Diamond CBD company review

What’s inside the Diamond CBD all about?


Name: Diamond CBD

Website: www.diamondcbd.com

Overall rank: 85 out of 100


This is a manufacturing company dealing with a wide range of CBD products. They work in partnership with industrial hemp farms in Colorado, Scandinavia, and Kentucky and claim to submit to quality checks as well as approval before extraction of the natural CBD takes place. They also claim to subject the final raw materials to laboratories for further testing. Their products all derived from this well tested, quality controlled CBD extraction are 607 in number.

The good

  1. The company has solid partnerships with industrial farms for its raw materials as well as being careful by undergoing several testing
  2. The products are generally good and consumer satisfying

The bad

  1. The number of products to choose from is blatantly overwhelming for any customer thereby clouding his chances of having a reasonable choice
  2. The product descriptions on the Diamond CBD website only unleashes confusion
  3. The company’s identity, offices, warehouse and the identity of its team are rather vague
  4. Some of their products are expensive and may be difficult to sell to the general populace

Products and Pricing

Like we have said already, this site has SIX HUNDRED AND SEVEN (607) products altogether. That is a huge number is neither easy to unravel nor is it affordable. We have done a review of four of their products and ranked them based on strength.

Diamond CBD Gummy Bears

The first noticeable thing about these is that the company itself does not know how many gummy bears are contained in a pack. It states this on its website as either four or six. Purchasing the product shows that it was refreshingly tasty and could gain just the right amount of traction they aim to gain.

Vape Addictive

This product contains raw CBD vape addictive and is quite effective and nicely packed too. The company has even gone the extra mile to explain how to use it in a video displayed on their site. They have also provided the laboratory results derived from testing its content on their website. It is a powerful product that yields the desired results.

Diamond CBD Crystal Rock Dabs

The company has eight products that it has given the name ‘dabs’ although none of them fit the description in the end. The product labels are also not any help and you cannot estimate how much CBD you will be getting in one Crystal Rock Dab. Unfortunately, the phone line operators didn’t seem to be much help as they could not provide reasonable information that tallied with the details on their website. The Diamond CBD Crystal Rock Dabs is effective but also expensive.

Diamond CBD Strawberry Vale Pen

Like the other products we have reviewed, this one is expensive but has the ability to yield the desired results. It is also properly packaged.

Final Opinion

The obvious problem with Diamond CBD is that their website appears to be operating at a different era from the company itself. On an overall scale, however, the company products are effective and would gain repeat customers. With a lot of attention being shifted to CBD, there is obviously a lot of potentials for this company to thrive especially with such an extensive product line.

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