Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is this platform a lie?

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Scam or Beneficial

If you are doing your research on ways to make money and how to get started, you are smart. You need to see what people are saying. Sometimes things seem too good to be true. Let’s find out if this company is real or another get rich quick scam.


Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

wealthy affiliate scam
login page wealthy affiliate

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10

Price:   Free for starters or Premium membership for $49/month or 359/year

Intended for: Beginners to experts

Owners: Kyle and Carson


My Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

I do not come from a computer background. Of course, I knew the basics of using a computer and how to search the internet. But, I did not know anything about creating websites, SEO marketing, or how to start or run a business online. So, I searched to see what people were saying.wealthy affiliate recommendations

As I searched online for reviews, the only things I could find were positive reviews. I decided It does not hurt to try this service out for myself.

I needed to find a place that was a real learning experience. I always wanted to learn how to build websites and put my own content out onto the web. So, I joined.

I had no idea what the process was going to entail as I began online. Was I going to be learning HTML? Coding? How will I stand out from everyone else?

Wealthy Affiliate does not teach HTML or coding. The platform is incredibly simple to add content to your website once you have it registered with their host platform. Here is the basic layout of how you will begin your online journey.make money online

With all great things, I realized It was going to take time to really build my website as I envisioned it. This process is simple, but it will still take your effort to accomplish.


The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

Well, first off there is going to always be a lot more cons as a starter member. But, as a starter member, you do not have to pay or put in your credit card information like you do on shady websites. As a starter, the PRO is simple, you get to try the site out to see if you like what they have to offer. So I will only discuss the Pros and Cons as a Premium member.wealthy affiliate review


  • Unlimited help
  • Beginner Training
  • Walkthrough help
  • Live classrooms
  • Keyword search tool
  • Live Chat for instant help
  • 1v1 training
  • Boot camp for affiliate marketing
  • Website security
  • Website back up

These are some of the major pros that I have found for myself. These have all been very beneficial for me to take off and start an online business.


  • The community is very active commenting on your profile and website, you will receive a lot of emails.
  • 2 free websites are on siterubix.com.
  • Still, need to purchase your own domains but they are rather inexpensive
  • If you miss information on a walkthrough video you will have to search for an answer
  • Can feel overwhelmed when you just join as a beginner

As I started to make my cons list, these were the only things I could come up with that pertains to this product. One of them is just a feeling and the others are not very serious. I would very much like to have a bunch of cons to mirror the pros, but that is just not that case for my personal review.


Is Wealthy Affiliate for youwealthy affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone who is interested in starting a business online.

For me, I entered as a beginner and learned as I was creating a site. If you have no skills with online marketing, this is the place to be.

The amount of access you have to information is unmatched and there is also help if you get stuck. I looked around and I could not find a place that had 24/7 help with your site and content

All you have to ask yourself is do you want to start building a business online for free? I know I did that’s why I joined. Following the courses at Wealthy Affiliate will only benefit you. Here are the Affiliate Courses.wealthy affiliate review

wealthy affiliate scam


The Web support on Wealthy Affiliate

Owners Kyle & Carson are very active throughout the community. They will directly reach out to you.

The web support can be reached 24/7.wealthy affiliate support

There is always someone who can answer questions or help you out of a jam.

There is also a live chat box which seems to have people commenting all the time. There you can get instant answers to your questions from other people in the community.

You have access to your website through Site.Rubix. As you can see on the right the multiple options that will benefit you throughout your online journey.


Price of Wealthy Affiliate

The price to become a starter member is free. I recommend this for anyone who is thinking about joining. Try it before you buy it.

The premium membership is a bit costly. 47 dollars a month. They do have price breaks and discounts. The first month you decide to join is only 19 dollars. They also have a yearly subscription that is much cheaper than the monthly and that costs 359 dollars.

All in all, you get to try the product before you decide if it is worth spending 19 dollars on your first month. After your first month, you can determine if you think it’s worth spending 47 dollars.WA starter vs premium


Final Opinion on Wealthy Affiliate + Bonus

100% recommend Wealthy Affiliate.wealthy affiliate review

There is no other place on the web you are going to receive as much help and support along the way. For me, as a beginner when I began that was the most important thing for me. I hope to see you over there!

If you do decide to join WA, I will make sure I reach out to you within the first hour. You have my word on that. The first step inside WA is setting up your profile (picture, bio,etc.) which there will be a video for you to follow. It will help all the other members get to know you!

Also, If you do join as a free starter member, in the first seven days there will be a 59% discount on the premium membership for the 1st month! Only $19 dollars for your first month and you will have access to every aspect Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

And you have me, we can personally exchange private messages and I can help get you going!

Remember its $0 dollars to join so it’s at least worth signing up to check it out!

wealthy affiliate succes

So what are you waiting for?

It won’t cost you any money just some of your time to see if Wealthy Affiliate is worth paying for.

You never know till you try.

Create your free account at Wealthy Affiliate

If you have any questions before joining or just want to leave a comment, I will answer each and everyone as soon as I can.


    1. Franis, good question. In my opinion it is a CON because when I want to build a website i would prefer to have my domain be of my choice either at a .com, .net, or even .org depending on what I’m working on. I just don’t like the free DOMAIN.siterubix.com. But, at WA you can also host up to 50 domains even domains you have purchased which is a very nice feature.


  1. Hi, this is how i understand it ~ As a starter member you get two free websites, and they have sitierubix.com domain.

    As a premium member you get 50 websites with your own full domain .com, .net etc.

    (good luck managing that many lol)

    I guess what im suggesting here is by changing the 50 to 2 in your cons list the info would be more accurate.

    Also im confused about your reference to miss-information? Could you elaborate?

    Kind Regards

    1. Marty, Yeah I think I worded it wrong I will have to revise that. For the miss information, when I have shown friends and family at a glance they believed very quickly that the site was MLM. Which it is not at all. Yes, you can build a website that promotes Wealthy Affiliate if you would like. But you do not have too. You can build any type of website you would like to and WA will help teach you how to do that also and make money from that site! If that is what you were referring too.

      Or if you miss information in one of the video lesson walkthroughs because you got distracted or dazed off for a second, you will either have to search for that information on one of the blogs, or rewatch the video (maybe this happened to me once or twice as I was starting out:) )

  2. Your first paragraph sums me up to perfection too. I had no experience either building websites or running an online business.
    I thought the whole process would be too technically advanced for me but looking at the membership count, this inspired me to join.
    It’s very straightforward requiring determination to complete each task.
    You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert an implementing what’s shown in your own website pertaining to your chosen niche.
    I’m really enjoying the role implementing the steps slowly making sure I don’t skip anything.
    Great review,

    1. For some people, they may think with the amount of members that they will be competing with them to make money, but in reality, with the membership count everyone has their own ideas and interests and creates content that is a passion for themselves. I look forward to working with you over at WA


  3. Nice review I too started as a free member and after just two days i knew i had the right place finally. Its only taken 8 years to find it lol. I love wealthy affiliate and the community behind it. I have made some great friendshios already and love how everyone is genuinely wanting to help. Even though the really successful ones are very busy on their sites they make time to post training, motivating blogs, useful tips and reoly to comments and that isnt easy. Which is awesome and really helpful. What a team!

    1. Graham,

      It truly is a great place to start if you need to learn how to build a website and prosper off of it. Yeah, even now I wouldn’t leave WA the community is way to helpful and always there to give you feedback on your website. Truly a unique platform.


  4. Hey Kurtis. How can I be sure this isn’t some kind of scam or money grab? Is there a way I can give this a test drive to see if it’s even worth my time and effort? How long do you think it will take me to make some money doing this?

    1. Honestly, this is not a get rich quick scam. You put in what you get out of it. everything great takes time and learning if you are new. I would suggest starting as a STARTER, which is free to join. You can follow all of the training and get help. Make sure it is right for you and that you like creating content for your own website. If you don’t have prior knowledge I think its going to take 1-2 months before you make any money online. But, there is a community to help you keep going

  5. Hey good review on what wealthy affiliate is all about and what they have to offer, I really appreciate how you mentioned that you didn’t know anything about building websites because to be honest I had no idea as well, even though I have on running a business but that’s based on offline businesses and not online businesses but my 3 months being with wealthy affiliate I have Truly learned alot so again Good Review

    1. Marsean,

      Thank you, I think most of the information for building a website and what not can be found online. It’s amazing to have all that information and tools in one place and easily accessed. I wish you the best of luck with your website!

  6. Great job Kurtis on your site and content. I am so very Blessed to
    have found Wealthy Affiliate. I was introduced to the community
    by one of my Reps. from another one of my online business.

    The rewards we receive from being involved with this phenomenal
    Business is beyond description.

    To God Give The Glory;
    Praise His Holy Name;
    Your Brother In Christ;
    William L. Gordon

    1. William,

      I’m glad you have found WA. I hope you have much success with your online business! There is a lot to learn but the sky is the limit with potential, you just have to put your mind to it! WA is a great place to begin learning!

  7. Hi Kurtis.

    I enjoyed reading your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I started with them much the same as you. I had no experience with online marketing and limited computer skills. To top it off, I’m not exactly young anymore and worried about how I would learn. It was really good that they offered the free trial membership and the seven days of lessons. I wouldn’t have joined otherwise. The WA community is great and like a family. It does become addictive, though. One comes to a point that they have to set priorities and limit time answering notification emails, to be able to get your work on your website done. One thing I noticed that you didn’t mention was the incentive toward networking provided within the community, and how you can work your way up to top 200, 100, 50 and Ambassador. Writing blogs on the site also sharpens your writing skills and you can get immediate comments. Thank you for your good review of WA.


    1. Jeannie!
      Thank you for the kind words about wealthy affiliate. We come from the same background and look at us now! The free trial is perfect for people like you and me to make sure we are capable of doing all the learning and computer work needed to start online. I do wish you the best of luck with your website! Yeah I did not mention the community ranking I will have to add in a new excerpt about that!

  8. Wealthy affiliate is not a scam but it is for real, it is not like other programs that tell you how they can make you reach in a short period of time or like over night. When this community they let you know that this is not the place where you get rich over night but you would have to work hard and that it really takes time to build a business,but if you stick with the training you would be able to have a successful online business.

    1. Yeah that is very true for sure. That is how you know its not a scam. WA is not promising over night success online, because let’s be real. There really is no such thing as overnight success. You become success online or any business because you put the work in! With WA and working online its actually fun doing something you enjoy so it does not feel like work!

  9. Nice review. I’m a new and free member myself and it is so true that the starting process is so easy. I had no prior knowledge about creating a website or online marketing but still managed to get things up and running. This really is the best place for beginners.

  10. This was a great layout of Wealthy Affiliate. You didn’t hide one thing and I’m the type of guy that wants it all up front. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like it’s exactly what I’ve searched for for years…. Thank you for sharing….

  11. Hi Kurtis,

    Great review. Very comprehensive. I’m sure many people will come to a wise decision of joining WA once they read your review.

    All the best,

    Manila, Philippines

    1. Rupert,

      Thank you, if I can help people find a great platform to start self-employment online without getting ripped off that would be great. I wish you the best with your journey.

  12. Nice review!
    I have to agree on your 9 out of 10 as I have been a member now going on 6 years and I have built a full time business using this program.
    I too found the cons hard to come up with, but I would like to point out that these guys just keep adding new features year round and their investments are in the millions of dollars.
    I am sold and I enjoyed reading your review.
    How happy are you with the WA program?


    1. Shawn,

      What niche business did you build with WA?
      That is what I love about WA, there are so many resources to learn from. All the community members provide quality tools to help also!
      The owners really care about their platform and you can see and feel it when you go through the training.
      I am very happy to have joined. I am only unhappy I did not join sooner. I wish I started here 10 years ago!

  13. Hi Kurtis,

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate but as I was reading your great review it just reminded me about what a great decision it was to join, for all the reasons you mention. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme but a legitimate way to build a successful business in the long term and that’s what I wanted. Well done with this review. All the best, Mark

    1. Mark,

      It takes time to build a legitimate business online. There is no scam here for sure. The amount that has been invested into this platform to teach people how to build a business online is insane! So many tools to use for your benefit. I wish you luck and all the best!

  14. Kurtis,
    Being a member of WA myself without a shadow of a doubt it is perhaps the best training program online that teaches a person how to slowly build a successful online business for him/herself.

    As you stated in your article you discovered yourself the vast number of members of the site that have built financial success each in their businesses. And with WA you can become involved with learning what they share out to the site’s community.

    I always wonder why people who join WA would consider themselves to be overwhelmed with the training that is offered. Really everyone should understand completely that he/she is not under ANY pressure to go through the training, especially quickly. There is no timetable. You are not given written tests on the courses/tutorials where if you fail you will get booted out of the program.

    I do believe that the owners Kyle and Carson stress quite clearly that a person take his/her time going through the training. Ask questions of the community. Repeat the lessons if need be, something that Jay who does the weekly live training sessions strongly recommends.

    Yes, a person could join for free to “kick the tires” for a period. However it is upgrading to the premium membership level, which is priced quite reasonably, (and even more so if the person goes to the yearly level) that they have the opportunity of taking advantage of all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

    A great review that you wrote Kurtis and I wish nothing but the absolute best for you in your online business in association with WA!


    1. Jeff,

      The overwhelming feeling that I felt in the beginning, was the amount of knowledge that is offered. I knew when I signed up there was going to be competition within all the search results. So I was very eager to begin and try to learn as much as possible. I’m still learning and putting all the techniques to use!

      I wish you much success with your online business jeff.

  15. Thanks for this review. I found it very accurate. I actually use Wealthy Affiliate myself. So I can verify that this information is really accurate. My experience with WA so far has been great. I have been a member for 2 months and already feel so much more drive to push my online business forward as well as now I know how to make heads or tails of the online business world.

    Not to mention… Whenever I get stuck on something I can easily find a guide for it. If I can’t do that then I can ask the community at large and I will usually get an answer back from someone who has done what I’m trying to do within 15 minutes.

    When you listed out pros and cons I was legitimately wondering what cons you could possibly list. But I can see how those few (as small as they are) do actually exist.

    I guess my only question is that, since I know that wealthy affiliate has given my knowledge and drive that I never had before, has it helped you make money online?

    1. Chase,

      I feel the same exact way after joining and going through the WA program. It truly is great what is offered. I have looked at going to SEO and marketing classes offered locally and it’s hundreds of dollars for just a small group of classes.

      Yes, I have made money. When I started my first couple of months were slow. I’m talking single dollars. Now I have been making a lot more. You have to push yourself to get to that point. There is a lot of competition on the web. You follow the training you learn how to stand out from the competition. It takes time.

  16. Hello Kurtis
    thanks for a very well written and well explained Wealthy affiliate review.You have made some things that are hard for me to understand easier to follow.
    Im glad to read that Wealthy Affiliate offer 1on1 training, but how does this really work?You say they have so many members, how is it possible then to get 1on1 training for all members? or did I not understand correctly?
    $47 a month sounds reasonable to me, l know some programs out there that cost thousands to get training, if they can deliver then the price is really ok if one can afford it.(anyway here you got me confused, you said it`s $47 then you say $49, which is which?) I know it`s only $2 difference, but when money it tight, every penny counts.
    Anyway, will check other reviews and see what I can find about Wealthy Affiliate, I found your site while looking for something totally different but must admit im impressed with your review, but I learned the hard way not to jump in after reading one review.

    1. Roamy,

      I want to apologize for the misinformation. it is $47 dollars a month. Your first month can be discounted to $19. For the 1v1 training, it depends on who you signed up with. If you signed up for WA with me. I would help you 1v1 with everything. When you had a question I would want you to come to me for direct answers and not wait for someone else to answer it. I would be there to help you. so the 1v1 training is more of a special feature that I would provide if you joined with me.

  17. Kurtis,
    Nice review, very straightforward and to the point. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate and how did you learn about them?

    I don’t know that affiliate marketing is for everyone just because it takes so long to turn a dollar, you can go down to McDonald’s and start making money next week. But if you can stick with it you can make a pretty decent living.

    Have you tried other methods of making money? Email marketing, google adsense, etc?

    1. Chris,

      I learned about WA when I was searching for jobs online. I was reading reviews on job opportunities that were more like scams. Then, I came to WA and saw what they offered and decided to join for free!

      I have been on WA going on 3 months now

      I have not tried those techniques just yet. I will when I generate more traffic to my website!

  18. Good job i am really impressed by your article. it made a good reading. if i may ask, how did you link the promotional banners to your site. Good job

    1. Myk,

      Thank you. To add banners to your website. You want to save a banner picture to your computer. Then in WordPress add the media to a blank page or post. From there add a custom link to that picture. Link that picture to where you want your banner to send your visitors. Switch over from visual to text. Copy the HTML code for that picture. Go to appearance. Widgets. Add a text widget to your sidebar. Paste the HTML code in the text box. Move the text box up or down the side menu for where you would like it to show on your page.

      Hope I helped!

  19. When I first found Wealthy Affiliate, it was through a review about being a benefits counselor for a medical or dental services discount entity. All I saw was greatness about Wealthy Affiliate, and I knew that I had to give it some effort. If one has the desire to building an online business, I believe they will succeed in Wealthy Affiliate.

    Personally, I just joined Wealthy Affiliate last month (December 2016). Each day that I had time I spent LOTS of time investing into the site. I am confident income will generate soon, and I mean that 100%.

    The community is amazing. You have support no matter what. That is what makes this such a great resource; you are not just going through webinars, you have the opportunity to build needed relationships with others who already are experts with online entrepreneurship.

    People are honest when speaking positive about Wealthy Affiliate. It just takes time, effort, and a passion. We all have some type of passion!

    Choose Wealthy Affiliate!

  20. Hi Kurtis

    Like you I had no experience in creating a website, I joined WA about a year ago and it’s amazing to think how little I new then compared to what I can achieve now. The training and support are spectacular as there are so many thing that I have learnt that I would not even considered before. I think you have done very well to come up with a cons list, I think when I first started that price would have been one for me, but when you see what they provide included in the price compared to going it alone I would probably move it to the pro column these days. Anyway for the great article.



  21. This looks like it is a good opportunity to make money online. It seems simple enough because you said you started and had not real experience with website building.

    Why did you think that this was a con? The community is very active commenting on your profile and website, you will receive a lot of emails. I thought it would be good if people are active on your website. In all other blogs I have read it gets you better rankings. Isn’t this true?

    Thank you for such an in-depth review it has certainly made me think.

    1. I had no experience with website building when I started and you see how my website looks now. N yes it’s very good for rankings. But, I meant that con in the sense of you will receive a lot of emails. I have my iPhone logged into my email account. The community is so active I have updates and emails about everything that’s going on. It is a good thing to have. But, when you are new to the community it is very unexpected

  22. hey there Great review on wealthy afflaite, My Friend named David has been wanting to start his own online website and just didnt know where to start, but now since ive come across your review i know exactly where to help him get his start. Any extra advice you could inform me with before help him get started?

    1. Brandon,

      My advice for someone who is new is to remain focused on the tasks at hand. If you follow the course training you will build all the foundations to your website. Not everything will be perfect the first time. Just follow through, ask questions to people who have done it, and keep working at it. Tell David to connect with me in WA and I can personally help him along the way.

  23. Hi Kurtis

    I must say that I totally agree when it comes to the email part, I’ve been getting a lot of those recently.

    I must also admit that being a starter member myself for the first four months analyzing and searching for any negative reviews on this product I was surprised that there were hardly any.

  24. Great review of Wealthy Affiliate and very appealing website!
    I’m impressed reading that you didn’t know anything about building websites etc. and still your website is one of the more professional I have seen so far.

    You summed up WA very good and I really like the graphic illustrations as well. You use a combination of text and images throughout your content as a professional marketer.

    You awoke my curiosity and I had to check out other articles from you as well. You are doing a great job guiding people on how to start their business online and become self employed.

    I joined WA in October, 2016, and am building my online business as we speak. I got inspired to keep writing informational content and grow my business even more, so thank you for that! Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes,

    1. Stina,

      I did not know a thing about websites or internet marketing before I joined WA. Stina I am very pleased to hear that I could inspire you. I am here to help. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!

  25. Thanks ever so much for introducing me to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 🙂 I have been a member of so many different programs but have got nowhere as an affiliate marketer.

    But WA seems so refreshing because having access to the websites, tools, training, and support for an incredibly low monthly cost is unbelievable!

    I can’t wait to get my free starter account with WA!


    1. Neil,

      All in one. Everything you need is offered there. I am there to help you if you need to!
      If you have questions for me just let me know.
      I can help you with your affiliate marketing.


  26. Wow! I love your website. I usually don’t get on a website and want to stay. I got valuable information. I navigated very easily. Did you build this website from inside wealthy affiliate?

    P.S. I picked up a few online tools I didn’t know existed.

    1. Rodric,

      Yes, I built this website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can build a website just like this. Remember I did not know anything when I first started. To hear you say you love my website is a huge compliment so thank you! If you want to build a website like mine then join wealthy affiliate and I can help you along the way!


  27. I like your review about Wealthy Affiliate, I hope that they are real as you described them and I sincerely hope they actually really want to help! Internet is full of scammers and cheaters nowadays, and they are only trying to steal your money. Your Wealthy review really gives me hope that there is REAL opportunity to succeed online. Even the price seems fair. $19 for your first month is very affordable. I will definitely check out this program, but at the very least try the Free membership, that is just awesome!


    1. Mark,

      That is how you know this is no a scam. You can join as a free member to see what WA has to offer you. If you do not like it then do not pay! You will not have to enter your credit card details so there is no need to worry about getting charged down the road somewhere. Just understand building your website is building your own business. This takes your effort and time to grow it. I wish you the best of luck and if you need anything do hesitate to ask!


  28. I remember my first days on Wealthy Affiliate when I was receiving emails all the time from other members who was answering my question or was leaving me welcome messages. I do not think that is a negative. Anyway, you can choose when you want to receive emails in your settings.

    I think that one of the advantages of WA is that starts learning you a way to earn money online from the first lesson. So, if you decide to upgrade, you know exactly what to expect.

    1. Ilias,

      That is very true. That is just a negative I have about WA. Every time I post or comment on something, the community is so active, I get all the notifications when its liked and replied too. I will have to adjust my WA mail settings. Thank you Ilias!

  29. Hi Kurtis,

    Just wanted to drop a line and say that I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago and your review is really informative and detailed. WA is affordable and helped me a lot through the webinars and the community! Who is willing to work hard, learn and then earn should definitely consider it as a great option.
    Thanks a lot!

  30. This seems like such a wonderful place to learn how to build an online business, But how is having too much information a bad thing?

    Does being overwhelmed stop a lot of people at Wealthy Affiliate? What do you think I should do if I join and I am overwhelmed when I start?

    1. Brian,

      I am glad you asked that.

      What you should do is follow the course. The courses will teach you all the basics. So you do not have to concern yourself with all the information in the beginning. Learn the ropes and follow all the guides. Once you have done that and still need help. All the information you need will be offered there for you. Just take you time and work at your own pace.

  31. I’ve been looking for a place to learn how to make money online and this one you suggested seems pretty good. I am curious if you can turn off those pesky emails if the community is really active? If I turn off the emails, how do I know if I get a reply?

    I think I want an active community so I can bounce ideas off of people or ask questions. Will the community help?

    1. Grace,

      The community will always help you. All you have to do is ask. You can turn the emails off in your settings. So you email folder won’t be filled up with emails regarding WA.

      You will still know when someone replies to you. You have a notification box at WA. When someone replies to you or sends you a message you will have a notification just like you would on any Social Media platform.

  32. I tried Wealthy Affiliate and I love it! I have not found anything better that will teach you what you learn at Wealthy Affiliate and give you the tools you get for the price.

    This program is a life changer. That is not overstating the impact. I have made good money. But I know some people who make thousands of dollars a month with Wealthy Affiliate.

    One day I will get there . But for not I am having fun and making income that I was not before Wealthy Affiliate Good review!

  33. Excellent information and displayed very well! I enjoy Wealthy Affiliate’s benefits as well and have experienced other online opportunities. This by far is the best I have seen.

  34. Hey Kurtis,
    Golly, Wealthy Affiliate looks amazing! I’ve heard good things about it but have always been skeptical to give it a go. Is it a good opportunity for students as well to earn while we study?

    Wouldn’t wanna end up woking on my site during my exams and messing up both. Loving this review, very promising!

    1. Riaz,

      This is a good start for students to make some extra money online while they are in school. It is not going to provide them with cash overnight, but it is a great place to start and they will eventually start earning.

  35. Great review. I have no way of knowing how I found my way to wealthy affiliate. I was a free member for about three days before I decided I did not want a sitierubix. dot com attached to a domain name. Not that this was a bad thing because down the road you can buy a domain need and transfer everything over to it. I just wanted my own so by going premium I feel it was probably the best decision I made.

  36. Great review here. I really like the display of tools, training and support. Sounds like a valuable program to be on. Will have to give it a try 🙂 Thanks for the info

  37. I searched for years looking to make money on the internet. There are so many scams and programs that don’t work and it’s time and money down the drain. It is so hard to find the right one that will actually work. I checked out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the real deal. The community and program are absolutely second to none. If you follow the program and have the desire and believe in what you’re doing, they are there to guide you!

  38. Hey Kurtis,

    You have summed up WA perfectly, it is one of the best places for beginners to really get a handle on affiliate marketing, and building an online business that will last for years.

    Because you can get started for free, you can test the water first, and it doesn’t have an automatic upgrade after so many days like a lot of other courses have.

    This means anyone can decide if it’s right for them or not.

  39. Thanks for writing this review on WealthyAffiliate, there are many fraudulent companies on the internet today so that makes it somewhat difficult to determine the legitimate companies from the fraudulent ones. However, I must say based on what I read in this review that WealthyAffiliate seems like the real deal, the pros by far outweigh the cons. I think it’s great that you can join for free, and it seems like there’s a great community of people there who are all working hard to achieve their goals, maybe I should give it a try.

  40. Hi kurtis
    I read your review and I have been searching for a while to find a way out of my job. I have seen a lot of other “marketers” out there selling their systems. They promote how simple and easy to set up a website. One click and your done. Some costly. How is your system different from theirs ?

    1. Monica,

      Well, I think this way can definitely help you. The difference with this system vs some of the others you might have seen is that it is not that simple to set-up a website. Of course, 1 click on WA and you will have a website launched. But, you are going to need to learn how to tweak and modify your website and pages to your exact liking. These other systems do not go into as much detail on how to do such things. When you look at my website, it is not a 1 click and this is how it turns out. No, I needed to learn how to make all the modification and designing the layout within the training of Wealthy Affiliate.

      I think at times you will get stuck or need help and that is why WA is a better option. There is a massive support to help you along the way.

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