is ultimate home profits a scam

Ultimate Home Profits Scam


Name: Ultimate Home Profits


Price: $97

Owner: Emily Hudson

Overall rank: 10/100


What is Ultimate Home Profits?

Ultimate Home Profits is a program that intends to teach members the best and lucrative ways of making money online. Admittedly, the internet is a true goldmine for those who know what they are doing. The idea at ultimate home profits is to train you on how to make your own cash flow working from home on a part time basis.

The setup is owned by Emily Hudson and offers interested participants who sign up a one on one coaching on the various strategies it proposes. It is ultimately a link posting program as members are so outrightly told with the information given on different methods like; getting traffic through list building, Drop shipping, selling products on e-commerce websites like eBay and affiliate marketing which is where the hype about link posting comes from.

The program proposes that working for just one hour every day for five days a week puts you on track to earn a lot of money.

However, this program is particularly interesting as there seem to be a lot of shady activities and reports surrounding it. This ultimate home profits review will answer questions like; is ultimate home profits a scam? Are the claims true? And what do I stand to gain by signing up?


How do members expect to make money from ultimate home profits?

The program is highly based on affiliate marketing techniques and strategies where members are shown how to share links and get commissions that are made through sales. According to the organization, each link can be posted in 4 minutes which amounts to 15 per hour. However, in order to be able to make these huge amounts of money that are promised, there are a few things involved.

People who click on this link not only have to go to the website but make an actual purchase before you earn and this detail seems to be left out in the marketing pitch. Members must also make sure that their links are visible as this is the only way to ensure that people use them for purchases.

The organization provides you with your own personal website where you can include your links, have people visit and make purchases. This would mean that people have to find your site through their Google searches and that can only happen if there is actual content on your website.

You could also choose to take a short way out by posting your links directly to social media websites, discussion boards, and online forums but these amounts to spamming as most social media sites have strong policies against that. Therefore, you will have to put in some hard work, patience and also learn more about traffic and search engine ranking before you can make any money.


The good

  1. Ultimate Home Profits focuses on affiliate marketing which is not only one of the most legitimate ways to make money online but also one of the most lucrative. People who are new to making online revenue can have a good start with a program like this if they follow through with the program.


The bad

  1. There are a lot of controversies that stems from the misleading statements and advertisement put out by ultimate home profits. A good example is the trump advertorial that gives off the impression that this program has been endorsed by the president of the united states which is not only misleading but could lead to some serious investigations if it gains the anticipated popularity and acceptance.
  2. There are no guarantees that you are getting the top notch information and training before signing up which means that you have to simply trust the program without a peek into what you’re paying for.
  3. There have been several cases of the difficulties involved in getting a refund. This coupled with the numerous upsells throws up several red flags.


Who is Ultimate Home Profits for?

This program seems to be tailored for people that are more internet savvy. Activities, like posting links, building lists and generating traffic, could be technical and may require some know-how and it is best if you are acquainted with them before signing up. This does not mean that a total newbie to the Internet is not eligible to sign up as there is training provided in the members’ area alongside some extra mentorship which could cost you some money.


Ultimate home profits tools, training, and support

Members who sign up for the program receive an email that contains details of how they could get access to the product. They are granted access to the training area where they are exposed to the one on one coaching advertised. Members are also equipped with their own home websites where they can proceed with link posting and have people go through them. The site is located at and is the base of operations for all activities.


Ultimate home profits price and compensation plan

Interested individuals can register for this program at a cost of $97. Members are provided with a guarantee that they can receive a refund anytime they want within the first 60 days if they are not making money with the program or are not entirely happy with it.

They are also a few other packages which can be gotten with additional costs and some of these include, the VIP package, lifetime email support, and coaching call.


Commonly reported problems with ultimate home profits

They have been quite a lot of complaints by people who have signed up for the program, the most common among these include;

  • Difficulty of obtaining a refund as promised
  • Extreme insistence on members purchasing more expensive coaching programs
  • Unexplained charges on credit cards.


My final opinion of ultimate home profits

Ultimate Home Profits raises too many red flags for it to be legitimate. From the fake trump advertorials to its emphasis on members purchasing extra training programs, the venture seems to be a big waste of money. There are a lot of big promises being made with a very little attempt being made at a follow through.

Members are convinced and misled that they can make a lot of money by simply posting links but are not told exactly what this would entail from the onset. Needless to say, it is best to avoid these programs and find better ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money but definitely not through shady schemes such as this.


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