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What is Digital Altitude – Aspire Review

Digital altitude aspire review

Have you been searching the internet trying to find an honest review on Digital Altitude Aspire program?

I have dug into this program to give you a real honest look at what this digital program for you. I can explain what it is. How it works. What you will be doing. And If it worth joining or another scam.

Marketing online has a bad wrap with all the fake products and training programs out there. That is why I wanted to leave you with a review for you to decide if this is the right company for you.

When you Google search reviews on Digital Altitude, you will find that all the top websites are affiliate websites for this program. (that website owner will be paid if you join through their website.)

Well, for you I am not affiliated with Digital Altitude so I can give you an honest review on Aspire.


aspire from digital altitude reviewCompany: Digital Altitude

Owner: Michael Force


Price: $37/month, $67/month, $127/month

Rating: 2 out of 10


What is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is an online multi-level marketing company that is promising the world and ridiculously high commissions on products. This company is using the dreams of wealthy and prosperity that people desire to lure them into this pyramid scheme.

How it works.

You will be an affiliate for Digital Altitude and your goal is going to be recruiting other people into this MLM company. When you find other people to join this program, you will also make money off of the recruits. There are 3 different levels of tiers. Thus, an MLM or worse a pyramid scheme.

Digital Altitude requires a subscription membership to teach you how to market and promote their products in order for others to join.aspire product from digital altitude

3 levels of membership you can buy in at:

  1. Walker
  2. Hiker
  3. Climber

Each level costs more money than the previous. This company is tricking you into buying at the highest level of membership.

“The more you learn, then the more you earn.”


Products you will be promoting

The products you will be promoting through Digital Altitude are very expensive. There are 5 different products you will be trying to have others buy into. These products are tools for others to learn how to promote Digital Altitude.

  1. Base
  2. Rise
  3. Ascend
  4. Peak
  5. Apex

You have to buy these products before you are allowed to promote them.

These products are not tangible. This means that the products are digital downloads for a person to learn how to market online.

As there are great resources for free online, I will not disclose what materials are inside these products that make them so expensive. But, I can tell you that you can learn how to affiliate market for much cheaper than what these products cost.

Down below you will find how much these overpriced products cost.

product line from digital altitudes


Price of products

If you are serious about this program you will need to spend only $57,583. How is that possible? Well, you will need to have the highest level of membership and need to buy all the product lines.

So only $57,583 to join the program. Sure, we all have that laying around to get started.

Let me show you how it adds up.

3 levels of membership.

Walker – $37 a month

Hiker – $67 a month

Climber – $127 a month

The higher level of membership means you can earn more from your downline. The climber membership will allow you to earn commissions from 3 levels below you in your downline.

5 products you will have to purchase to promote.

Base – $595

Rise – $1,997

Ascend – $9,997

Peak – $16,997

Apex – $27,997

These products cost a one time fee. Lucky for us we only have to buy them once. Remember with this affiliate program you need to buy each product to be able to promote it. If you do not buy the Apex, you cannot promote it and you cannot make money off a sale of it if someone bought it because of you.

These are not tangible products. All these products contain is e-learning material to help teach you how to build your own business. Who would pay for this? Who decided to price these products?

Also, if you bought in at the base level and someone under you bought in at the Rise level, you will not receive a commission for this sale. If someone buys in higher than you currently are, that sale passes you up. That sale will go to a sponsor who is at a higher level.


Support from Digital Altitude

Did they tell you that there will be a coach to help you close sales? Yes, there is because your coach will be taking your commission if they close your sale. It is a way for your coach to make money off of your leads.

There is really no support from this program.

This program makes it seem as if there is support from your coach but your coach just wants your leads. When your coach is not after your leads, they will be calling you and trying to convince you to buy the next level as it will help you close more deals.

These coaches are not to be trusted. All they want is to make money off of you.

Does it really seem like support when your coach is calling you to sell you on joining the next level?

There is also a Facebook group. From what I have seen it is just other members claiming to have made huge commissions. Whether these claims are real or fake, I do not know.


Is Digital Altitude Aspire a scam?

It is clear that this program is a multi-level marketing company and is definitely a pyramid scheme. MLM is legal but there are reasons why these companies should be banned and be illegal.

There are some major red flags about Digital Altitude Aspire that screams this is a total scam.

1.) Affiliate Programs are free to join. You can join Amazon’s affiliate program for free and that is the largest program online. You are doing all the hard work and providing a service of marketing for this company. It is insane you would have to pay to promote a company. It is usually the other way around, a company pays for someone to market for them.

2.) Buying products before you can promote them. Having to spend thousands of dollars before you can promote a product is not normal. Once again, you can join Amazon and they do not require you to buy products before you promote them.

3.) This company is preying on innocent people. Here is a quote from the owner of the company Michael Force.

Our program was not designed for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between.


That sounds very unethical to me and not a business I would ever be in bed with.

Do you think the people Michael Force is after has thousands of extra dollars lying around?

The top earners of this company are not beginners. They are well trained and experienced internet marketers who already have websites, email lists, traffic to their websites, and know how to effectively use PPC advertising.

This program is not for beginners like the people Michael Force is marketing too.

You cannot try this program for free. 

The only discount I have seen is not even free. It is a $1 purchase to see what the basic package has to offer. So, right from the beginning, you have to start paying.


A better option than Digital Altitude

There is a much better option than Digital Altitude. If you are interested in building your own business online using the affiliate marketing approach then there is a great place. It will not cost you thousands of dollars either.

I started at Wealthy Affiliate. It is beginner friendly with their step-by-step training. That is where I started and did not cost me thousands of dollars. In fact, I built this website using their method of keywords, hosting, and other training.

You will learn all the basics without breaking the bank.

You will learn how to turn your website into a traffic gold mine with search engine marketing.

You will learn how to write in a way your content will be found on all search engines.

You do not have to promote wealthy affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can choose and promote any niche you would like! That is what is great, they are not teaching you for their own benefit of selling mass amounts of products to you but rather to help build your own online business.

make money online



Before you decide.

You should know that you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

There are 2 websites offered for new members for free.

There is a premium membership which costs $49. You can stay a free member and earn as a free member.

There are no other upsells!

You can have 1v1 coaching from me. Contact me on my profile.


  1. Man I haven’t even heard about the Aspire digital marketing program. Glad I you told about this and how much money you would have to invest in to it.

    It’s like let me spend thousands of dollars to maybe make a small sum of money. Maybe

    1. Nick,

      I heard about this from the Instagram account Millionaire.Mentor. As one of his posts was claiming to make a thousand dollars a day. I had to start digging into this program because of how many followers that account has.

      From my research, I find this to just be another MLM scam.
      It is a lot of risks to get started with online marketing with no guarantee you will enjoy what you are doing or even have enough resources to make a lot of money.

  2. It’s ironic they use mountain terminology in the place of walking up a pyramid. Same kind of scheme don’t you think?
    It is crazy expensive, I can’t see these guys lasting long that’s for sure. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers, Peter

    1. Peter,

      I did not even think about it like that. But, you are completely right. I am not sure how long they will last as for when I searched online. All I could really find was positive affiliate marketing reviews. Which, I knew was not the truth and had to dig further. There are Instagram accounts that are promoting Aspire and those accounts have millions of followers. So spread the word about this scam.

  3. Wow, aspire looks like such a bad deal. I don’t know what their thinking with charging such an outrageous amount. Wealthy Affiliate looks like the way to go without a doubt. Thanks for awareness.

    1. Zach,

      The high price tag is a way to lure people in. People think if they are paying a high price for something it has high value. This is simply not true and just a marketing trick.

  4. Hi Kurtis, I’ve never heard of this company, before but the scheme sounds all too familiar!
    Not much different from the $5 chain letter postal mail scheme from decades ago.
    This one’s bleepin expensive!

    No thanks, I’d rather build a real online business – much more rewarding!

    1. Oren,

      I am not familiar with the chain letter postal mail scam. I assume it is similar to envelop stuffing? Yeah, this one is very expensive and has some really huge risks attached to it with the large price tag.

  5. Before I joined WA I joined with Digital Attitude and went through their training program up to the point that they wanted $1,997 just to get started. before I gave them my money I did the research on this company and found that it is in fact a pyramid company and that I would need to recruit friends and family in order to make money, and that people above me are making money off of me. Buyer beware! I just didn’t see make the money they said I would make. Thanks for publishing the article.

    1. Hillard,

      You made the right decision to not join Digital Altitude. That program is way overpriced. I know it seems like a good idea, but it is not. Good thing you did the research and went with my recommendation.

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