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VMA Life Review – is this the new Vemma?

Quick Overview

Name: VMA Life

Owner: Kenneth Koh

Website: www.vmalife.com

Location: Singapore



A Summary

Certainly, you are reading this review because VMA Life was pitched to you and you are considering giving a shot at it to make money.

It’s commendable that you are trying to get information outside of the juicy positives that have been marketed to you. Here, you will get to understand the nitty-gritty of the company and then you will be equipped to make the right choice.

VMA Life is a liquid supplement making company founded by Kenneth Koh and BK Boreyko in 2004. It was initially called Vemma Asia but after Kenneth was sued by the FTC and his company shut down in 2015, it bounced back under a new name, with new goals and a new feel in late 2015, most likely so as to delineate itself from the dent that its reputation suffered earlier. On VMA Life’s official website, there is no mention of BK Boreyko, establishing the fact that Kenneth Koh is the current CEO.

Koh’s reason for establishing his company is interesting; his brother was diagnosed with cancer and was given six months to live. He began to search for health products that could be of help, on one of his trips to America he stumbled upon a liquid supplement and gave it to his brother after making his own investigations.

Surprisingly, his brother lived beyond the stipulated time and is still alive today, thus he became determined to bring it to Asia and help people enjoy better health. Although it has several products, its top liquid supplement is Velixir.

After laying this foundation, we can now go ahead to investigate VMA Life, its MLM compensation plan and how individuals get benefit financially from it.



  • It belongs to a supplement niche that is very popular; curative medicine. Since the demand for the niche is always high, sales and profit will be easily made.
  • Its compensation plans are numerous, you get to earn in several ways.
  • It has physical products which you can pitch and make quick sales and get affiliates, unlike other MLMs.


  • Signing up is expensive. You have to buy its products which cost $441 for a basic pack, Starter pack for $806, Pro Consultant pack for $1156, and Builder Pack for $1511.
  • Its products are pricey and people will find it difficult coughing up such sums of money when there are several cheaper options.
  • There are no profits for direct sales as an entity of its own, VMA Life’s structure is wired to promote massive recruitment.


 Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of VMA Life is in different facets, however, note that to earn you must qualify for its commission first. Although it has virtual products, earning money is basically steeped in its affiliate recruitment.

The first step to making money monthly is to have a personal volume (PV) of 60, which is generated through personal product purchases and retail sales. At this point it will be important to state that when people buy VMA Life’s product they automatically become affiliates.

Glaringly, the company’s MLM structure favors affiliate recruitment over retail sales because every one you sell to, by default comes into the network.

Though you appear to be selling products, you are actually feeding the system with more people; this absolutely makes it a pyramid scheme. You only make money when you sponsor and recruit several affiliates who in turn will bring other people in, enabling you to earn directly and residually.


Affiliates Ranks: VMA Life runs a binary residual income system, this means that it has two legs; one on the right and also on the left. There are 10 ranks in its scheme, below is the breakdown and the criteria for merit compensation:

Bronze: Earn and sustain 5 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Silver: Earn and maintain 20 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Gold: Earn and maintain 60 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Platinum: Earn and maintain 120 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Topaz: Earn and maintain 240 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Sapphire: Earn and maintain 500 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Emerald: Earn and maintain 1000 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Ruby: Earn and maintain 3000 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Yellow Diamond: Earn and maintain 6000 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Royal Diamond: Earn and maintain 12,000 residual binary commission cycles at least within a period of 4 weeks.

Residual Commissions: As earlier said the residual commission is earned through the binary remuneration model, to qualify for compensation each affiliate must sponsor at least 2 other affiliates. VMA Life compensation model places an affiliate at the top of the binary team, it then divides the team into two legs (2 positions); on the left and right.

These first two legs make up level 1, which is then further spilt into two legs each on both sides (4 positions), this makes up level 2. On and on the team goes and grows indefinitely in the binary team, with each new level having 2 more positions.

Each binary team grows through retail sales and affiliate purchases, and then the company carries out a weekly sum of sales volume on both legs of the team, and then it pays affiliates $12 every time 120 group volume (GV) is achieved on the right and left legs.

This is referred to as a cycle according to VMA Life. In addition, when you meet the criteria of the rank qualifications, you can earn up to $35,000 weekly. Below is the breakdown:

  • Buy 1 product (60 PV minimum) and earn about $1000 weekly.
  • Buy 2 products (120 PV minimum) and earn about $3000 weekly.
  • Buy a Starter pack and get about $20,000 weekly.
  • Buy a Builder pack and get about $35,000 weekly.

Matching Bonus: VMA Life pays matching bonus on its residual commission on a unilevel compensation model. Affiliates are placed on the top of their unilevel teams and people they sponsor are directly put under them, making up level 1.

When level 1 affiliates sponsor new people they are placed on level 2 of the original unilevel team, when level 2 affiliates, in turn, sponsor new people they (new recruits) become level 3, this goes on endlessly. However, the company pays matching bonus only from level1 to level 10 with the specific prerequisite in order to qualify.

Autoship Pack and Autoship Commission: The Company rewards affiliates who get one of its pack and sign up for an auto-ship that will run monthly. Commissions are paid using the 2×10 matrix, an affiliate who signs up with the Starter pack in the matrix is paid $6, an affiliate who signs up with a Builder pack is paid $12, finally 30 cents is paid monthly to affiliates who continue to monthly purchase an auto-ship of 60 PV at least.

Global Pool: 3% of VMA Life’s international earnings is placed in 4 global pool, and affiliates can only qualify when they are of Emerald rank and above. Emerald affiliates earn in a 0.75% pool, Ruby affiliates earn in two 0.75% pools, Diamond affiliates earn in 3 three 0.75% pools, and Royal Diamond affiliates get to earn from four 0.75% pools.



VMA Life has legit products but is run like a pyramid scheme. The system depends on the influx of more recruits to feed it, and the dearth of recruitment will spell doom for the company. People will lose money and the commissions they get once people stop signing up which will lead to loss of money. The company needs to put more incentives on retail sales of its product, only then can stability be sustained. It is not a scam, but I think it is one waiting to happen. You will have to carefully decide because the system is not cost effective and favors only those who can recruit.



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