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World Global Network Review – Is it for you?

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Over recent months, there has been an organization that has been popping up everywhere on Social Media. The organization is called World Global Network. In this World Global Network Review, I will cover the basic points of interest you will require before joining. I will go into the organization and item, however, above all I will jump into the genuine business opportunity. Before going ahead

Before going ahead, I need to disclose that I’m not a World Global Network merchant nor am I partner with them in any capacity. Indeed, it truly doesn’t make a difference to me whether you join or not. This is critical to know since you’re not going to get a one-sided viewpoint from me. You will get an unbiased review of World Global Network.


World Global Network Overview

So, first, to begin with, we should go into the organization. Founded in 2011, World Global Network has been developing significantly in the business sectors outside of North America. From research, it appears that Asia is the most likely grounded market for the organization. With that in mind, the organization recently launched in the US.

The organization has 15 companies worldwide and operates in more than 195 countries so there’s really a global opportunity should you choose to become a wholesaler. The organization sells wearable technology through a Network Marketing business model.

The wearable technology is called HELO and it resembles Fitbit on steroids. It monitors steps like Fitbit however it likewise monitors blood pressure, heart rate, ECG/EKG, breath rate, emotions, fatigue, sleep quality and more. It is beneficial to parents because it has an SOS feature that permits one to hit a panic button on their HELO which will notify your friends and family that you are in trouble and it also sends your present GPS location. Imagine your children wearing their HELO and being one button away from telling you they need help. That is cool right!

Another cool feature is the Remote Monitoring which allows you to see vital signs of your friends and family that are wearing the technology. By and large, wearable technology is by all accounts getting traction so joining a business that allows you to get ahead in this global trend may be a smart idea.

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Compensation Plan of WGN

Now let’s get into the WGN compensation plan. There are really a few ways to make money yet for simplicity I will discuss the 4 principle ways that stood out when I researched about it.

The First way

is the Fast Sales Bonus where you can earn a 10% commission on products you sell.

The Second way

is Binary Commissions where you can earn up to 21% on your lesser volume leg. In case you are not familiar with the Binary Compensation Plan, you need to create a right team and a left team. Every week the organization computes the volume on both your teams and pays you commissions on your lesser volume leg. It is advisable to review the official compensation plan so you see what positions you need to hit to gain higher rates on Binary Commissions. For instance, you must be at the highest rank to earn 20%.

The Third way

is Check Match. With your rank in mind, you can earn between of 1% and 10%. Check Match on the Binary Commissions of wholesalers you have on your first 10 levels. In case you’re a solid recruiter and builder, a tremendous segment of your pay can come from Check Match.

The Fourth way

is the Millionaire Pool. When you hit President Millionaire you will win up to 1% in this pool. There are few different rewards that are on the table including Car Bonus, Diamond Tour Bonus, and Luxury Bonus.

Ensure you review the pay plan to get a full understanding in case you are serious about joining.


Joining WGN

Would it be a good idea for you to begin in World Worldwide System? Well… that is truly up to you. It absolutely appears as though they are entering a period of momentum and they are pulling in strong leaders. Wearable technology is the wave of the future

Wearable technology is the wave of the future and the remuneration plan is exceptionally lucrative. Simply ensure you search for a decent sponsor that has the capacity and time to give you the preparation and support you need. With all that stated, those things I said will have little effect on your genuine accomplishment as a wholesaler. Beyond any doubt, it helps to have a trustworthy organization, incredible product, and strong remuneration plan.

Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is your success will depend heavily on your capacity to generate leads for your business. On the off chance that you have a flow-less stream of fresh leads, you can sponsor new reps into your group over time.


Conclusion on WGN and HELO

After looking into World Global Network and their product lines, this is a legitimate company that is going to be trending upward as the wearable technology sector continues to grow.

This company has a strong product line that is going to be able to stand toe to toe with the competition in their market.

That being said that is always going to be challenging when you join as a distributor for an MLM company. Building a strong network and downline is not easy and a lot of people quit before they ever become successful with their opportunity.

This is the reality of the MLM business model. It becomes too challenging for people to sell product and build a downline where they are earning a solid commission on a monthly basis. That is with any MLM company you join.

If MLM is not for you then I suggest seeing my #1 Recommendation.

My alternative recommendation to MLM is becoming an internet marketer. This platform is going to teach you all the necessary steps to building your own business online. You will receive all the training step-by-step to do just that.

The process is simple enough but takes your time and effort just like MLM would.

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  4. Earn revenue from affiliate marketing.

You will receive all the training, support, tools, and resources to do this the correct way. If this is more your speed and something you would be interested in learning to do, then click the link below to join.

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  1. The wrist device looks awesome – any idea how much it costs?

    You are right, to join an MLM it is a lot of work to sell and keep selling. This type of item you can only sell to a person once every few years, so you are going to need a lot of customers.

    I like your idea of becoming an internet marketer and building a business around your interest. This one really sparked my interest.

    1. Michel,

      Looking at Amazon, it seems the prices range from $285-350. It is a highend fitness watch. This is also usually the case with MLM companies is that their products cost more money, but it seems as though Helo is worth the money.

  2. I like the panic button feature on their HELO product. I am amazed that the belt can also take your BP reading!

    The one part that I had found hard with my experience with previous MLM businesses that I joined is the recruiting aspect. I could not get people to sign up and frankly I did not enjoy going out to meetings and seminars.

    WGN certainly sounds refreshing with its product lines. By the way, what are the costs of these HELO belts?

    For me, when you mentioned internet marketing, that sounds more like my kind of thing. Will be checking out Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for all the help

    1. I did not call this company a pyramid scheme, this company has been around for quite some time. As for the products, no I did not personally try them.

  3. Anyone more interested in this product or business can message me on Facebook!! I started with this company just over a month ago and I haven’t turned back since!!

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