is USI tech a scam

USI-Tech Review – MLM Forex Scam?



Owners: Horst Jicha, Ralf Gold, Joao Severino, Mike Keifer.



Location: Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai.



Forex trading has often been dependent on emotional and psychological influences; hence the advent of auto-Forex software has increased consistent trading decisions devoid of the shortcomings of human judgment.

USI-Tech sought to help traders get more opportunities with less physical input and so launched its automated Forex trading platform that runs on the MT4 trading software. Its software package is promoted through the multi-level marketing system which allows registered members to earn through recruitment commissions sourced from the investment of those they recruit and the people their referrals in turn refer.

It makes its platform active by ensuring that affiliates also get percentage compensations from brokerage fees of customers who use the software.

Although USI-Tech initially had no physical product save its auto Forex trade and affiliate marketing programs which raised no little dust on its authenticity, in March 2017 it ventured into Bitcoin Forex trading and since then has moved to become a formidable Cryptocurrency platform.

It promises a 40% profit on Bitcoin invested capital and does not mandate members to recruit in this particular scheme before earning. People can sign up for free and are eligible to earn till certain levels without financial investment, however, to fully enjoy all that USI-Tech promises, an upfront registration with the sum of 600 euros is necessary.

USI-Tech’s profit opportunities are mouthwatering nonetheless, this review seeks to unravel if it is just another pyramid scheme and to establish how true and legitimate its profit claims are.


The Pros and Cons.

The MLM system is rife with Positives and negatives; therefore UCI-Tech is no different as it has upsides and downsides which must be reviewed in order to decide if it’s a worthy cause.


  1. Its automated Forex trading software purchase guarantees a lifetime license. This means that after the initial lump payment of 600€ for the software, there are no renewals or monthly subscription. Access to the software is continually assured.
  2. Its income is multi-dimensional. Involved persons can earn through the investments of people they refer and those their referrals sign up in the 3×12 matrix. Members also earn commissions from the brokerage fees charged from customers who use the Forex robot, 25% will go to the recruiting affiliate (upline) and the remaining 75% to the downline in 12 payments.

Purchased Bitcoin packages give a 40% profit on invested capital. For 140 days, trader’s capital grows on the 1% margin daily which can be withdrawn daily at a token fee if the trader so chooses. Also, 10% commission is payable on Bitcoin packages of every of your referral’s purchase on the matrix system. These financial opportunities make UCI-tech a juicy venture.

  1. Unlike most multi-level marketing system, there is no undue pressure to recruit affiliates so as to earn. Registered members can earn in more than one way without recruiting.
  2. Its Forex software has been tested and proven with constant efforts being made on continuous upgrade, therefore it can be easily marketed by members.


The Cons

  1. Although sign up is free, to get the best of its packages a one-off life payment of 600€ is required for software purchase. This is quite a whole lot of money.
  2. Recruitment is crucial to making a substantial profit; those with less referral will certainly earn less.
  3. Little is known of the background and experiences of its owners and since it has no physical products or services it sells and its affiliates can market or licensed sellers by federal and state security agencies, it is susceptible to packing up.
  4. Increased risk because of high returns promises even on the capital investment.


Who is USI-Tech for?

Despite the mouthwatering high investment returns and attractive opportunities that MLMs promise, relevant skills are highly needed for success. USI-tech has packages that are pitch-able, nevertheless, thoughtful strategy, convincing power, strong marketing skills, zeal for success, great interpersonal relationships and resilience amongst others will set you up for great accomplishments.


USI-Tech’s Product Price and Compensation Scheme

USI-Tech has no physical product that affiliates can pitch to people; an affiliate membership in itself is the only thing that they can sell. It majorly comprises of two virtual products; automated Forex software and Forex Bitcoin trading.

In the Forex automated software package, an upfront sum of 600€ euro is paid for lifetime software purchase and earnings are made through direct commissions and residual commission income. You get 120 EUR that is 10% on each recruit signed up directly under you.

For the residual income, one needs at least 3 affiliates who have paid the membership fee in one’s downline to be qualified for the 3×12 matrix level. In the matrix system, you are on top of the level; you then recruit three people placed directly under you. Your three direct recruit each get three people of their own and then the downline extends. You are allowed to grow a downline of up to 787,160 people; at this point the matrix becomes filled. 150 EUR of the 600 EUR that each referral pays is divided into 12 payments of 12.50 EUR and shared amongst the 12 matrix levels.

Brokerage Commissions are sourced from the broker’s fee that USI-tech charges customers who use the trading software. This brokerage fee is not fixed, thus the earnings of affiliates will always vary per time. This commission is paid using the 3×12 matrix level system without bias. The affiliate who did the recruiting gets 25% and 75% is split throughout the 12 levels.

USI-Tech’s Bitcoin trading package promises 40% profit on investments. Each package costs 50 EUR plus charges equivalently in Bitcoin. Daily, there is a 1% payout for 140 trading days (Monday –Friday) on each investment. Its referral system favors a free membership account which can earn up to 2 levels without paying license fees. This means that a 10% commission is sent to each recruiter’s account for 3 referrals (level 1) and 3% on 9 referrals (level 2). If the trader wishes to fill up the entire 12 referral downline, the payment of 600 EUR is mandatory. USI-tech also features earnings from spillover referrals, who are people recruited by someone in your upline. Bear in mind that withdrawal of funds comes with the charge of 2%.


USI-tech support

The company prides itself in the global recognition it enjoys as a result of its outstanding customer relations. For every question, your direct recruiter will be in the best place to give adequate answers and useful information. However, you can reach the USI-tech’s support team by visiting the company’s website at

Final Comments On USI-Tech

USI-Tech apparently has several multi-faced opportunities that can be taken advantage of. It is more interesting to discover that you can earn without paying membership or license fees and your account can run without ongoing maintenance costs, these make it attractive.  Albeit these, taking caution is essential when veering into MLM outfits, therefore count your cost, devise recruiting strategies and do not invest more than what you are willing to lose.


Another option besides MLM

MLM is not a venture most people are into or even forex trading. The good news is, with technology today and the vast wealth of information flowing online, there are other great options for you.

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It is free to sign up and create a profile. You will have 7 days of full access. (think of this as a free trial period.) Since it does not cost a penny to try it out, you have nothing to lose.

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One comment

  1. I’m sorry but the promised 1% daily is not being achieved at all. it is in reality just 0.82% at this moment. They also changed all the rules about commissions and they are constantly changing rules without any consultation with clients. Basically they change the rules in favor of themselves and the client has no possibility to end the agreement when changing the rules!!!

    The 140 days is a fairy tale. The will never achieve this, it is simply not achievable. I had just 2 times an interest above 1% in 4 months.

    They also make it very hard to withdraw BTC from the system if you want to cash in a bit. And their helpdesk called FRESHDESK is not a real helpdesk but a computer program that has standard reply’s and helpdesk agents in it’s database. When a question becomes to difficult they send out a reply that a technical team will look into it but that never happens because they have no technical team available to bring any solution to your questions.

    So I would think twice before I put money into this company. I would rather look at other possibilities in trading crypto’s by myself or use hashflare or something similar to make a bit of money

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