traffic hurricane review

What is Traffic Hurricane Plus? A scam or legit?

is traffic hurrican plus a scam?

Traffic Hurricane Review

Name: Traffic hurricane


Owner: Ernie Ganz

Price: $50 ad pack

Overall rank: 0/100


Traffic hurricane overview

With the internet being one of the most remarkable inventions of our species, many people have found several ways to take things a step further by turning the World Wide Web into an income stream. Everyone has a site these days and there is so much information that most of it

Everyone has a site these days and there is so much information that most of it is just repetitive and rehashed. But even with this phenomenon, some websites are more renowned by others.

One may argue that quality content is the reason but then we must attribute this to the true cause, Traffic. In a bid to generate more followership to their sites, several website owners have sought ways to draw more traffic to their blogs.

This has led to the inception of some specialized third party agents.

Traffic hurricane is a system that provides you with the opportunity to draw traffic to your site and avails you the opportunity to earn money while you are at it. According to the model, all users need to do is to click a few ads a day and they will be smiling to the bank, simple right?

According to the model, all users need to do is to click a few ads a day and they will be smiling to the bank, simple right?

Well, there are a few other complications and terms to take note of that has awoken the question, is traffic hurricane a scam? And if not, how legitimate is the setup?


The good

1.) It seems to promise good money for non-demanding work. The main activity here being to purchase ad packs and click on ads.

2.) Compared to a few other traffic services on the web, traffic hurricane offers just one ad level. This has made things tremendously easier.


The bad

1.) It follows the exact same model of another similar scheme; Traffic Monsoon, which was quite successful until they had their funds frozen resulting in a lot of customers and members loosing their investments. This was due to a withdrawal made by the owner of traffic monsoon of 21 million dollars into his personal account from the business which led to an investigation that is still ongoing.

2.) They are always a life span on this sort of model. This is mainly due to either the gradual slowing down of the sales of their ad packs to a point where there is hardly enough revenue to share or the owner making a run for it and cleaning out the system.

3.) Not everyone can afford to start in a new system by purchasing an ad pack priced at $50. This is a major downside of their one ad pack level policy.


Who is traffic hurricane for?

Traffic hurricane is simply for those looking to earn money by performing simple tasks online. Seeing as the company has only virtual products being sold, it is suitable for those who have some free time to click a few ads a day and participate in the overall activity of the network.


Traffic hurricane support

The system is quite straight forward to understand as the network is not all that complicated.

However, interested members are to visit where there is a frequently asked questions section designed to answer any and all questions you might have about the system.

The company also provides the customer care lines on the website to enable personal inquiries that may not have been resolved. For such inquiries, you can reach the support at;

United States: +44-800-086-9027

United Kingdom: 1-888-234-6755.


Traffic hurricane price

Earning with traffic hurricane is quite simple; affiliates are expected to invest an initial fee of $50 with which they stand to earn a return on investment of $55. Any member who recruits more affiliates to join the company is entitled to a 10% commission out of the initial fee that their recruit invests.

This initial investment equips you with ad credits that enable you to display your ad banners on the site.

Aside from this, to earn money here, you are allowed to click on 10 ads per day while your money slowly stacks up.

With this system, if you are looking to really earn some serious income, you have to either start by investing a lot of money to give you a bigger return on investment or improve your marketing skills and build a wide referral base which entitles you to 10% of every ad pack purchase from each recruit. It is important to know that it is free to join this network.


My final opinion of traffic hurricane

The biggest red flag with traffic hurricane is that it is modeled exactly after a similar company that had a terrible and fatal end.

Interestingly, this new setup was started by someone who was strongly affiliated with the former. You should know that with traffic hurricane, there is absolutely no guarantee for you to earn, this means that purchasing the ad pack comes with no money-back guarantee.

Traffic hurricane is not an investment; it is simply a form of exchange for an interest in the long run.

Companies like these do not last very long and it is usually the top and early affiliates that benefits. While the scheme may be paying at this time, the growth curve strongly suggests that it will go in the way of its predecessors.

So thread lightly as even though traffic hurricane might not seem like a scam at the moment, don’t hold your breath, it might end up as a big Ponzi scheme just the same way Traffic Monsoon went.

If you are looking for a legitimate and stable avenue to earn money, you should probably look elsewhere as this might not stand the test of time.

Overall scam rank: 0/100

Verdict: NOT LEGIT

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  1. Be careful with huricane, new security detect in device, if you change device that you used to login in huricane, old device you should destroy, do not you sell, I got blocked because I sell old laptop that I used to login Huricane and buyers sign up with the link I gave in the email, and already 3 weeks there is no solution & answer.
    If you are comfortable with the new security, for me no cause in 1 year I would upgrade the device 2 to 3 times, and want to be on the old device.
    I already bought the package adpack, and in my balance there is balance ready withdraw $ 33

  2. I want to thank you for your unbiased review of Traffic Hurricane. Can I ask you to review this company again, with a greater understanding of what is ‘promised’ and what is really on offer at Traffic Hurricane. There is now a UK division and my belief is that these blogs hold a lot of weight and are giving people an inaccurate review of the business we see now in 2017.
    thank you.

    P.S please contact me if I can be of any assistance to the revised review

  3. It is scam! now they are asking everyone to subscribe to another site for $29 per month in order for you to earn revenue or even to withdraw any amount you have in your balance.

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