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Turbo PayPal System Review – Truth Revealed

Turbo PayPal is a system online that has been generating a lot of buzz as of recent. You might have heard about it from one of your friends on social media post about Turbo PayPal. You might be wondering is Turbo PayPap a scam?

Well, it is a good thing you are doing your research before you sign up. Not all money making systems online are truthful or even going to earn you a penny.

The main problem you might have encountered when doing your research to find out what people are saying about Turbo PayPal, is that it is legitimate and a quick and easy way to earn money. Well, those people are affiliated with Turbo PayPal and trying to sell you the system to earn a commission for you!

This is a third party review of Turbo PayPal. I am in no way affiliated with Turbo PayPal and this review is to help you make an informed decision before you buy.


Quick Overview of Turbo PayPal LTD.

Company: Turbo PayPal

Website: http://turbopaypal.com

Owner: Carlos Romero

Price: $4.99 and upsells.

Rating: 1 out of 10


What is Turbo PayPal?

Turbo PayPal LTD is a system that was designed by Carlos Romero. The idea behind the system is for you to invest a small about, $4.99, and you will then be eligible to receive continuous payments of $5 to your PayPal account.

This system has been online since 2013, so it has to be legit, right? Well, there is a fundamental flaw with Turbo PayPal and I will get to that.

These $5 commissions that you would be receiving are coming from others who join Turbo PayPal. You will receive 100% percent commission when someone joins.

To have an unlimited amount of $5 commissions coming into your PayPal account, you will need to have people continuously signing up for Turbo PayPal LTD.


How does Turbo PayPal work?

When you buy Turbo PayPal for $4.99, you will receive a free website with text, graphics, banners, sales video, and an affiliate link for Turbo PayPal.

You will also need to have a PayPal account, as your commissions will be deposited there. The system will walk you through setting up a PayPal account if you don’t have one and how to setup your download page.

You will be marketing and be selling Turbo PayPal to others who also want to partake in this money making system. When someone buys Turbo PayPal from your affiliate link, you will receive 100% commission. This normally would be affiliate marketing, but since all money is paid member to member, it is a gift cashing scheme.

Gift Cashing schemes are illegal in all 50 states in the U.S. The only reason Turbo PayPal is still active is because you are receiving a website and the money exchanged from member to member is very meniscal.


How is it marketed?

Turbo PayPal is marketed as a simple, done for you system, that will have a constant flow of money coming into your PayPal account.

One of the Reviews I found online about Turbo PayPal, had a member signing into their PayPal account to show off how much money they had made.

Here is a screen shot:

turbo paypal system

$182,560,83. That is not a number. This page was clearly designed to lie to you. Too bad the person does not know that the commas are in the wrong place!

Yasir either forgot to add a 0 when photoshopping this image or placed the commas in the wrong place.


Upsells that come with Turbo PayPal

You can start by gifting $4.99 to the person who sponsored you into the gift cashing scam. But, there is also upsells from different affiliates. You would be gifting cash at a larger amount and then you can also sponsor people to gift different amounts to you as well.

  • Turbo PayPal Premium – $16.99
  • Tubo PayPal Unlimited – $27.99
  • Turbo PayPal Platinum – $47.99

There does not seem to be anything else offered at these different cash gifting level, expect for one thing.

You will then have the ability to offer that same gift cashing systems to others.


Pros of Turbo PayPal

  • It is cheap
  • Accepts PayPal


Cons of Turbo PayPal

  • Losing money and time by joining
  • It is a gift cashing scam
  • Poor system
  • Cheap websites
  • Horrible sales videos that are cheap
  • Instructions and set up videos are vague and do not help


Conclusion on Turbo PayPal LTD.

Turbo PayPal has to be one of the cheapest and shadiest make money systems online. From the cheap sales videos, free websites, and blatant lies from affiliates, it is clear that Turbo PayPal is a scam.

I do not recommend anyone gifts their money to anyone else in hopes that someone else will come along and gift money to you!

Gift cashing is a scam and should be avoided!

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