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What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online

how to make money onlineYou have found yourself wondering what is the best way to make money online. I can show you the best way to make money online, the way I make money online.

The process is not always going to be easy. There will be days in the beginning when you do not see profits coming your way. I want you to understand that you should not quit your day job to start. You should begin in your free time at first, let your online business grow, then move into a full-time position for your online business.

The process I followed to making money online took me about 4 months before I earned a single cent. You should understand this is not an overnight success story, you will need to work very hard with a lot of determination.

What’s the best about this way of making money, is once you have your system in place after months of hard work, you will be free. Free to work from anywhere, free to work when you want, free to do what you want, and you will have financial freedom.


The Best Way to Make Money Online

Do you want to know the best way to make money online? It is affiliate marketing.

I have a post that explains affiliate marketing in full detail. You can read that here. I explained the step by step process for anyone of anyone skill level can fully understand.

Why is it the best?

All you need to have to be an affiliate marketer online is a website. Websites are no longer difficult to build. I built this website in about 30 seconds. Adding all the content onto the website was longer of course, but you can have a website registered and online in 30 seconds too. Click here to see how.

All you need is your computer and a website. You have those two things, that is all you need to make money.

You promote products on your website. When someone clicks the special link to buy that product, you get paid.

The products you promote you do not own, but you still get paid everytime someone buys that product through you.

The freedom once you have this system in place is incredible. You will be making money while you sleep. It is not easy to get there or fast, but it can be done.


Making Money Online Video Walkthrough

When I began making money online, I had no Idea what I was doing. How do I start? What do I need? How long will it take? I had tons of questions. I found a platform online that was teaching and answering every question I had. When it was not answered in one of the lessons, I would ask a question to the community blog or directly into the live chat.

I want to post an overview video of how to make money online. This is Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate who can be your guide to building a website and turning a profit.

how to make money online

(clicking the play button will redirect you to Wealthy Affiliate to watch the video)


How to Start

You should start by joining Wealthy Affiliate. The platform is designed to teach basic users how to launch a website. From there, there are courses designed to teach you all the steps of building a successful website. How to market your website. Also, how to choose what you should build your website around. And, most importantly exactly how to make money.

make money online

It is only a four-step process to making money online. It is fantastic what you can truly do once your website is up and running.

Each step is going to require your dedication and work. The steps are easy to follow, all you need to do is keep working hard.


Why Wealthy Affiliatewealthy affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate is where I started to learn how to make money online.

It is free to join as a starter member to see if you like what they have to offer. WA will also give you 2 free websites on siterubix.

There are courses laid out for you to follow. A live chat to communicate with other members about your website.

Website security and website back up. You can also get help through the site support that is offered on Wealthy Affiliate.

This is truly a great place to begin.

You wanted to know the best way to make money online and that is through affiliate marketing.

Read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Beautiful article! I agree with you 100%. Wealthy affiliate has helped me out in immeasurable ways and I cannot even fathom being with out it! I just joined recently, but I am already reaping the benefits.

    If anyone is looking for a real way to earn extra money without getting scammed or wasting your time, WA is the way to go. It is not a trick to “make money instantly” but if you dedicate even just an hour a day you can find yourself coming into more income than you ever thought possible!

    Love your review and I second it! great article.

    1. Hailey,

      I am glad to hear your insite into WA. I hope you the best on the road to success. If you need my help just let me know!

  2. Hi, I have been into affiliate marketing for a while and I must say that it really possess high potential with 3.75 billion internet users who can be your potential customers. I have tried Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate before and I think that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the top choice with no up sells and tons of resources to get any affiliate marketer successful. Great recommendation!

    1. Leo,

      I have seen Affilorama before and I know there are a lot of people who have made the change from that program to Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad you did too. I am sure you are much better off with WA.

  3. I also agree with the previous comments that affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to make money online. It’s not easy but you have to work on it every day and take it seriously.
    Why do you still think people fail to make money online?
    Great article, it was a very good read and I’m sure it will help many get started in the right place.

    1. Peter,

      I think people fail to make money online is because they don’t learn as much as they can about the business they are in. Internet marketed requires learning, The more you learn, The more you earn.

  4. Without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate is the best vehicle for making money through affiliate marketing. The community there is amazing with tons of information to get you started and beyond, as well various options for monetizing your website. It’s like an all-inclusive one stop shop for affiliate marketing. Question though. What was your process for coming up with your niche?

    1. Rob,

      I started with what I liked to do. I started to think about it and what I am good at. I love the gym and living a healthy lifestyle. So, my first website I decided to build around a fitness niche. This website is dedicated to affiliate marketing for WA. Which you can also do. Those choice is yours.

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