Total Income Answer – Legit or Scam?

is total income answer a scam

Is this work from home opportunity another scam? Or can this company really help us quit our 9-5 jobs we hate? Help us triple our income? Start to build our savings? Get us more money with security? Can it really help us work less and earn more?

It would be fantastic to find a work from home system that can do all of those wonderful things. Is Total Income Answer the system that will change our lives or is it just another scam trying to rip us off?

Well, let me show you what I have found when doing my research into this company. Legit or scam, you will find out.


Company: Total Income Answer


Owners: Karen Evans

Price: $97 + upsells

Overall Rating: TBD


What is Total Income Answer?

There is little to no information on this program. Even from their website, all you will get is a few little tips of how this program is suppose to work.

You get access to some training videos. Then, you buy your own domain name. After that, you can start to post links online and make money.

I did not realize posting links online like this can triple our income.

A real work from home system would explain the exact steps of their proven system. It is not a good sign when you enter into a companies website and all they want is your information without explaining how their program works.


The fake funnel system into Total Income Solutions.

If you are like me, you did a Google search of this company. Some of the top hits seemed to be legit reviews on this program. The websites I noticed and read through were:


Three websites with almost Identical reviews. All the pictures and links on these websites lead you to a news article.

A fake news article.

total income answer is a scam


How is this a fake news article?

This is not USA Today’s website. The domain name is close to the actual domain name but it is not this one. The real domain name for USA Today is simple.

total income answer review

This is a scam tactic to try to make you believe you can trust this work from home program.

Every link and picture on this fake news website will lead you to the sales page of Total Income Answer. Even if you click on any of the tabs at the top of this news article, you will just be redirected into Total Income Answer.

More Fake News

Even when you click all the way through all the fake sales funnels, you will land on Total Income Answer’s webpage. A simple website with only 1 page.

Here you will find even more fake news outlets posted.

total income answer is BS

“Work From Home Opportunities have been featured on:”

Yes, they have, but this company, Total Income Answer has never been featured as one of those opportunities.

All this company is trying to do is make you trust them. YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST THEM.

You can go to anyone of those news companies websites and search for this opportunity. You will not be able to find it.


The owner of this company

Is Karen Evans really the actual owner of this scam?

Something is telling me this a fake name. Maybe it is because I have seen this woman’s picture before. She was going by a different name. A different name and with a different scam.

Simple Income Strategies

You will see this is the same exact scam, with the same exact owner. All this scam did is change the name of the domain.

Here is “Karen Evans”

karen evans is not real

If you go to my review on Simple Income Strategies, you will see this is the same exact woman with a different name.

How can it be the same woman? Well, this is a stock photo. All you have to do is purchase this photo one time and you can reuse it as many times as you want. Even if it is to scam people.

is simple income strategies a scam?

Stock photo with the same exact woman claiming to be Karen Evans.


Is Total Income Answer a scam?

The truth about this program is that it is a big lie. Not only are they misleading you with fake information but they will rip you off.

When you enter your information into this company, they will sell it. They will sell your information to any company that wants to cold call you or email market to you.

Not only are they taking your money but they are selling you and making money off of you.

The truth about link posting.

link posting total income answer

You can make money from this but not with this company.

This is called Affiliate Marketing. It is when you have your own website and promote products for companies. When a visitor clicks on the link on your website and buys that product, you will make a commission.

It is not easy to do, but it can be done.

I learned how to affiliate market and it is one of my main sources of income.

No one pays you for posting a link. You are paid when someone buys the product when they click the link you posted.


Do you want to learn how to do this?

You can earn money doing this but not with this fake scam company.

You will need to be willing to learn. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. I learned how to do it the right way and you can too.

There is a 4 step process to this:

how to make money online

This is how affiliate marketing is supposed to be done. You can make a living from being an affiliate marketer.

BUT, it is not always easy. It takes time and serious effort to this.

If you are serious about it, I suggest you read my review on where I began my online affiliate marketing. This platform will teach you everything you need to know.

Review about Wealthy Affiliate.

You will not be ripped off and you will learn exactly how to do this the right way.


You are much better off going with Wealthy Affiliate than Total Income Answer. Total Income Answer is lying to you and you will never earn the kind of money they claim from their system. That system does not have the training required or the tools you will need to earn money online.


  1. Glad that there is someone out there making sure that the rest of us know what is fake and what is not. There are so many crooks out there to have a site like this helping to highlight this is awesome !

    1. Helen,

      Be careful online. There is a lot of people who want to try to take advantage of you. Unfortunately this company, Total Income Answer is one of them. But, my recommended company will actually help you and not rip you off.

  2. Good, you have exposed the scam. There are so many conmen on the internet that promise you the sky. In the end, you gain nothing but losing the hard money. I too a victim is this kind of scam. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jamin,

      That is why I am here. I learned how to do this the right way. I want to point out the scams to protect people like you. This is a brutal scam to fall to. Check out my recommendation, you will be very happy you did.

  3. I really liked this post. It has very clear information. I loved how you exposed the scam and directed your readers to a true affiliate program where you explained how Wealthy Affiliate works and also provided a link to a complete review of Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks for the post. This is going to save many people from being scammed and help them find the real deal.

    1. I hate these kinds of scams. It gives people the complete wrong impression of affiliate marketing. Scams like this make people believe they are always going to be getting conned out of their money. I hope this review protects people and they can find their way to a legit company.

  4. I absolutely despise scams like this. There are just way too many of them out there. Thank you for getting this information out there. I fell victim to an online scam before I found out how to really make money online.

    1. Bill,

      I am sorry to hear you fell for a scam in the past. I will do my best to keep evaluating these companies and “opportunities” to find the legit ones and the ones that are scams.

  5. Hi,

    I love how informative your article is on this scam. Wealthy Affiliate seems like a much better option. I am not sure I am truly interested in this though.

    1. Venessa,

      It is okay if you are not interested in WA. It is free to try and you do not have to put in your credit card. So, really even if you are unsure it does not hurt to sign up and check it out. I mean it is free.

  6. I think you have provided enough evidence for one to know that this is a scam, you might have saved many people’s hard earned money by exposing this program. Great work, keep it up buddy!

    1. Hari,

      I can keep digging into this scam and pull out more. I am sure I can find more solid evidence of this being a scam. I was able to find all of this rather quickly. Hopefully I save people from losing money.

  7. Another one down. Great work. It disgusts how humans do this to other humans. good thing is we have humans like you to uncover their madness and deception. Thank you for that.

    1. There will always be people trying to take advantage of others that is sad. People think just because they can set up a scam online with funnel pages that others will not figure it out and bring it too light. Well, I just did.

  8. Hello Kurtis, thanks for the post. I have read this elsewhere and I think the more people exposing this kind of deception the better for those likely to be hoodwinked by it. Not everyone online has the knowledge to check out the things you have looked into. Someone desperate to start earning money could fall right into the trap.

    Well done for exposing anything like this that is false and dishonest as well.

  9. Hello Kurtis, To be honest, I never heard of this program and I happy I didn’t buy anything from them.

    But I have a thorough thought for those who have been scammed by this program. Scams are really doing well these days. It’s hard to spot them and avoid them. Which can be Frustrating.

    I hope no one will purchase anything from them.
    Great review by the way, have a nice day.


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