The Ultimate Instagram Growth Guide

How to get more followers on Instagram

how to get more followers with instagramIn 2 months time, I have grown an Instagram accounts from 0 to over 5 thousand. Every day my account continues to grow and gains 60-100 followers every day.

I am going to show you how to get more followers with Instagram, this is the same exact growth strategy that I use daily. But before that, you need to understand a few rules to make sure your account does not get locked in Instagram jail or banned.

The last thing you want is your Instagram account to break the rules and not be able to like, comment, follow, or unfollow.

As no one can say for 100% certain these are the exact regulations but these are going to be general rules that will keep your account safe from being banned.


General rules to follow

I do not want my account to ever get banned and the last thing I want is for you to get your account banned. Instagram has never publicly stated these rules but there have been people who have tested these regulations.

On a daily basis, you can follow 1,000 accounts. Going over this limit could temporarily prevent you from following accounts again for 24 hours. Multiple temporary blocks could prevent you from following for days, weeks, or months. As no one is 100% sure how long the block will last because Instagram has never released their rules on these violations.

Here are some general guidelines people have discovered that will keep your account from being temporarily blocked.

  • Every hour you can follow/unfollow 160 accounts.
  • Every hour you can like 350 pictures.
  • The comment limit every hour is unknown.

If you have a brand new account, you must let your account age or else it is going to look very spammy by Instagram if you just go in and follow 1,000 accounts on your first day.

My suggestions for someone who is starting out is to post around 10 pictures over 1-2 weeks. During that time frame, I would suggest you only follow around 100 accounts per day. Once, your account has matured then you can up the followings you do on an hourly basis to 160 and never more than 1,000 a day.


It all starts with what you are sharing

The pictures and videos that you share on Instagram are going to be what draws people into either follow your account or not. You want to be consistent with your page theme as this is going to be visually pleasing for your followers.

  • Use the same filter on your posts
  • Use a black and white style
  • A checkered style to your posting
  • You can even use a giant square posting style
theme style for instagram
White Posting Style
grow your instagram
Black Posting Style
same filter on instagram
Same Filter Posting
account style for instagram
Checkered Posting

You need to find a posting style that is going to fit in with your niche audience on Instagram. When you know the posting style you want, be consistent. This will lead to more people looking at your account and deciding to click follow.

You need to ask yourself based on what you are sharing, would you click follow?


The hashtag strategy

Hashtags are a great way for people to find your profile and pictures you are sharing. The idea behind this hashtag strategy is for your post to be featured as one of the nine top posts for that specific hashtag. You want your pictures to be seen by as many people as possible.

For every post, you can use 30 different hashtags. Some people prefer to either put those hashtags in the description of the post, while others prefer to put hashtags as the first comment. I prefer adding hashtags as the first comment on a post.

This hashtag strategy is based upon the number of likes you receive per post. As your account grows this hashtag method will need to evolve to reach more people.

  • Less than 100 likes per post. Your hashtags should have competition between 50,000 – 100,000
  • 100 – 200 likes per post. Hashtag competition should be between 100,000 – 200,000
  • 300 – 400 likes per post. Hashtag competition should be between 250,00 – 400,000
  • 500 – 600 likes per post. Hashtag competition should be between 450,000 – 600,000
  • 700 – 800 likes per post. Hashtag competition should be between 650,000 – 800,000
  • 900 – 1,000 likes per post. Hashtag competition should be between 850,000 – 1,000,000
  • Over 1,000 likes per post. Once you are over 1,000 likes you can broaden your hashtags to competition between 1 – 5 million.

What do I mean by competition?

Instagram will show you the exact amount of times a hashtag has been used that day. If you go to search then click tags and type in a hashtag such as #quotes, you will see that tag has been used 37,000,000 million times.

If you look at the top posts for hashtags that have been used millions of times, you will see those accounts usually get thousands of likes per picture. If you use the tags when you are starting out, your account will not be a featured top 9 post.

You would have to use a longer version of that word. Such as #quotesandsayings which has about 300,000 different accounts using it. You are much more likely to be a top 9 post in this case.

For example. A recent posting I did.

grow your instagram

Clicking the hashtag #hustlehard, you will see this.

hashtags with instagram

As you can see, that post has been able to become one of the top 9 posts. That is the goal with every hashtag you use.

Of course, not as many people are searching for that hashtag but when they do, you want to make sure your post is there and are much more likely to have someone click it, like it, and then follow you.

These are general hashtag rules. Following these is not going to always be 100% the most effective but is going to help you go from 0 to 5k to 10k and up. This is a purely organic method.


Accounts you should follow/unfollow

You can follow up to 1,000 accounts per day. This method will work because some people will follow you back. But, it all depends on who you are choosing to follow in the first place.

You need to understand your account and the niche of your account. You will want to follow the big accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers in your niche. I would suggest you follow the people who enjoy the pictures shared by the big accounts. Those people are going to be much more interested in what you are also sharing since you are in the same niche.

Click on who liked a recent picture that was shared and follow up to 160 accounts per hour. Give these people a couple of days to follow you back. If 48 hours goes by, I would unfollow those accounts as they are not interested in following you. There are plenty of apps and tools to do this.

For example, if you have a fitness Instagram account, you will want to follow people who enjoy fitness motivation pictures and quotes.


The most important part of growing your Instagram account

Instagram is not all about you.

You want your followers and other people to engage on your posts by liking and commenting. When you are under 10,000 followers you need to be actively engaging with your followers.

You should be liking the pictures of your followers. If there is a picture in your timeline, double tap it. When you engage with someone else’s pictures, they are far more likely going to engage with yours.

The best way to build a loyal following is by being a loyal follower to all of your followers. When you get a new follower, head over to their page and like some of their pictures. Don’t be afraid to find your favorite post and tell them. Leave that person a comment and tell them, “I love this post.” or “my favorite picture.” It is genuine since that actually is going to be your favorite picture that they have shared.

Instagram and all social media platforms are not all about you. If you want to grow, be a loyal follower to others and they will become loyal to you as your account grows.



This is been my, how to get more followers with Instagram strategy. I know, there is a lot of information out there but as you can see and check out my Instagram account, I have had some serious growth in a very short amount of time.

My account is @alpha.entrepreneur

By the time you read this, my account should have grown bigger.

If I have missed something or you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you are looking to start an online business check out my #1 Recommended Platform.


  1. This article has very little relevancy now that the Instagram algorithm has changed. Good luck following those 160 accounts per hour now.

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