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What is the Empower Network – Is it a Ripoff?

Empower Network was one of the hottest MLM companies of last year. This year this company is looking for like one of the hottest scams of last year.

All of the top “1%” earners from Empower Network have been leaving the company. This is common practice when the whole scheme is about to collapse.

Not all MLM companies are scams, but the way Empower Network is collapsing, we can tell it seems to be a big scam.

Do you want to know what Empower Network is? Is there a better option than Empower Network? Well, I will give you a full review of Empower Network and you can decide for yourself.


what is empower networkCompany: Empower Network

Website: www.EmpowerNetwork.com

Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe

Price: $25/month + a ton of upsells. $19.99/month, $100/month, $500/month, $1,000, $3,500

Rating: 1 out of 10


What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a blogging platform to teach you to make money by referring people to Empower Network. The goal of a blogger for EN is to promote EN and refer others to join.


Brief Overview

The blogging aspect of this network is just a scam to get people to join. The real money being made is by all the upselling that goes on.

This company should be avoided at all costs. This MLM is a total pyramid scheme and the top executives were making money off the backs of hard working individuals.


What to know before you buy Empower Network

There is strong lure into the Empower Network because this company offers “100%” commissions and is a great way to earn money from blogging. The only problem, that is not a whole truth about Empower Network.

When you join the Empower Network you will only make 100% commissions on the product level you have purchased in at. The rest of the money will go to your upline. Your upline is the people that referred you to join. A lot of your commissions will go to other people above you. That is how a pyramid scheme works.

Shortly after joining you will be told you should go “all in” and “upgrade” your subscription. This is just a con to get you to buy the higher level of membership. In order for you to make big commissions, you will have to own the highest level of packages. Those are the packages that cost thousands of dollars.

In most MLM, you pay a minimum fee to join, but then the price tag to earn the most money with higher priced packages is dangled in your face. “buy the higher package to earn more money.”

Eventually, there is going to be more sellers than there are buyers and the business is going to fail as we see now.


Is there anything positive about Empower Network?

If you are sitting at the top of the pyramid then yes, that is great you will earn a lot of money.

Too bad there is only a few sitting at the top while the vast majority are stuck at the bottom of the pyramid.


What you should know

MLM companies are the worst types of scams. The success rates with MLM is very low. Those who start or join early have a great chance of making a ton of money but the truth is no one after that fact is going to make any money.

The people who join MLM companies like Empower Network are always trying to build their downline with spam tactics. They flood social media networks, spam forums, all just trying to get people to buy into the same scam they feel for.

Empower Network says it is a blogging network to help drive traffic to join but there is no real training in search engine optimization or how to promote your blog without spamming. The worst part is, you will not be selling any real products.

The only goal is to get more people to join your downline.

This platform might be for bloggers but in truth, it is a pyramid scheme. You do not own the blog from Empower Network. Empower Network owns that blog. At any point in time, EN can block your access. EN has done this before to many others and will do it again. There are better ways to start your own blog that you completely own for free.

When you are starting a blog you should be looking at what type of training and support is offered. Is the training going to teach you every aspect of blogging, SEO, keywords, and all the other factors that come into play? The next question you need to ask yourself is if you are still going to be doing this in 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years.

One of the most important aspects of Empower Network you should understand is that if you do not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy the upgrades, you will never earn those large commissions from your downline. If you stay at the minimum fee at $25, you will only make $25 from your referrals. Even if your referral buys a higher package.

If someone in your downline decides to upgrade and purchase the $500 or $1000 package while you are still at the $25 level, you will earn $25 while the rest of the money goes to the member above you.


Is Empower Network for you?

I have made posts about MLM companies and other types of scams before. The comments are always the same, trying to correct my view or opinion on an MLM.

You need to ask yourself if this goes south and you cannot earn any money. How much of a hole will you be stuck in if you spend $500 or $1000? A common thing with MLM companies is the lure of wealth. Showing how much other members have joined. Do not fall for that trick. Most people will not earn even half of that lured amount.

I know for myself, I hate MLM companies and I would like nothing more than to see others become smarter about their choices before joining. I do not want to see people losing hard earned money while only a few collect all the dollars from Empower Network.


Final Conclusion on Empower Network

Empower Network has taken a big hit since the top 1% of the company has jumped ship. The company might have fallen apart, but it is still around today. The buzz surrounding Empower Network has certainly died off, but it is still around.

I do not think people should join this company.

The product I recommend and I am not shy about saying is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option with the training and support that is offered.


Let me make things clear.

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