What’s really going on in the iCenter?

iCenter Review

Name: iCenter

Website: icenter.co


iCenter is a cryptocurrency investment company with affiliate membership. The company is tight-lipped about its owner(s) and the website has little or nothing to say about the company’s background information. All that we know is that the domain name (iCenter.co) was registered on 1st of July, 2017. However, the registration was privately done and so who did it or where it was done cannot be traced. Consequently, its owners or any other background information cannot be accessed. In the same vein, we do not know when the company itself was founded or where it operates from.

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The good

  1. The investment that members have to put in is low

The bad

  1. The company is faceless as there is no way of ascertaining those who are behind its business and other operations
  2. The company partners with investors that it does not recommend
  3. The company has no product line and therefore no proof of an income funnel other than money collected from its partners. They also have no service on offer.
  4. The company is not traceable as there is no physical location mentioned on the site.

Who is it for?

The company is for anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrency and also looking to make money doing so. It is also for anyone who wants to earn money referring people without having to do any marketing.

Business Tools, Products and Training

The company has no products and therefore no retail sales activity. All that the company has to sell is its cryptocurrency which itself is a facade to make it appear that there is a legitimate product. There are no training or tools available to members as there is really nothing to train them about. Members are called affiliates and the only thing they have to sell to new recruits is their affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan

It is entirely free to join iCenter. You do not have to pay a dime. However, on joining the company, you have the option of investing in the company’s cryptocurrency or of not investing. Members are compensated for their investments along these lines:


  1. Members can choose to invest 0.01 BTC and then earn a 1.2% daily ROI for 120 days as a result
  2. Members can choose to invest 0.1 LTC and then earn a 1.4% daily ROI for 99 days as a result.


All the investments are controlled through telegrams bots. Another way to earn at iCenter is through referral commissions. iCenter uses a unilevel system to pay out referral commissions. Thus, members can earn 10% on level 1 for referring other people, 3% on level 2 and 1% on level 3. Like we said before, members do not receive any training because there is nothing to train them about. No one needs training on recruiting others (to come to sell nothing) since the others will join only if they want to. If the members were to build websites for referral generation purposes, there would be no products or services to display and their affiliate membership is simply not enough.


Final Opinion

The first thing that comes to mind about this company is its lack of transparency. The company is not willing to reveal who its owners are as manifested by the private nature of its domain registration and the scanty nature of its site. This is further buttressed by the lack of any background information whatsoever.

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Also, there is no proof of an external income source since the company has no product line on sale and no service offered as well. It is safe to say therefore that iCenter is another Ponzi scheme that is trying so hard not to look like one.

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