-quality traffic.

There is not much detail on the high ticket commissions but Chuck does reassure of that you can hire him and he will close sales for you!

So you buy Chuck’s program, The Digital Elites, and then you also hire Chuck to close sales for you.

Hmm.. seems like Chuck has found a good way to make money off of you.


Support offered by The Digital Elites

Chuck seems confused about the support that is actually offered by his program.

The first claim is that once you ask for help or need support, you will have it within 5-10 minutes. But, Chuck later goes on to say that he handles all the support himself for a hands-on approach.

Does that mean Chuck is around 24/7 to offer help and support?

Seems like if you get stuck, you are going to be sitting, waiting, and wishing someone would help you.


The price of The Digital Elites

There is no free trial when it comes to this program. That is something to watch out for, no free trial online means you very well could be getting ripped off.

To buy this program it costs $49.

Remember, if you want to actually close sales of $25, 50, 100, or $1,000 there is a good chance you are going to have to hire Chuck.

You will also need to remember that there are other things you will need to buy.

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Autoresponder
  • Keyword research tool
  • and a few other things


A better option

Chuck and The Digital Elites system are clearly using false income claims to help sell this subpar product. I would save your money.

There is a much better internet marketing program that actually has the track record to prove it has created thousands of internet entrepreneurs.

You won’t be following someone’s “done-for-you” system, but rather building your own business online from any niche you want. Learn more about this program here.

This program (Wealthy Affiliate) is the right place to be for a beginner as no one is going to lie to you and tell you it is easy and all you have to do is copy their system to make $10,000 a month.

Wealthy Affiliate actually offers a lot more than The Digital Elites for the same exact price.

As you can see, for the same price, WA is a better option. You can also try for free. Click the green button above to create a free account.


Conclusion on The Digital Elites

Is the Digital Elites a scam? In my opinion, Yes I think it is.

I think the overhyped sales video is a sign of a scam.

A system where you have everything done for you is another sign of a scam. You can never make money by having a “done-for-you” system.

I would avoid buying the Digital Elites, as there are a lot of other programs online that can offer better training and not lie to you through their sales videos.

To learn more about my #1 recommended online program, click here.

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