what is SEO marketing about

Search Engine Optimization

SEO simply explained:SEO marketing

The process of gaining traffic to your website to rank higher in search engine results.

In a nutshell, you want to have your website show up on the first page of all search engines, forget about page 2 or 3.

You really only benefit from page 1.

Seo is often referred to as organic, natural, or earned. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have main search results. These results are what the search engine deems to be most relevant to that search. The content of the results can include websites, videos, local listings, or products for sale. These should not be confused with the paid ADs at the top of the search results page.


Make your website become ranked in search engines

Provide qugoogle search SEOality content on your website. All the major search engines love to show results of great content on websites. The content you provide should be excellent. When people see quality content, they will link it or share it with others. This quickly shows the search engines how interesting and qualified your content is. You will be ranked on google in no time!


How does Google, Yahoo, andranking in google Bing rank results?

Search engines promote pages to the top that are most related to the direct search. The content needs to be useful for the people searching for it. When users find the information useful, they will share it via social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) Search engines will begin to pick up on the sharing. The sharing will increase your Google ranking.


SEO marketingSimple 3 step guide to becoming ranked in all search engines!

Search engine optimization is not as complex as some of these SEO companies would want you to believe. Whether you have a small business or want to learn how to make money online, you can do it yourself. No need to hire a company to do it for you.

Sometimes through the process, you can get lost or stuck. There is a community of affiliate marketers and people making money online. They can help through the learning process.

Help with everything along the way.

If you are ready to get started online, then read where I started below


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  1. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. The source of traffic and its procedure is the most important information for a newbie in internet marketing field. I beleive Content really effect positively to rank one ‘s website in search engine.

  2. Hello,
    IF SEO is so easy why isn’t everyone doing it? Won’t you have a problem trying to compete for rankings when sites already have traffic?

    1. JLG,
      Internet marketing companies don’t want people to start doing it themselves. The more informed people are about SEO the more business they will lose. SEO is not terribly complicated. Also, no you will not have a problem generating traffic because you can learn how to use keyword searches for what people are searching for, how many hits, and how much competition is related to that keyword search. You will be able to build lots of traffic to your website that way.

  3. good stuff. I have been on WA for some months now and still tweaking and learning about SEO and keywords but I am getting better at it all the time. At this point, I am working on shares…

    1. Brent, With the shares that is just going to take some time. No one is perfect as something they have not done before. So practice more. and keep doing what you’re doing.


  4. Hi kurtis.
    Thanks for this informative article. Quality content is important for the search engines , that is normal :).
    But do you realy think that you must be on page 1 of google? of course, you have more chance with page Nr1 , but when I am looking about something on Google, I always look pages 1-4 or 5. There can also be good answers to my question

    1. Damien,

      I think you might be the exception to that rule. When most people do a search and the page one articles are not relevant to that particular search. People tend to re-word that previous search and try again. For you the look through the first 4 or 5 pages is great. I know I have the thinking if I couldn’t find what I’m looking for on page 1, I re-word the search and keep trying.


  5. Hi, Brent!

    Thanks for this very informative post!
    The source of traffic is the most important in internet marketing.
    SEO is not complicated at all.
    People need to learn how to generate traffic by using keyword searches.
    They will be able to build lots of traffic to their website that way.


  6. This is so great when it comes to SEO because this will determine whether you will make the kind of money that you are hoping to make, SEO is the position where every website owner wants to be, that is why we seek to write blogs that can get the kind of traffic that we are hoping for according to our niche, for when this happens and the search engines sees that that puts us in a good position to get a good ranking in google, bing and yahoo.

    1. Norman, you are exactly right. This is what every website wants to have success with online. And, for someone new, it can seem very confusing. SEO is not as difficult as some may think! with anything new it just takes some time to learn and perfect!

  7. Keeping the focus on the end user (your visitor) is really the best way to go way to go. Like you said, when your main concern is creating quality content that is useful to the people who read it, it gets shared much more leading to even more people viewing it.

    It’s a little scary thinking that you will only get benefits from being on page 1 of a search. I guess that’s just the way it is for all of us.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Nick,

      It really is the truth, though. Page one is the goal for all search engine marketers. If you don’t have posts on page one you will not be found! If you need help with your SEO please let me know!

  8. It took me a while to realize how important SEO was to my blog – I’m one of those people that thought that just the level and quality of my writing would see me through but unfortunately I was VERY wrong!
    At the end of the day people will not see the options you are marketing if you do not have some sort of SEO in place – your website will become a barren landscape!
    What SEO tool do you use for your marketing?

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