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Vector Marketing Scam on Students

Vector Marketing and Cutco Cutlery Reviewvector marketing scam

Vector Marketing is a sales firm that specializes in selling Cutco Cutlery. When you take a job with Vector Marketing you will be in a direct sales position.

Vector Marketing is looking for high school and college students between the ages of 17-25. If you are in this age range you have most likely heard of Vector Marketing and Cutco.

As a sales representative, you will be meeting with potential customers to provide them with a presentation on Cutco Cutlery.

It will be up to you to find and schedule your own appointments.


How Vector Marketing Works

Vector Marketing is a multi-level marketing firm selling Cutco. A customer cannot buy Cutco knives from a retail store. This gives the allure of exclusiveness to Cutco products. I have had many friends fall for this pyramid scheme position. A slick talking interviewer will tell you how easy it is to sell kitchenware to your parents, relatives, neighbors, teachers, and friends.

Do you really want your job to be harassing all your personal connections for a simple sale?How vector marketing works

When you make a sale you get a commission. As you begin to make more and more sales your commission will increase.

You can also get paid from sales of people that are underneath you. This is how this company is a multi-level marketing firm.

If I work for Vector and convince a friend to get a job with them. Then, for every sale that friend makes I will get paid for that sale also. Spread the word to have more people sign up to sell and you will make more money! You will be told this is a great way to earn a passive income without having to do much work yourself.

We cannot forget about all the great prizes that are offered for top sales people. You can win trips around the world and earn scholarships! What a great job for high school and college kids!


What is Cutco Cutleryhow are cutco knives

Cutco is a US knife manufacture. Cutco is a privately owned company based out of New York. Cutco owns all the product lines for Cutco knives, Kabar knives, Vector Marketing, as well as a few other companies.


How are Cutco Knives

Cutco knives have an expensive price tag. Depending on which set of knives, how many knives per set, a customer can be looking to spend between $300-2,000. That is a pretty expensive knife set to have in your kitchen at home.

Cutco has a patent on their knives, “Double D-Edge”.

As far as I can tell, this Double D-Edge closely resembles a serrated edge. Serrations are designed to grip and rip at food to slice. Serrations are bound to wear out over time. As long as the knives do not chip they will continue to cut through food. Serrations are not typically a blade that can be sharpened at home.

Cutco has a lifetime warranty to sharpen blades. This is a nice feature for the amount you have spent on your knives. Blades wear out when you use them. It is nice this company will sharpen them for you. The only problem is you need to send them to the Cutco Factory to be sharpened.cutco knives review

Cutco knives are made from 440A stainless steel. You can find reasonably priced knives that are made from 440A stainless steel at Wal-Mart.

For the quality of the knife, it does not make sense how much they cost. The quality of the steel is no means high end.

Cutco is using a high price tag on a low-quality knife.


How will you be trained to sell

Once you get the job (which everyone gets hired) you will begin a 3-day training. The 3-day training is UNPAID. After you have completed your 3-day training you will be instructed to buy your “starter set”. This is going to cost you somewhere around $300. Don’t worry Cutco will reassure you that you are getting a very discounted deal on your knife set.

The first people you are going to be setting up presentations with are your parents and close relatives. These are the easiest people to schedule your first presentation with. How will your parents say no to you giving them a 1-hour presentation on Cutco knives? Each presentation you schedule, you will be paid $12-20.

Your presentation is going to be comparing the brand new Cutco knives to old kitchen knives. Of course, the new Cutco knives are going to win every time. Most people do not sharpen or take care of their knife set.

You will be using sales tactics that you learned from your 3-day training.

Whether you make a sale during your presentation or not you will always ask the same thing at the end. You will ask for 10 referrals. (I did not buy your knives, why the hell would I recommend you to my family and friends)

This process will continue to go on and on till you decide to leave.

This is an active complaint lawsuit filed against Vector Marketing.cutco training


How Vector Marketing/Cutco Knives is a scam

There are things that are said and told to you about Vector Marketing and Cutco Knives that makes this a scam.

  1. Set-up as a multi-level marketing company. Will pressure you into believing it will be easy to recruit others to join the sales force underneath you.
  2. You will not make $12-20 an hour. Yes, you will make this amount for scheduling an appointment. But by no means are you going to be earning close to that hourly wage.
  3. Vector Marketing is preying on your need for a job to promote and sell their brand. Tricking HS and college kids into buying into a company for their own gain.
  4. Spend $200 dollars on your knife set to buy into this job. Do you know of high school and college kids that should be spending the little amount of money they have on a knife set to begin a job?
  5. You use your own family and friends. How can your parents or relatives say no to you when you present them with a demonstration. You will be preying on the kindness of your personal network for a sale.
  6. There is nothing special about Cutco knives. For the amount of money you have to spend on the knives, a consumer would be better off just buying a professional knife set made from a higher quality steel.
  7. You will not be reimbursed for all your travel expenses. You will be traveling all over the state giving presentations. At no point will, Vector or Cutco reimbursed you for your travels.


Verdict on Vectorcutco review

Do not join this company. The amount of hustle you will have to put in will not add up for the amount you make. The company is legitimate but for high school or college kids, this is not a real employment opportunity. You will not make the kind of money you are expecting.

As you can see here from the Better Business Bureau, there is an A+ rating. The only problem is there is a lot of complaints against Cutco and Vector Marketing.


Is there a better optionbetter option from vector

Yes. In my opinion. Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are a high school or college student who is interested in what Vector Marketing offered. (professional training, flexible schedule, and trips)

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This is how I got started making money online. I suggest reading my review about Wealthy Affiliate below to make sure it is right for you.

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  1. Hey Kurtis,
    Knives aren’t that hard to make if you can sell thousands of packs every month and cutco’s price is a real cutthroat. Very expensive knife set for slightly above average quality.

    Thanks for writing this, now I know who’s in charge of the selling behind the curtains! As if prices aren’t enough issue already, they higher a sales company to sell their overpriced knives through MLM. Bold move these people

  2. I find it very unethical to try to lure people into believing thay can make a lot of money like this. Do not know much about Vector myslef, but from what you are writing, it tries to prey on people that are desparate to get a job – and not only falsely promise them this, but also have them spend 3 days unpaid, and getting them to pay $300 fro a starter set. Definitely not a job I will be applying for:-) Thanks for the warning.

    1. Mikael,

      I have seen quite a few kids who get taken advantage of by this company. What they want is for high school and college kids who need to earn extra money. They will take these kids and tell them their best market is their personal market. Friends, family, anyone they already know. Those are the best people to sell too. Vector wants the kids desperate for sales to beg their family and friends for over priced knives. The knives are not even worth it. All you will be doing is annoying all of your personal relationships to the point no one will answer their phone when you call.

      Do not become employed with Vector Marketing.

  3. I had this job briefly back in 2013. Did the 3 days of the unpaid training. Quit after the last day of training. Just wasn’t comfortable with the idea of trying to sell to friends and family.

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