What is High Traffic Academy? A Look Inside

I have been following Vick Strizheus since I first encountered one of his products online. Project Breakthrough. Vick and Project Breakthrough turned out to be a complete scam. Vick spoke and it made me believe following him would be the correct path to creating a career online. Just because his first program was a scam does it mean everything he has touched since is a scam too?

Well, I wanted to take a look inside High Traffic Academy to see if this is a platform that will actually teach you how to make money online or just rip you off.

Is High Traffic Academy a scam by Vick Strizheus or has he turned over a new leaf and finally on a decent path of helping people generate an income online?


High traffic academy websiteCompany: High Traffic Academy

Website: HighTrafficAcademy.com

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Price: $997

Rating: TBD


What is the High Traffic Academy?

The High Traffic Academy is a program that will teach you all about PPC advertising. Pay-per-click advertising  are the ads you will see at the top and bottom of Google’s search engine results page.

Vick claims to have a secret formula using PPC that will drive a ton of traffic that will convert into sales online. Those are familiar with online marketing understand that…

Traffic ≠ Money

Just because you have traffic to your ads or web page does not mean you will be making sales. High Traffic Academy is focusing on the volume of visitors. How to be seen and found online.

High Traffic Academy might be best for those who are experts in internet marketing but for those people who are new to the game online will be getting ripped off. The real formula to making money online is…

Quality content = Visitors = Money

Vick and his program are taking a different promotional angle by claiming you do not need a website for internet marketing. “How difficult it will be for you to create your very own legitimate business online with a website.” In a way, it makes sense and is almost convincing. Of course, you do not need a website, look at Vick Strizheus he does not have a website and is making money online with PPC right?

No! He has multiple web sites online and not only that he is making a lot of money off of his High Traffic Academy students!


Who is High Traffic Academy for?what is the high traffic academy

High Traffic Academy is promoted as being a platform for a beginner all the way to expert. But, after a couple of weeks, you will come to realize this program is not for a beginner and is designed only for someone who is an expert at internet marketing.

The major issue with who High Traffic Academy is actually for is that he claims it is for everyone and anybody can do it. The training videos draw you in and make you believe the hype Vick Strizheus spits at you. I do have to admit, he can really motivate you and make you believe in yourself. But, the training is not for everyone and anybody.

High Traffic Academy requires a lot of money. You need to have a large budget to actually benefit for this. Even if you are an expert level marketer, if you do not have cash to spend, this program is not for you.

High Traffic Academy is for experts who have a lot of money to spend on the program and PPC campaigns.


Price of High Traffic Academy

Just to join Vick’s High Traffic Academy to begin learning his secrets of PPC advertising it is going to cost you $997. That is not very cheap to begin learning a traffic method that is also going to cost you money.

Once you have paid and begun to learn some of the methods in his training, he will reveal at the end it is going to cost you a minimum of $2,000 to begin the “getting started” networking phase.

The method of Vick’s is not entirely useless but it is overpriced and for marketers who are beginners and experts. As you will not be able to run and manage your own $100 campaign which is recommended, you will need to invest $1,000 into each marketing campaign.

As most marketers on the internet will tell you, the best way to begin your PPC campaign is with $100. Track your conversions and then make changes as needed before spending thousands of dollars on your PPC.


Is Vick Strizheus just a scam artist?is vick strizheus a scammer

I have been intrigued by Vick since the first time I watched one of his videos about Project Breakthrough. He spoke and I was captivated. After searching around on the internet, I was able to learn that Project Breakthrough was nothing more than a scam.

After I started to follow Vick, I started to see him pulling more and more scams online. 4 Percent Group is another online scam. He is promising huge payouts in a very short time frame.

Some other scams Vick has been a part of but are no longer around:

  • 7 Figure Marketing School
  • Global Succes Club
  • Big Idea Mastermind
  • Empower Network

People catch onto his scams and all he does is think of a new one.

What type of man is Vick Strizheus?

Vick has been sentenced for Grand theft. In 2007, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail for faking life insurance claims. He was making up people’s names and filling out life insurance. That scam caught up to him in 2007.

Vick Strizheus is just a scam artist and any program he has his name attached to cannot be trusted.


Is High Traffic Academy a scam?

Verdict: Do not join High Traffic Academy

Vick Strizheus is a scam artist. He is not the type of person you want to trust with your money. His traffic generating program is overpriced and will not help you.

All this program will do is make money for Vick since you are basically paying $1000 to him.

PPC campaigns should not cost you a minimum of $2,000 to start. You want to start small and test your PPC. You do this with small amounts first and then spend more when you know your PPC will convert into sales.

TRAFFIC DOES NOT MEAN MONEY. Traffic results in money is a lie from Vick.

If are interested in making money online, there is a much better option. This will not cost you thousands of dollars to learn how to make money online.

This is where I ended up starting online after digging into Vick and his scam programs and I hope you will too.

This is where you will learn that quality content will lead to sales online.

This is where I started and where you should too.

Read my full review about Wealthy Affiliate below.

Join Wealthy Affiliate today


  1. Hi there,

    I have heard of High Traffic Academy and of Vick Strizheus, I’ve known a little of him. I was aware that High Traffic Academy was very pricey to start and at that time I thought that it was a good platform to learn how to get traffic. I didn’t join because of the cost.

    Scam or not, I still would not have paid that much money.

    Thank you for revealing this information.

    1. Rosa,

      Be happy you did not join. The PPC and traffic techniques he will be teaching you are not a secret. You can learn these for free online. You can go to Youtube and find them. Vick is not a trustworthy marketer.

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, I myself know too well about these kinds of scams that will promise you the world and tell you how you can become rich almost overnight. But in the end when you realize that it is a scam it is to late because your money is gone. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Norman,

      I will have to update this because I have found some serious complaints from people who have lost THOUSANDS of dollars from this program. There is no help or support and no customer service department to help you. Getting a refund is next to impossible.

  3. I thought as much! I stumbled on his video on youtube, he captured my attention and then I subscribed to his Four Percent whatever. But I realized that he was up to no good. I’ve unsubscribed but this guy won’t stop sending me emails prompting me to buy his course.

    1. Melly,

      He is very slick and has a lot of great showmanship. I will be honest, I thought he sounded great and really had some excellent points. People really buy into what he is selling and then it is too late. Once you lose your money, it is too late.

  4. That is a really high price product that only benefits the promoters. Thanks for the heads up on another product from a real slick promoter. Really well done, thanks.

  5. Wow I always heard about scams on making online. Although I’ve never heard about High Traffic Academy, your review would probably help a lot of people not to fall in to this trap. Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice though. I heard a lot about it.

    1. Kean,

      WA is a great alternative to High Traffic Academy. It will not cost you thousands of dollars. The people there are not internet scam artists with shady backgrounds. A much better option and one you can actually trust.

  6. Thanks for this great write up, I’ve never heard of Vick but I know the type. And it’s actually these online marketers that give online marketing a bad name. The too good to be true claims tap into that lottery mentality. I love what you’ve said about wealthy affiliate. Thanks for the post

  7. Damn, that hefty price tag is quite harsh isn’t it. Vick ALMOST had me to join after I used his system Project Breakthrough last year. Although, I did NOT want to pay that massive price. It’s just not worth it. And I highly agree with you that he’s a scam artists. Just look at how much scams he releases in a year! There’s loads of them. That’s because he keeps getting caught so he has to keep creating new ones. What a way to live your life, huh. Lol

    I liked reading your article. Thanks a lot!


  8. Thanks for this great review. I have fallen for a similar scam before so it is really great that you look into this one and point out that it is not what it says. They promote their programs with their charisma and exaggeration, and it is only after you pay (which is a lot of money) that you realise it is not something for you. I have been involved in Wealthy Affiliate though which lets you do a free trial so you can really try it out yourself first.

  9. Wow!! Thank you so much for this article! I have never heard of that guy but I am sure glad that I read this before I ever went looking into him. I cannot believe how much money he is trying to charge for this! Great job on letting people know about this, hopefully people will see this and know that there are better options out there!

    1. Nicole,

      There are much better options out there. You can go to Youtube and watch free videos and learn a lot about PPC. You are better off staying away from this overpriced platform.

  10. This how the so-called internet guru promising you the sky is the limit. Before You can actually make money, you are parted k off by thousand of dollars, then there is another upsell. It is definitely a scam.

  11. Classic get rich quick scheme…. Pretty much anything that claims you’ll be a master at something after two weeks is too good to be true. Good job getting the word out there.

  12. Hi Kurtis,

    I typically steer clear of anything that promises riches in a short time frame and with this kind of price tag. But thanks for the warning about this “scam artist”. I don’t know how people can live with themselves. We all know “it takes years to make a lot of money overnight” 🙂

  13. This really opened my eyes up to how a lot of the very successful internet marketers are scam artists. I am glad to have found some honest people with the WA community.

    1. Imani,

      The community at WA all have the same goal and are willing to help each other reach it. I think that is what makes it so special and different from all the other platforms online.

  14. Whatever the program is offering, I wouldn’t be picking up when the owner has prior record of not only one scam, but multiple and has faced jail term for it. Thank you for pointing this out in this review.

  15. good one bro…
    Thanks for info about Wealthy Affiliate..
    I don’t know vick is a scam artiste because I never was in any of his businesses.
    As far as empower network, he was not he owner. He was an affiliate.
    So, they are not connected.
    And empower is still going but slowly . very slowly.
    Thanks again for info about wealthy affilaite

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