xtreme coin review

Xtreme Coin Review – a cryptic crypto scam?

Name: Xtreme Coin

Owner: Dwayne Golden

Website: www.xtremecoin.com

Location: New York, America.



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Like many other MLM opportunities we have been seeing recently, Xtreme Coin belongs to a business niche that has gradually become popular over the years: Cryptocurrency. The possibility that people can make lots of money by investing in, buying and being paid in digital currency, is a prospect that appears juicy to several people.

You have found yourself here because you are researching on Xtreme Coin and want to be sure it is legit before you invest money. Let’s start with discussing its background because this is a very important factor when discussing the credibility of any business opportunity. The company does not reveal much of itself, but we do know that the website was registered on the 30th of May, 2017 and that the CEO of Igreso Cybernetico (A Ponzi scheme cycler which started in 2014 and has allegedly crumbled in early 2017) Dwayne Golden is the owner of Xtreme Coin. Suspiciously, Xtreme Coin’s website registered for only one year.

For a company that states ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ as some of its cores, it is disappointing that important facts about it will be deliberately kept out of the eye of the public and affiliates. Xtreme Coin has no virtual product or services (a trend quite popular these days) and Alexa rankings reveal that most of its traffic comes from the USA, and a smaller quantity from Nigeria, Canada, and Belize.

It only offers affiliate membership into its network which it claims will help build its affiliates’ bitcoin fortune even they are without prior investment experiences.

So then is Xtreme Coin a scam like loads of people have come to claim? To answer this in subsequent paragraphs I will discuss the company’s product cost, the compensation plan, the good and bad sides and then give my verdict.


The Good

  • Bitcoin is globally accepted for transactions, investing in it will certainly bring profits.
  • With little marketing skills, you can easily bring in people because it is a popular MLM niche.
  • With minimum investment, you can still earn.


The Bad

  • The precedent of its owner is shady, how sure are you that Xtreme Coin will not toe the line of Igreso Cybernetico.
  • It largely depends on the influx of affiliates to work and pay commissions to existing members, because the only thing it sells is affiliate membership.
  • There are ongoing costs in the system.
  • Unlike other MLMs, its compensation plans are not robust enough, it is too limited.
  • There are higher risks of loss of investment.

Product, Pricing and Membership Cost

Xtreme Coin has no virtual product, all it offers is affiliate membership with which training on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will be given and affiliates will get enabled to understand how best to invest and profit from bitcoin. To join Xtreme Coin you will have to buy at least one of its tier packages which range from $200 to $43,000 in bitcoins. The tiers cost:

  • Sapphire- 0.05 bitcoin.
  • Pearl- 0.1 bitcoin.
  • Ruby- 0.25 bitcoin.
  • Emerald- 0.5 bitcoin.
  • Diamond- 1 bitcoin.
  • Blue Diamond- 4 bitcoins
  • Xtreme Diamond- 10 bitcoins.


Who is Xtreme Coin For?

MLM businesses generally require you to have basic marketing and entrepreneurial skills. Xtreme Coin’s business model is run by recruitment, hence you need to be good with words, know how to persuade and convince people, belong to several social circles.

You must also be resilient, confident, knowledgeable and a risk taker. If you are these and more, Xtreme Coin is the MLM business opportunity for you.


Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of Xtreme Coin runs on a 2×2 matrix, to qualify for these commissions you must purchase positions in an eight-tier 2×2 matrix bitcoin cycler.

Let me explain how this works, you are as an affiliate is on Top of the matrix, there are two positions under you (2 legs); one on the left and the other on the right, which makes up level 1. Under this Level 1, there are four open positions, two on the right and left legs. Once these six (6) positions are purchased and filled, commissions will be paid in accordance with the tiers affiliates buy. Below are the Tiers and the earnings affiliate are qualified for:

  • Sapphire Tier- invest 0.05 bitcoin and earn an ROI of 0.15 bitcoin.
  • Pearl Tier- invest 0.1 bitcoin and earn an ROI of 0.3 bitcoin.
  • Ruby Tier- invest 0.25 bitcoin and earn an ROI of 0.75 bitcoin.
  • Emerald Tier- invest 0.5 bitcoin and earn an ROI of 1.5bitcoins.
  • Diamond Tier- invest 1 bitcoin and earn an ROI of 3 bitcoins.
  • Blue Diamond Tier- invest 4 bitcoins and earn an ROI of 12 bitcoins.
  • Xtreme DiamondTier- invest 10 bitcoins and earn an ROI of 30 bitcoins.

To upgrade your membership to ‘Exclusive Club’ for a year, you will invest 0.15 bitcoin. Also, when anyone in your downline upgrades to ‘Exclusive Club’ you receive 0.05 bitcoin commission.



Is Xtreme Coin legit? I find it hard to agree or disagree. I cannot shake off the feeling that Dwayne Golden has run off with people’s money before and is back with the same scheme with a different name.

Obviously, if this crashes only him and top marketers get to benefit. You also need to consider that to get qualified for more compensation positions, you will have to pump more money and that of others into it. Most likely they will be family, friends, acquaintances and so on when the pyramid positions can no longer be fed and money is lost inevitably bear in mind that you will be losing lots of relationships.

Do you think this opportunity is worth sacrificing years of friendships and your integrity for? If you like risks then go ahead and invest, but bear at the back of your mind that there are higher risks that you will lose money rather than gain it.

Verdict: Scam in Waiting.

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