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Threads Worldwide Review – Bringing change to the world?

Name: Threads Worldwide

Owners: Angela Yost, Lindsay Herron, and Kara Kiegand.


Location: United States of America.


Threads Worldwide Review

A social enterprise is a business approach that enables entrepreneurs to generate tangible income while at the same time making a social and economic impact. This business model identifies social problems either locally or globally and sets about finding solutions to them. Three women with the intent to help women in developing countries get a better standard of living and particularly raise female entrepreneurs in developed countries to be of help to these underprivileged women while at the same time earning income started a social enterprise called: Threads Worldwide.

Threads Worldwide was birthed in the heart of Kara Kiegand (Threads Worldwide CEO) after she audited a graduate class course termed “Global Social Entrepreneurship.”  She collaborated with two other friends to co-found the company and they started helping artisan women in third world countries market their works and to have a steady stream of income.

They partnered (and still do) with artisan cooperatives in these countries, exporting quality and unusual jewelry to the USA and by so doing give these women the opportunity to earn, feed well, contribute to their families’ wellbeing, stay off the street and get better healthcare.

Basically, Threads Worldwide sells jewelry, accessories, and bags, not just plain commodities but handcrafted ones. It operates a fair trade system and sees itself as “creating life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry “so as to “show the world how to shop with heart.” Let me break down what fair trade means, it prescribes that the goods of producers from developing countries are exported at higher prices from them so that their social and economic condition can improve.

This is the story Threads Worldwide sells to people who seek to be part of the company. It raises the consciousness that social impact and profit-making can be married in business for maximum effect. Interested female entrepreneurs are called “Fair Trade Partners” or Threads Worldwide Sales Consultants, they serve as the business reps that bring this handcrafted jewelry to the grassroots: marketplaces, communities, offices, and homes. Threads Worldwide declare that it focuses on women because 90% of their income is pumped into their families, inevitably their families will benefit more from this business venture.



  • Threads Worldwide is a social enterprise that impacts the less privileged socially, educationally, culturally and economically.
  • Its business goals focus on improving family quality for both producers and fair trade partners, this is enough grounds for people to join.
  • Its designs are unique, unusual and timeless, because of this quality market competition will be drastically reduced and partners can easily make money.
  • It can be easily joggled with other businesses.
  • Its business model is direct sales, so partners get to be free from undue pressure to expand their personal team via recruitment.
  • It is cost effective; partners do not have to unnecessarily stock products. Buyers order from Threads Worldwide website while partners deliver the purchase.
  • Although the pieces of jewelry and accessories are handcrafted in developing countries, Threads Worldwide does not compromise on quality.
  • Threads Worldwide jewelry is made from recycled materials and eco-friendly products. No animal or species endangered.
  • It affords people to contribute their own quota to global change and development through their purchases.


  • Although its designs and materials are unique, it belongs to a business niche that is popular and competitive. Fair Trade Partners will have to work hard to convince buyers.
  • Its designs are unconventional and not everyone will root for that feature.
  • The company does not reveal the specific amount or percentage sales consultants will earn from direct sales and bonuses when they sell and or expand their team through recruitment.


Product, Pricing and Compensation Plan

The unconventionality of Threads Worldwide jewelry is the major factor and edge it has over other existing and highly competitive Jewelry lines. These jewelry and accessories are sourced from Ecuador, India, Guatemala, Kenya, Cambodia, and Ethiopia amongst many others.

The price of its products is above average. Why? You ask. This is so because the goal of fair trade is to pay producers/creators of these commodities a fair wage for their work and to also provide them with a safe workplace so that they can have better chances at life. How then will these products be sold if they are expensive?

The answer is simple. Sensitization. Education. Fairtrade Partners are saddled with the responsibility of educating would-be buyers the reasons for the pricey nature of the jewelry and accessories.

The moment this is done, they (buyers) can easily connect with the movement and contribute to social impact. This is not a way to fleece them, but it is an opportunity for them to “shop with heart” and make right ethical choices.

The company uses direct sale business model. Sales consultants do not have to buy products in order to sell because Threads Worldwide uses an order based approach and they can earn up to 30% commissions of the buyers’ orders.  There are also bonuses partners get to have if they make huge sales landmark, the company does not state what amount it is.

Threads Worldwide fair trade partners hold showcases where they show off what they have to interested people to push sales. As an MLM business; it encourages recruitment into its network and makes room for expansion of team and mentoring.


Who is Threads Worldwide For?

This is for you if you are female, interested in social change and justice, passionate about business, dogged, smart, marketing savvy, can recruit effortlessly, can socially engage people and have a sturdy network of people who like unconventional things.



Threads Worldwide is a legit company that people can earn money from. The three co-founders meant business when they stipulated that their business would contribute to improving the overall well-being of women worldwide. They have been to over 45 countries and have artisan co-operatives in several countries where women disadvantaged in any way can learn, work and earn. It is legit and surely in the system, your monetary and marketing investments will not be profitless but worth every bit of input.

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