is thin air profits a scam

Thin Air Profits Review – Is it a scam?

Name: Thin Air Profits


Price: $9.99

Owner: James Renouf and Shane Nathan


Thin Air Profits Overview

This is probably one of the most click bait names for a product. Thin Air Profits is a program that offers you a course on how to make money using a stable and lucrative means.

From the sales video of the program, there is not a lot of information given as to what the product actually contains other than the idea that you could easily start making three figures in one day without a lot of effort. Usually, when sales videos

Usually, when sales videos provide vague information with really big promises, it is best to be on the lookout for shady activities as it usually ends in a lot of hype and publicity with no validity to the claims.

Thin Air Profits was created by James Renouf and Shane Nathan on September 11th, 2016 and comes with a warning of an imminent rise in price. Needless to say, this has been a tactic employed by a lot of internet marketers in the past and it has proven effective to create a rush in patronage as everyone would like to “get in on it” while it’s still cheap.

However, regardless of how attractive the name sounds and how much promise is been made, it is important that we take a critical look at what this program offers and decide if it is an amazing business opportunity. This is what we will cover in this Thin Air Profits review giving you the option to decide if it truly lives up to its name.


What does the program contain exactly?

Even with the lack of elaborate information in the sales video. Those who enroll for Thin Air Profits will find that the program is actually a PDF guide that consists of 24 pages of text all compiled with a few pictures and illustrations included.

The first few pages starts-off with your typical sales pitch of how revolutionary the idea contained in the program is and how everything in the world has gone mobile.

On getting to the actual content, the program then begins to elaborate on the main idea. It introduces an app called busker and explains that members can make money from this app just by posting videos and getting people to pay.

According to the guide, Busker is an app that provides a platform where users can generate their own personal content for the viewing pleasures of others and have people either like the video content or even pay you actual money through PayPal if they want. After watching a video, viewers are presented with an option to pay you ranging from $1, $3, $5, $10 or even $20.

This seems quite easy, right? Download an app from Google play store, (the guide comes with a download link) create and share videos and sit back while you receive lots of donation. But when you begin to question why people will want to pay you for something they have already accessed for free then the illusions of quick wealth begins to fall apart pretty fast.

In an attempt to sell the idea further, the authors have insisted that crowd funding is a good example of cases where people pay without getting anything in return and that the app is set to take off in a similar model.

The app also comes with an option that allows you to sell stuff from your profile ultimately giving it a potential for commercial purposes. It rounds up with more hype about the huge potential of the app and how individuals could use it to not only make money but to also monetize their audience on other social media.


The good

1.) It capitalizes on the use of social media as a means to earn. This has proven to be an effective means of earning in the past and has created a high potential for earning in the future if met with the right publicity and acceptance.

2.) The program is relatively cheap. Which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise seeing as all you have to do is to download an app from the play store and follow the instructions.

3.) Users who already have a large fan base on some of the most popular social media networks can use the app to monetize their audience by doing the same thing they do on these other networks for free and getting paid without even asking.


The bad

2.) The tech world is hard to break into and new apps find it hard to get any publicity, this means that there needs to be a great deal of investment, and advertisement made before the idea can reach its full potential.

3.) There is no guarantee that you’ll be making lots of money through this app and it may turn out to be just another app that never made it out.


Who is Thin Air Profits for?

The earning model is specifically designed for those who are always on the lookout for “easy ways to make money online”.

Aside from reading the initial 25-page guide, it all seems pretty easy as it only requires you to use an app and create some video content-the same thing you would do on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

However, one must remember to create content that people want to actually see as that is the only way to build a large following which translates to great sales.


Thin Air Profits price

The product which is the PDF guide is advertised on the business website at a price of $9.99 from a slashed price of $27. However, reports have shown that the price has always been at $9.99 and this “discount” is only to attract visitors to purchase the package while it “remains low”. The idea is that this initial investment could turn around and begin to yield over $600 daily without having a product of your own.


My final opinion of Thin Air Profits

Thin Air Profits seems to have proposed a very legitimate and original business idea that could become a trend in the nearest future. While people who buy the guide may not be able to immediately achieve the three figure daily benchmark that the program promises, it is not a scam by any means. It is, in fact, a creative way to publicize a new social media and it seems the creators are having a great time and making money from that.

However, the guide makes it look extremely easy to just post a video and watch the money roll in and if that is the idea you have in mind then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. There’s no immediate buzz around the app just yet and whether or not the course comes through on its promise depends on how many people begin to use the app and participate in the paying process. Until then, it is simply another upcoming social media and a great way to catch fun.


I highly suggest for anyone who wants to make money online to take a look at my #1 recommended program.

You will learn how to start your own business online from a training course and will have tons of support & help along the way.

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